Who remembers the show Solid Gold?

I’m totally dating myself but whatever.

I used to LOVE that show. Like borderline obsessed. I loved how the Solid Gold Dancers would wear those hideous, shiny leotards, waving their hands in front of their shaking asses like they just ripped a stinky fart. How Dionne Warwick (before her psychic career kicked off), Marilyn McCoo and what’s his chest Rex Smith hosted in their cheeseball way. Man, sometimes I really miss the ’80s.

I was thinking about this show last night while I was dancing to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in the privacy of my living room. That song takes me back. Way back to when my sister and I would come up with water ballet/dance routines to such hits in the swimming pool in our backyard. I used to boss my sister around making her practice over and over. (Doke, I’m sorry if this is something you have to discuss in therapy.)

I also loved the Pointer Sisters. No really. I still do. Don’t look at me like that or else I will start doing the “Neutron Dance.” Another personal favorite is Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train”- we even had a whole dance routine to that one. It was AWESOME.

Check out Sheena in all her 1980’s big hair, heavy eyeliner, fugly sweater, tight pants and knee high boots glory. ( Feel free to dance.)

I’ll tell you one thing, our choreographed “Morning Train” routine was a lot better than Sheena’s performance on Solid Gold. The SG Dancers with the canes dancing behind her? WTH is that? Our dance had MEANING. It was like . . .poetry in motion.

But no, I won’t video blog it.


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  1. I watched it when I was younger too! And my best friend and I made up our own routines and even actually convinced our gym teacher that it should be part of our final grade for gym. The gym teacher made everyone make up their own routine to a Tina Turner song. The rest of the class was not happy with us, especially the boys, but I think it was the only time ever that I got an A in gym class!

  2. OMG…this brought me back when we used to “ROLLER SKATE” in gym class around these staged cones to the tunes of Whitney, Madonna, George Michael, and Prince! It was the eighties at its finest!

    Solid Gold absolutely Rocks and is a pop-culture gem that is completely undervalued (as is the fugly sweater!!)

  3. While I didn’t have the pleasure of watching Solid Gold (that whole living across the pond thing) while growing up, we did have similar shows in the 80s. Tacky dancers with even tackier performers. The songs are a good trip down nostalgia avenue though.

  4. i watched that show religiously because i never knew when one of the bands i liked at the time would be on and i didn’t want to miss their horrible lip syncing… my dad like the african-american dancer with the long hair, not sure why, but he thought she was cute… i just remember their skin-tight pants, high shoes, and lack of coordination… 😉

    now who here remembers friday night videos? 😉

  5. I loved that show, and I miss the music. We had a station that played it for like a year, but apparently the 80’s don’t pay for a radio station. Oh well, I always have youtube.

  6. What?! No video?! Awwww!

    Never watched Solid Gold. Only because I lived in Saudi Arabia and they didn’t allow any shows of any kind except Sesame Street.

  7. I very much remember Solid Gold and there was this AWESOME break dancer who did a great little routine to White Horse. I tried copying his routine several times but, well, we’ll just say….


  8. My brother always claimed Sheena Easton “craved” him. Never did get why that would be such a good thing…

  9. I had the good fortune of getting to see Solid Gold taped back in the day. I’m trying to remember who was on that day. Crystal Gayle (yes her hair IS that fucking long) and OMD and some boy band. I think it was the one that Bobby Brown was in, but not totally remembering. I just remember that some of the band was afraid of heights and didn’t want to stand on a step and sing.

  10. A. I Wanna Dance With Somebody was the song Gwen Bell sang at karaoke this weekend.


    C. I loved Solid Gold so much it translated into love for the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Well, that and early geeky Sarah Jessica Park and Helen Hunt.

    D. I have the aforementioned movie on DVD.

  11. Making your little sister learn a dance routine is definitely a big sis rite of passage. Not too long ago I was watching two girls do a water ballet in a relative’s pool; when their littlest sister tried to join them, they involved her in the choreography for a few minutes, then picked her up in unison and tossed her aside without missing a beat.

  12. WH’s song totally came on my iPod last night and I found myself totally rockin’ out to it. Yeah, I’m not too embarrassed to admit it.

  13. I LOVED Solid Gold as a kid. I can still remember dancing to it when I was a kid in Michigan. I think that my love of Solid Gold paved the way for my love of that movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I could totally relate to Sarah Jessica Parker’s obsession with Dance TV.

  14. Ah, yes! Marilyn (I was going to say McCormick, but I’m getting my Solid Gold confused with my Brady Bunch) and that other guy.

    It came on Saturday evenings, didn’t it? I remember seeing Culture Club on there doing “Karma Chameleon.” It was some of the most obvious lip syncing I’ve ever seen–Boy George and the drummer were like a full half second off–but I still loved it.

  15. Totally used to dance in my living room. Now I dance in the basement. I used to dream of leaving home to become a Solid Gold Dancer. My mother gave me “that look” when I announced this to them. After that… I went covert.

    Still think they’ll come recruit me for the come back tour. I’ll make sure they come pick you up too.

  16. Soul Train, Solid Gold, Dance Fever (mmm, ADrian Zmed, before he became a floating head). Lots of eye makeup, and a special URGENCY to everything because we were All.So.Fabulous.

    Thanks for taking me back farther I care to admit I remember.

  17. I LOVED Solid Gold (and preferred Marilyn McCoo to Dionne Warwick). My mom? Hated the show. Hated the dancers. I think she thought they were slutty. LOL

  18. Yup…SG was a weekly “must see”…and I loved me some Rex Smith!!!!
    As far as choreographing things….I actually choreographed a dance to Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” for a Girl Scout Talent Show….and I was the only one who couldn’t remember all of the steps. It was shameful…plus I didn’t get my damn badge.

  19. You should know that I both LOVE and have also Karaokied to Whitney Houstan’s, “I wanna dance with somebody” and to the Pointer Sisters’ “Jump.”

    The fact that you openly appreciate both songs made my day. I’m a HUGE advocate for them.

  20. I loved Solid Gold!! We totally would have been little friends. 🙂
    In 4th grade I was selected to lead the hula in our class luau b/c I was so good at it. I think that was just a result of being the only girl in the 4th grade with hips. :p

  21. I watched about 25 seconds and had to comment… oh my god, how come we never noticed how bad the camel toes were in the 80’s?

    I loved that song and am pretty sure that I had a dance worked out to it as well, but it was probably some line dance that my friend Allison taught me.

  22. ummm i sort of love the pointer sisters too, i think it may have stemmed from my obsession with “jump” after hearing it in ‘love actually’, haha.

  23. ” just a small town girl on a saturday night……”
    Yeah, I am a maniac,maaaaaaaaaaaniac
    “But girls just wanna have fu-un, oh girls just wanna”

  24. Oh boy that Whitney song takes me back! My little sister and I did all that dance routine stuff too, and I was always in charge! (Poor kid) Now I watch my daughter and her friends doing the same stuff and that really does age me 😉

  25. Oh, the memories. Why did I think those Solid Gold Dancers were the epitome of beauty? Man, I remember them dancing to Laura Branigan’s “Gloria.” That was the shiznit. Me and my brother and sister used to fold laundry and watch this show every Sunday, I think it was? Thanks for the blast from the past!

  26. My sister and I choreographed routines to every song on the Pointer Sisters album, AND to the Footloose soundtrack. We WERE poetry in motion!

  27. Yep as X previously mentioned we watched it every week. I remember the first time they had hip-hop artists on the show and thinking these guys aren’t singing they’re just talking to a beat. LOL! I also remember that bitchy puppet Madame who I swear Joan Rivers has become the spitting image of.

  28. I have no idea why I was thinking about this show the other day, about Madonna and Prince appearing on this show early in their careers, about seeing Marilyn McCoo and The Fifth Dimension in concert, and some dude with a goofy haircut co-hosting.

  29. Um… I kinda like the sweater.

    Also, I totally know a Solid Gold Dancer. Like, for real. I’ve actually DANCED for a Solid Gold Dancer. He said I was good. 🙂

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