You Asked, I Answer

  • Ashleigh asked what The Fella and my names are.

I told her via email but will not write it on my blog. My name is too unusual and could make me very easily discovered. Though I have toyed with just blurting it out and merging my identities. Did Superman ever reveal he was Clark Kent? Because, I’m like that. Yo.

  • Carrisa asked if I want to have my own kids and if Finn has made me want to have kids or just be an aunt forever and ever, amen. (I’m paraphrasing.)

I have always wanted to be a Mom but I have not always been so sure if I wanted to birth my own children. I’m not tied to giving birth and since I am getting older, with each passing year that possibility fades. And I think I am okay with that. I do, however, plan to either be a foster parent or adopt. I think I’d be a pretty good mom.

  • Jason wants to know where babies come from.

To make a baby you need a sperm cell and an egg cell. The sperm cell comes from the male and the egg cell comes from the woman. When the sperm and egg meet, they shake proverbial hands and make a tiny baby that is smaller than a grain of salt. The baby grows in the woman’s belly for nine months. Then the baby is ready to come out which generally comes with a lot of screaming and swearing and fluids.

  • Green wants to know if I ever bought a rug.

Good memory she has! Yes, I did buy a rug. It’s a woven sea grass color. I would post a pic but a) I can’t find it on line and b) I am camera-less.

  • JustRun wants to know if there is one thing I could feel sure about that I don’t currently feel sure about, what would it be?

I wish I could feel sure about love relationships. I don’t think I’ve ever been very good at them and constantly question if I am cut out for them.

  • Jess wants to know if I am ever in the mood for math and what I am in the mood for right now.

I am, generally speaking, never ever ever in the mood for math. I have a slight numbers dyslexia and always mix up digits. It’s rather embarrassing. I’m in the mood for a trip to a tropical location. I need some sunshine and relaxation. STAT!

  • TAG asked me what kind of ice cream I would create if Ben & Jerry’s came calling, giving me my very own Sizzle Special.

I think I’d want it to be a salted caramel chocolate ice cream. Mmmmm! Does such a thing exist? Because it totally should.

  • Nat asked me: You find a genie in a bottle. (A very smokin’ hot genie at that…) He grants you three wishes (no bringing back dead people, no making people fall in love with you, and no wishing for more wishes.) What do you wish for?

I would wish for 1) financial stability, 2) the dedication to exercise daily, and 3) a book deal.

  • Angella asks: What is your favorite color, and why?

My favorite color, consistently, is red. I love all its variations and how bold it makes me feel when I wear it.

  • The Fella asks: Will we see the answers to these questions posted on your blog at some point. Inquiring minds want to know! I want to know!

Yes, see above and below. (Smart ass!)

  • Diane asks: Did you go to an all girl’s school? (I can’t remember) Having gone through the Catholic school system, what is your opinion of private school vs. public? If you had your own kids, how do you think you would choose to educate them?

My private school experience was actually really great. I always liked school. The one time I did not like school was the quarter I went to public high school. I cried every day. It was torture. I am no longer a practicing Catholic so I do not think I would send my kids to a religious school BUT I definitely value the education I received there. It was top notch.

  • Angela @Lost In Splendor asks: On the best day of your life, what would happen?

Damn! That’s a good question. I would wake up feeling rested, without an alarm clock. I would drink the perfect cup of tea and eat delicious pancakes with fruit and whipped cream outside on a sunny balcony. I would be by the ocean and have a good book. Someone would bring me beer and chips with guacamole when I got hungry/thirsty. I would swim in warm water under a shining sun. I would have a two hour massage. There would be music and dancing and revelry. I would laugh easily and feel joy. And it would not cost me a thing.

  • YellowMutt asks: What is your most favored inanimate object in your abode and why?

I really had to think on this. My cats are not inanimate so I guess I’d say. . .my bed. I spent a lot of money on it and it’s so comfy!

  • Princess of the Universe asks: Enable my crush: What’s Dave2 REALLY like?

He is, indeed, very crush-worthy and I applaud your taste in men. Dave2 is as he seems- an intelligent, kind-hearted, talented, generous hottie blogger extraordinaire. Bonus: he is actually much taller than you might think. (Also, keep in mind that I am only 5’3″. Everyone is tall to me.)

  • Neilochka asks: If you were your own therapist, what would you tell yourself is your biggest neurotic quirk that is holding you back from true happiness?

Berating myself daily about my body. If I gave that nonsense up, I would be a trillion times happier.

  • Claire asks: How’s it going, Sizz? Has your work situation improved since your replacement was hired?

Work is much improved since I am focused on one job and have a new temporary boss. I’m hoping the event I am planning is a huge success next month.

  • Marie asks: You have a gorgeous voice so how come you don’t sing on the side? Join a choir or something of the sort?

I am flattered you think so. I think I can sing okay but not well enough to sing on a stage. I worry that I might actually be like one of those American Idol hopefuls who are told by their loved ones that they are going to be a star and really they are tone deaf. But I am paranoid like that. I’ve actually thought about joining a choir but so far I’ve discovered I either need to be gay or religious. If anyone has any tips, I’m open to them.

  • Kevin Spencer asks: Credit or Debit? Paper or plastic? Starsky or Hutch?

Debit. Reuseable Tote. Starsky. (I prefer a brunette.)

  • Gina asks: Do you see yourself having children and if so what would you name your first boy or girl?

I think I will end up adopting and they might already be named BUT if I would like to name a child after my father, Ray.

  • Non Fiction Burning asks: What came first, the chicken or the egg (or the omelette)?

The chicken. That’s science talking. Or Darwin. Whatever. Side note: I hate omelettes.

  • Long Story Longer asks: What’s one of your most defining moments? Best quality? One of your heros/mentors? Oh, only one?

Defining moment: I was driving to school for, of all things, an algebra test when a car ran a red light and hit me. My car spun around and ended up facing on-coming traffic. I was ok and my car had body damage (thank you VW super beetle!) but I missed my test. My teacher was an asshole and would not let me make it up, meaning I was probably going to fail the class.  I decided to take a year off of school. This was right after my Dad died and I was feeling very out of sorts. I worked full time and made good money and kept my promise to myself- to go back and get my degree. Which I did. But I needed that year and am grateful for it.

Best quality: empathy

Hero/Mentor: My friend Reets was my mentor through college. She’s like a big sister to me.

  • Punchlinewalking asks: If you had one do over, what would you use it for?

I would be there, at my father’s bedside, when he died.

  • Nicole asks: Favorite home-cooked dinner, and why? 🙂

I love making tacos for myself. It’s super easy and quick. But growing up? I loved it when my Mom made this beef dish with mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are sooooo good.

  • Jaz asked: No matter where you go there you are, so where would you like to go?

Mexico. It makes me feel rested just thinking about it.

  • Annie asks: Who is your #1 favorite living artist and who is your #1 favorite dead artist? I know, that is really two questions, sorry :-).

I hate to admit this but, I don’t really follow modern painting. I am, however, a fan of Marc Chagall.

  • Iron Fist asks: How about a pint of Guinness?

While I am always up for grabbing a pint (especially with Mr. Fist who is great company) I prefer a lighter brew like an IPA. Whenever I drink Guinness I feel sooooo fulllll. It’s like a meal.

  • Diane Mandy asks: Are you happy with the Obama administration so far (all of 14 days into it)?

Mostly, yes. I think he’s forging ahead and not wasting any time. For me, it’s a wonderful feeling to actually want to listen to what the President has to say rather than change the channel.


Thanks for playing along everyone!


50 thoughts on “You Asked, I Answer

  1. But you do have a gorgeous voice! And true, joining a choir would mean you would have to be gay or religious.

    You would definitely make a wonderful mom. 🙂

  2. Oooooooooh, I so wanted to be in on this but, alas, work has not allowed me much time in the blogosphere. Damn these people. Anyway, my question would have been Ashleigh’s…I’m on a mission to find out first names of all my blogbuddies this year. But I was really interested to hear all your answers — the salted caramel one makes me think that you must have finally tried the salted caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks AND liked it.

    Back to work for me. Again. Damn.

  3. You are just as I thought you’d be. We’re lot a like. Minus your self hate (at times) thing.

    I’d totally take a trip to Mexico with ya but I’d be drinking Coronas (w/ limes) or margaritas (no salt). Guinesses are not my thing. Sorry but I’m only 1/4 Irish so I’m excused. Right?


  4. Yeah, I was happy to see my question! I feel like a rock star. Thanks for the fun post, and getting to know ya a little. Oh, and I totally knew you’d go directly to the kitties…that’s exactly why I added “inanimate…” lol. Had to make it more difficult….

  5. I saw that question about your names and was wondering how you’d deal with it. Your solution was good, I think. Also, I can’t believe your algebra teacher wouldn’t let you make up that test.

  6. I totally missed out on the question asking, though I think I barrage you fairly consistently, so perhaps that’s a good thing. ; )

    If you could choose regular heaven or pie heaven, which would you choose? Cupcake heaven or pie heaven?


  7. I’ll take the Guinness! And I think you have a lovely voice. Remember when you, Tracy and I sang show tunes at Jalisco? FTR I am available for trips to Molly Moon’s for that ice cream. I just discovered Americone Dream – vanilla with (salted?) caramel and chocolate covered pieces of waffle cone!

  8. Feel free to forward your ice cream choice to Ben or Jerry and make millions. Just remember the little people on your way up.

    Also, I have to say I am shocked there was no mention of sex in your description of the perfect day. Please tell me that was an oversight or fell into the TMI category.


  9. If I were to ask you a question, I would want to know how you grew the audience of your blog… because I pretty much wish I could do a “ask me” post… but I think I would get three questions. HA.

  10. It was fun to ask you questions and get to know you a bit more (as much as bloggers can get to know each other via the computer!)

    I have to note though…I do NOT think that you are one of those tone deaf American Idol wannabes! You have a really pretty voice! I only heard it once with Winter Wonderland” but it sounded great to me.

  11. Wow, you’re fast! 🙂
    I am 5’5″ and I would still concur that Dave is very tall in real life. Did you stand on his shoulders at the concert? (Oops, are questions over? Dammit, I can’t stop!

  12. I love your answer for the ice cream. I’m also sad I missed out on this opportunity because I am so far behind on blogs. Not that I don’t love ya, because I totally do. You are entertaining me while I wait for the doctor, and if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!

  13. Seriously – why isn’t that an ice cream flavor? I’ve been a fan of salted caramels ever since the Alpha’s kindly sent me a box of Fran’s from Seattle. YUM!

    They were all great questions/answers. 🙂

  14. This was brilliant! I’m sorry I got so snowed with my nasty pc problems and couldn’t get in on time. I do hope you do this again though. Never tire of finding about more 😉
    PS You are my guru of all things red!

  15. Speaking as a painter, shame, Sizzle, shame on you :-). There are so many wonderful artists out there! Thanks for answering the question though.

  16. I have to ask: if I email you will you tell me your and The Fella’s name? Pretty please? I’m so curious, especially about your name!

  17. Yet another question following your question and answer:

    How do you make your tacos Sizzle?
    I’m curious about the shell you use (soft or crunchy?), and what fillings you use.
    I prefer a crunchy shell myself, but can’t quite bring myself to buy those in the supermarket. I also love a good veggie-filled taco, but I have yet to come up with a satisfying combo on my own.
    What to do??

    Oh, and thanks for all the good answers.

  18. This all just reconfirms your title as “My Internet Soul Sister”. Now let’s go grab a pint of IPA and look at some Chagall. Miss you! xoxoxox

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