Collective Good Thought

I have a favor to ask.

angelou romping

Our dog, Angelou, is having surgery today. I say “our” because even though she doesn’t live with me anymore, she lives in my heart. We spent nine years together and leaving her in California was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I knew that she was in good hands and would be spoiled beyond measure. Mikey and Meagan have taken such good care of her. Even though the vet says her blood work and overall health indicates that she’s very healthy, a recent vet visit showed a mass near her shoulder.

Tests have come back inconclusive so the oncologist is performing surgery today to remove it.  Best case scenario is that it’s isolated and if cancer, won’t spread. They remove it and she has many more years of chasing squirrels and keeping watch and barking like a monkey out the car window. Worst case scenario . . . well, I don’t even want to entertain it. I just want her to be okay. So can you help? Can you think good, healthy thoughts for our sweet dog?

We’d all appreciate it.

lou smiles


61 thoughts on “Collective Good Thought

  1. Thinking good thoughts for Angelou! I remember how devastated I was in December when my little monkey was sick, so I am sending hugs to you, Mikey and Megan, too.

    Good luck Angelou! Those squirrels are counting on you to give them exercise!

  2. She looks like sweet heart. I’m such an animal lover and would be heartbroken if this were my dog Dixie or my cat.

    Sending you and Angelou happy and healthy thoughts.

    Hope it helps.

  3. Aww such a sweet dog 🙂

    My mother’s dog often has fatty-lumps and they’ve all come back clean when tested so try not to worry too much. It doesn’t have to mean bad things.

  4. Thinking the best thoughts for Miss Lou! I just know the best possible outcome will present for her soon. Good energy coming your way, her way, and the way of your friends in CA who care for her.

  5. I “lost” custody of my dog after my divorce, it has been 10 years and I still think about him. Luckily I get to see a pic of him from my ex from time-to-time. Wishing Angelou good luck!

  6. Poor Angelou! She’ll be in my thoughts! It’s amazing how much our pets can mean to us, even when we don’t live with them anymore.

  7. Sending good vibes to Angelou and you. My 11 year old “captain of my heart” doggie dog has had his share of health issues this year, and I do understand how you feel. Please post when you have an update, and praying for the best from here.

  8. That fact that she is named Angelou alone tugs on my heart strings. (I have a MAJOR thing for Maya Angelou and all of her work.

    I will definitely be sending good lovey thoughts towards your sweet dog. I truly hope everything works out alright.

  9. I had surgery yesterday too. Sending lots of healing vibes to Angelou, Higgy sends lots of doggy hugs and kisses. Hang in there Sizz.

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