Doctor, Doctor!

I lost yesterday to a feverish blur. I recognized the chills and sweats and dizziness as the distinct signs of fever but without a thermometer to verify it. I tried calling my Mom and when I went to speak, a hoarse, inaudible rasp came out of my mouth. I broke down and agreed to go to the doctor. With the help of The Fella and my Mom, I got to an 11a.m. appointment where it took all my effort not to fall over every time I had to stand upright.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re struck down by a 102.7 fever. What can I say? I live up to my Sizzle name.

The doctor prescribed bed rest and codeine to help me sleep.  And that’s all I’ve been doing. What I thought was a common pesky head cold has actually blown up into a nasty virus complete with sore throat, aches, fever, phlegm and cough. The earliest I am allowed to return to work is tomorrow. Today I hope to accomplish three things: 1) taking a shower, 2) sitting upright for an hour at a time, 3) talking without my voice cracking. We’ll see how that goes.

Thank you so much to all of you for your well wishes for Angelou. After an initial scare when her blood would not clot properly, she made it through the surgery with flying colors. The surgeon felt she had removed most of the mass so now we wait for lab results on it. Lou came home early yesterday because that’s how she is- an impatient fighter. She looks a bit rough but despite being on medication that should make her drowsy, she’s energetic. Keep those good thoughts coming. I’ll update you when I know more.



46 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor!

  1. I really hope you feel better soon. Even if you need to take another day off of work tomorrow, I say do it. Nothing is more important than your health.

    So glad to hear Angelou is doing good! Good thoughts still coming your way!

  2. Glad to hear about Lou, sorry you hear about you! You have exactly the same symptoms I’ve been struggling with for over a week and a half! I had to take an entire week off work–I hope it doesn’t hit you as hard as it has hit me.

  3. Sorry you feel bad. Hope you and Lou mend quickly. My husband had something similar this last weekend… it wasn’t pretty. Popsicles seemed to help. I am hoping that I don’t get it.

  4. OK, I seriously just want go hug Lou right now. And YOU, too, though I know that when I’m feeling sickly I don’t want anyone touching me. I hope you can get some good rest babe! xoxo

  5. SO happy that angelou made it thru okay and is on the mend… as for you – i hope you feel better soon! having a fever sucks-ass… 😦

  6. Aww bless her. They look so sad when they get back from the vets don’t they? I hope the results come back good 🙂

    And I hope you feel much better soon! The flu is a killer, isn’t it? Mine hit over Christmas – typical 😉 Feel better soon.

  7. I think Steven has a similar virus and has been stuck at home for 2 days. Ugh! I feel so bad for him. I try to make him feel better, but there is nothing I can do. I hope you get better soon. No one deserves that misery!

    I am happy to hear things went well (so far) for Lou!

  8. Wanna snuggle up together on the couch and be sick together? I promise not to mix my germs with your germs.

    We could get one of those Snuggies blankets! It could work.

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