Do Not Pass Go

Last night at 9:37p.m. the land line rang. This usually means a tenant is calling to complain about a noise or a smell. I answered it and a recorded voice alerted me to a collect call from the County Correctional Facility.

I hung up.

Because no one I know would call me on my land line to get them out of jail.

Or would they?


38 thoughts on “Do Not Pass Go

  1. You’ll never know, I’m guessing.

    Any phone call after 9 at my house sets off mental alarm bells. Your job would send me to the looney bin in mere weeks!

  2. Your job *did* send me to the looney bin – I was a property manager for 8 years. I barely had any soul left when I finally left that gig. It’s been 2 years now, and I’m still trying to find the bits and pieces.

  3. Or even worse, some dude lost his “one call” on a wrong number.

    You did the right thing. I’m sure it was a drunk who misdialed.

    For the record: I would totally call you to get me out of jail. (you know if we lived closer and all.)

  4. I had this happen once and I hung up. Then the call came again and I decided to accept and it was my boss! Had been in jail all night after getting picked up for DUI on his way home from the airport. Always felt like I had him over a barrel after that. 😉

  5. Some people don;t understand when I say, I don;t have to Buy-In to someone else’s drama, anymore. I think maybe you get that, too.

    Currently my sister is on her own, and cozying up to her so-called friends, and I’m just glad it does not involve me.(or my Mom, ATM) Getting phone calls like that sucks, and puts a lesion of worry on your aass.

  6. Maybe no one would call that you would want to help get out of jail? hee hee. I am curious how that all turns out. I have a funny phone story to tell too. Maybe I’ll tell it tomorrow 🙂 Or when I am low on material. Yeah, tomorrow’s a possibility!

  7. Is there an update from this?

    (As a sidenote, I can’t believe a tenant would call you from jail to ask you to get them out!!!!!!!)

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