Is this Kindergarten Cop?

Finn is jumping around on my Mom’s couch, losing his drawers.

Me: I can see your butt.

Finn: Poop comes out of my bottom!

Me: Oh really? Where does pee come out?

Finn: Out of my penis!

Me: That’s right. Where does my pee come out?

Finn: Out of your penis!

Me: I don’t have a penis.

{Confused look.}

Me: I am a girl. Girls have vaginas. Boys have penises.

{More confused look.}

{More jumping.}

. . .Don’t worry kid. You have plenty of time to figure this stuff out. . .


35 thoughts on “Is this Kindergarten Cop?

  1. He’ll figure it all out eventually. But by that point, he’ll have a whole new layer of problems to deal with.

  2. Awesome! I love having these kind of conversations with my 4-year-old! He has just discovered our home medical book with all the illustrations of babies being delivered – but I think he was happier thinking he came out of my mouth and not my vagina.

  3. Awww, I love it!

    Hunter used to ask me if I was pooping every time I went to the bathroom, since I was sitting down. Now he rejoices in telling me that he can pee standing up and I can’t 😎

  4. When my brother was around 4 years old, my mother took him on a few errands one day. Last stop of the day was at the grocery store. As the 17 year old, male checker was bagging up their goceries, my brother noticed the box of tampons being put into a bag.

    “My mommy puts those in her bottom.”

    The checker looked as though he wanted to shrivel up and die.

    My mom did too.

  5. now you are going to have him running around in a few days saying “vagina! vagina! vagina!” or else he will go up to every female he sees and say “i have a penis you have a vagina”
    good job aunt sizz πŸ™‚

  6. The other day I told him I had to shave, and he said “But papa, why? It’s YOUR beard!”
    How could I argue with that? I left it…

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