“You are in your life where you are because of what you believe is possible for yourself.”


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  1. You know this resonates deeply with me. Thoughts create words, words create actions, actions create reality. What ever we tell ourselves, consciously or subconsciously, is what we believe about ourselves. Also, we can only start from where we are right now to create the life we’d like to see for ourselves. Honor your starting place, honor yourself.

  2. It may be psycho-babble philosophical bullshit… but I also believe it to be true for some people. We are all too capable of imposing limits on ourselves whether we know it or not.

    But this is not the case for everybody. I’d have a hard time believing it holds true for a refugee in Darfur, for example.

  3. I’m with Dave2. So many factors contribute to a person’s success. That being said, your never going to progress in this world if you don’t believe in yourself.

  4. I believe it. My fiance wouldn’t be where he is if he didn’t believe he could overcome addictions. He believed that it was possible for him to have a better life than he had. Now he does and its going to get better.

  5. Yeah I can agree with that. I kind of subscribe to the motto that you have what you speak. So if you’re negative nancy all the time then you can expect to be miserable and unhappy and sick. And likewise for those who are happy and upbeat and positive. Of course it doesn’t mean you won’t ever have something bad happen, I think it’s just all about how you react when something does happen.

  6. And don’t forget the random circumstances and chances that come out of no-where: for positive for negative, sometimes you never know for certain.

    Like Dave2 mentions, there are systems out of our control – but Viktor Frankl (and others) succeeded over utter catastrophe.

  7. I definitely believe in that. But sometimes you need others to give you a push, too. I didn’t think I was smart enough or good enough for law school. But, when someone else believed in me, I applied and I got in. It changed my life. I worked hard and graduated at the top of my class. I don’t know where I would be otherwise, and I hate to rely on anyone, but at that time I couldn’t do it alone. My belief in myself wasn’t enough.

  8. Very “law of attraction” mixed with the self-fulfilling prophecy. You think you’re awesome, you are. You think you suck, you do. I think there’s truth in that.

  9. I found a saying “What you believe determines how you behave.” which just adds on to my belief that perception is reality…

    I’ve always been told that I don’t give myself enough credit- I often wonder if I’m the one holding myself back.

  10. Dave2 said what I was thinking, that it is true up to a point. A lot of things are not under our control but for myself, I do find that I limit my potential by what I believe to be possible for me to accomplish. A lot of times I have my perceived potential way inflated, which is good because then I try harder and get farther but a lot of times I don’t think enough of myself and because of that limit where I can go/what I can do.

  11. I have a few issues with this quote. In my opinion it assumes that belief is unaffected by social circumstances. You can’t tell me that a single mother of three living on welfare in Detroit is in that situation solely because she didn’t believe anything else was possible for herself. Yes, we all play a huge role in our circumstances. And yes, as humans we have the ability to rise above and beyond the situations we find ourselves in. But perhaps some people have to focus on what is possible for THE DAY, and not so much for their LIFE. Perhaps it is more important to figure out how to feed your children dinner tonight than it is to figure out how you’ll get off welfare or move out of Detroit – one of the worst US cities to live in right now. I think it’s ignorant to believe that just because you think you can, you can. I wish it were that simple.

    And as a separate thought: I’ve always been a huge fan of this quote by Maya Angelou – “When you know better, you do better.”

  12. Damn. If I only knew that believing in myself would let me become non-diabetic, fertile, and get rid of all these pesky mental problems, I would have done it a long time ago. Then I wouldn’t have gained weight from diabetes, gained weight from polycystic ovarian syndrome, and gained weight from the molotov cocktail of medications I’m forced to be on to retain my sanity. I could be healthy AND not fat. Who the hell knew.

    All sarcasm aside, life deals you shit beyond your control a lot of times. You can choose how you react to it, but you can’t choose whether or not it happens.

  13. I agree with Meguire and I have a few issues with this quote.

    I do believe that we can all change the circumstances we’re in to some degree, but not necessarily entirely.

  14. My pre-reqs are finally out of the way and I start my main classes this spring, my braces come off Thurs., and my circle of friends is much larger than it was a couple years ao when I was walking around feeling sorry for myself.

    So I’d have to say yes- I am where I am today because I thought I could be.

  15. Actually, shit like that pisses me off because it seems to imply that life is what you make it if you only just believe or some bullshit like that, and that really, life is just that simple. If there was something I could have thought that would have kept me from getting ovarian cancer and having to have a total hysterectomy when I was 28, that would have been great. If there was something I could think that would make my pituitary gland do what it needs to do so my adrenal glands function properly, that would be great.

    Life isn’t simple. Sometimes life is really shitty, and your life is really shitty, and it isn’t your fault, and there isn’t anything you could have done to make it less shitty.

    Perception is not reality. Wanting something to be true doesn’t make it so. Pretending something isn’t true doesn’t make it not true.

  16. From the time I was little, my mom always told me,
    “the only person you can depend on in life is yourself. You have to believe in yourself, push yourself and give it all you’ve got all the time.” I think that it’s true.

    Yes, there will be obstacles to overcome, but it’s how you deal with those obstacles that allows you to get to the next level.

  17. I was running through your comments. It’s interesting that most people want to except the statement at its widest application or dismiss it at one hint of conflict with circumstance. I think the truth is that this quote is totally correct if you assume the bounds of what is possible are the outside parameters. For example belief in your own abilities will not keep you from getting cancer. However, if you do not believe that you can survive cancer, then you are less likely to engage in treatment. Thus making it less likely that you will survive cancer. Alfred Bandura did half a career on this. We limit our choices based on our assumptions of what is possible. That isn’t really rocket science.

  18. Are we having the same existential crisis? I feel like there is a war I’m fighting with my unconscious – it keeps telling me that I am doomed to repeat the past, no matter how hard I try.
    I have made great things happen before – not just because I told myself that they magically would but because I worked my ass off as if it already had.
    Lately, I’ve been challenging what I believe I am capable of, and it is scary and exhilarating to imagine the possibility of my greatness. I have to believe in that greatness because no amount of cheerleading from friends and family will convince me otherwise.

  19. Yes, yes, yes!

    Okay, that’s more affirmation than discussion, but what more needs to be said? Maybe this . . . I don’t think the sentiment means that if we believe, all tangible blessings are ours (jobs, cars, partners — fame and fortune). But I do believe it means our mental and emotional state is of our determination. “Justrun” agrees on some aspects of our lives but not others. I’m saying all aspects of life boil down to how we mentally and emotionally frame our responses to everything around us.

    That is one scary thought, and it’s why we run away from it.

  20. To me this quote means how you THINK about where you are– not what situation you are actually going through.

    I think it’s got a lot to think about, but I don’t like thinking about it because I’m in a not so good “place” and have been for awhile now, and I know my negative thinking isn’t helping.

  21. hmmmmm….
    sort of on the fence. But I do think that what we believe we can do affects us almost as much as what we can actually do…

  22. oh man, so sorry sizzle! my heart goes out to you and hope you can remember all the good times, though she may not be around anymore… makes me want to just cry (which i do at any animal-related commercial on tv)… ((( HUG )))

  23. I sure hope that quote isn’t entirely true. I don’t think I’m where I’m at because of any personal beliefs. I’m back in Grad school working as a Grad Asst for minimal money instead of working as a Professional Recruiter making 70k as I was last year because of a job offer given to me and then taken from me due to someone’s ‘unclaimed’ mistake. Lawsuit follows. To say the self confidence is in the dumper would be an understatement.

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