My sister and I were driving in the car with Finn in the backseat. We were chatting idly on our way somewhere when out of the blue Finn says from the back, “Stop it.” I turned my head towards him and asked, “Stop what, Finn?” He looked out the window, away from my gaze and said straight as an arrow, “STOP TALKING TEE TEE!” Dokey and I started cracking up and Finn, at two and a half, cracked a half-smile and started to laugh too. “That isn’t very nice,” we both told him through our laughter.

Of course, I went right on talking as I am wont to do. I figured it was training for his teen years when, surely, all of our reactions to such outbursts will not be so jovial.

I just needed to remember that moment because I’m looking for smiles wherever I can find them.

P.S. Today I want follow my nephew’s lead and cry out, STOP SNOWING SNOW! Because, yes, it is once again snowing.


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  1. Just think…next year when it gets crisp and colds and you think “Wow…wouldn’t a soft, quiet snowfall be perfect?” you can smack yourself silly and say “HELLZ no!!!”

    Snowing here, too. And yet, schools are still on normal schedules. Someone likes me!

  2. Heh! Here’s something for you along those lines!
    We were coming home from someplace in the car, and as we got out, Spouse started mumbling about something, only to be cut-off in a VERY woman-like fashion by my Eldest. She snapped a reply, and told him to “Please remember to do xyz, etc etc”, as we women are bound to do in telling our man what’s what in directive! hah!

    I turned and laughed at him, as he bowed his head and took it! I said to him, “See? You thought it was bad enough that you had ONE woman, and now? You have THREE telling you what to do!” He laughed back, and as he made a comment about Three Women being the “boss of him now”, I had to smile at the way life does things.:-) Sometimes, things are just sweet.

  3. Ah, he can learn early that interjecting into sisters’ conversations is generally futile. (I only speak from experience, of course.) 🙂

    Stay warm! Snow has worn out it’s welcome just about everywhere I think.

  4. I used to get this from my best friend’s little girl, “Annie Rhi?”

    Me, “Yes, Payton”

    “Me not yike you vewy much wight now.”

    Um, okay. Sorry to hear that!

  5. Sometimes kids are the perfect people to put a smile on our faces.

    Can’t believe it’s snowing there, AGAIN. It’s suppose to get warmer here tomorrow but then rain. I guess better than snow at this point?

  6. I LOVE your nephew’s name. Kids say the funniest things. My sister once said at the dinner table at age 2 or 3 “Jesus, Mary and Joseph give me strength!” and my dad looked at my mom with raised eyebrows and said “well, I don’t say that!!”

  7. One of my favorite little-one quotes came from this situation:
    My aunt was asking my cousin’s daughter about all the people she loved.
    Do you love me?

    Do you love Mommy?

    Do you love Daddy?
    No, he is a poopie head.

    Worst part is she had to discipline her granddaugther while trying not to crack up laughing!

  8. My daughter says something to that effect except when I ask why, she says “Becuz you mak-a my crazy!”

    {{{Hugs}}} Losing a family member sucks! And, yes, four legged friends are totally part of the family!

    And, yes, snow…go away! Although I have to admit after the torrential rains yesterday the snow is a welcomed sight. At least, for the kids. Rain puddles aren’t very good for snow angels 🙂

  9. Kids are priceless! My two-year-old niece is the only kid I really feel comfortable around right now…she’s so adorable, I love her sassy attitude, it helps me smile even thought things are rough right now.

  10. Your post from yesterday made me cry. I am bawling like a dang baby. I understand the feeling that you had about your friend not being able to give you what you need. I had that problem too, and I also had a wonderful sister and friend who always just listen. Ok, my sister snaps me back in line too but she lets me be crazy for a min.

    I am getting divorced for the 2nd time and although I act as if life is always funny and sunny blah, blah. The truth is exactly as you put it. One min. you are fine and the next bawling like a baby. I am moving past the spontaneous eruption of grief, thank goodness.

    Anyway. thanks.

  11. I can’t freakin believe how much snow the PNW has gotten this year. It needs to stop IMMEDIATELY. Or at least by March 9th. : )

    Sending good vibes. Also, Finn is the cutest thing on earth.

  12. Thanks for making it stop. I wish that you had woken up earlier, it would have been helpful on my drive across the 520.

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