Things I Miss

  • The sound of my father’s voice
  • Waking up and climbing into my parents recently vacated bed, still warm from their sleeping bodies
  • Riding my yellow banana seat bike
  • That initial thrill of diving into a cold swimming pool
  • My childhood bedroom located right off the front porch- perfectly placed for my friends to scare the crap out of me when they came up to the door (or spy on me)
  • Cooking with my Mom in the kitchen
  • A gang of friends who always were up for an adventure or hanging out
  • Thrift store shopping with Jenny Two Times and those long gone one dollar deals
  • Decorating ice cream cakes with Felicia
  • My 1966 Red Mustang
  • World History with my favorite teacher, Ms. Caine
  • Apple wars over the back fence with my classmate who later died too young (at 16)
  • The TV show Family Ties
  • The smell of the perfume my Mom wore when we were kids
  • Love notes left on my car
  • Walking to work and smelling the sea
  • Margarita nights with the girls- Em, Lil Bun and Dokey
  • The spark of feeling when you’d take my hand
  • Watching The Price is Right with my Grandma
  • The way Angelou would yap like a monkey whenever we’d take her for a ride in the car
  • Coloring books
  • Sitting in my room listening to music for hours
  • Putting on dance performances with my sister
  • My 1974 VW Convertible Super Beetle and the adventures we had crammed into it
  • Learning the guitar
  • My Santa Cruz gang of friends, long since scattered (but never ever gone from my heart)
  • Dancing with my Dad
  • The birch trees on the front lawn in front of our house and the sound they’d make in the wind
  • Coffee
  • The way he’d look at me when he thought I couldn’t see
  • The peals of delighted screams from the Boardwalk riding in on the the ocean breeze
  • Morning walks on the beach with Angelou and that sunny yellow house I shared with my sister for a year
  • Falling asleep face-to-face, breathing each other in
  • Being sure of love

“Don’t move an inch/Listen for a singing/Hiding in your bones like they were forts/If you hear what I hear/Don’t just sit there/We are only strumming water on this most unlikely court/You got blown shore to shore/Not quite sailing/Riding on the trade winds of age/Things blow in/Don’t just cast them/Say it now, what you want to stay…” -Paint or Pollen, Blind Pilot


41 thoughts on “Things I Miss

  1. Looks like there are things on your list you could try to have again, and you will always have great memories for the one you can’t. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I miss them too!!! I’m a sucker for nostalgia and am easily swayed into melancholy… I’m with you in the longing, believe me, so with you.

  3. That last one has been on my mind lately. There are so many things I miss but I can never think of enough of them at once in order to make a list like you did. Thank you for sharing it!

  4. savers & salvation army always hooked us up

    the mustang and bug packed to the gills – over the hill we go!

    the kitchen, us kids, your mom, walking taco, emmett, dave matthews band…

  5. Lovely…Bittersweet, but very lovely…

    Sorry I haven’t extended condolences for you dog…I am very sorry. I have been feeling very bad and having memories and desperately wishing we could get a pet.

  6. 1) You had a ’66 Mustang? What the heck happened to it? (I’m totally jealous.)

    2) Do you still play the guitar?

    3) Why would you miss coffee? You haven’t given it up for Lent, have you?

  7. I miss some of these things too. :-/ (hugs)
    There’s a certain 2-sided coin feeling, when you’re a Parent now but you still remember those little comforts from childhood. You hope that there is a bridge of goodness that can be built, that helps fortify you for your own children’s experience. It can be some days like having your foot in two worlds. I think that simply shows, we are always the same soul, inside.

  8. One of the fun parts of having a little one is you get to enjoy a lot of things over again like coloring books, bike riding, etc., best of all when I look at her little face I am never more sure of love!

  9. What an awesome list! Is it possible to miss something you never had? Whenever I see movies that have children playing in a big open field and splashing about in a natural stream of water, I feel like I’ve been missing it all my life!

  10. You always come up with the neatest posts! This list rocks. I’m glad you got to experience these things, and I’m glad some of them are still there for new experiences. As for the stuff that’s really, really gone? Glad you had ’em once.

  11. I grew up near Santa Cruz and I know EXACTLY the sound you describe – of the screams coming from the Boardwalk. You could hear them miles down the beach some days, the sound of summer.

  12. This was really beautiful and the lyrics are perfect. It reminded me of things I miss, as well as things I want my children to cherish (like hopping in bed with us and cooking with me.) Thinking of you and hope you’re feeling better today… xxx

  13. I love how sentimental and emotional so many of these bullets are, only to have Family Ties thrown in the middle. That kinda cracked me up. 😉

  14. YOU had a ’66 red mustang?!!! I had a ’68 green mustang with a three-speed and a 289. I would pay more money than is reasonable to have that car back, rust and all. I heart vintage mustangs.

  15. What a great list! You’ve inspired me to make my own. It’s a nice way to reflect on and appreciate the little things in life. The last one….I miss that too. 😦

  16. What a great list of things.

    Love notes left on my car…. Back in the beginning of 2003, my current wife and I were broken up for a few months and I wooed her back. Finding that card on my car that morning was pretty damn nice.

  17. Good list… bittersweet, but lovely. I can relate to several of them. I also admire your taste in automobiles! Nice! Hope you get some of the good things back…

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