What the fax?

Inquiry to Landlords:

Tenant in Apt. 5 paid $850 years ago when he moved in for his LMR.*  He paid his current rent for this month at $975 but then gave notice. What is the protocol?

Response from Landlords:

We will return the prepaid rent he has on deposit next week. Please fax all relevant data to us.

BUT I JUST EMAILED IT TO YOU. I do not understand their attachment to faxing. Why can’t an email suffice?! You can print it out just like a fax and yet it will take less work on my part. Am I being punished? Or punked?

*last month’s rent for you lay people


Just when I thought I was done showing available units for this month, another tenant gave notice. What that means for me is- no trip to Portland this weekend. BOO on that! Instead, I get to hang around here hoping people will respond to the ad or the sign and want to snatch up this awesome apartment. Selfishly, I hope they are quiet and do not play a musical instrument or work from home or have a lot of friends since they live below me. Hey, I like quiet.

So far one person has responded to the ad. He emailed me pictures of his current condo so I could get a feel for how he lives and keeps his space. I have never heard of such a thing and honestly, it kind of weirds me out. Don’t get me wrong- he keeps a nice place but… really? At least he would not be another hoarder in the building. We are already full up on those.

Ah, the life of an apartment manager.


27 thoughts on “What the fax?

  1. I was at a communications presentation this week and they were discussing how sadly some people and organizations STILL use faxes. COME ON email is a lot faster! And reliable. I guess some just don’t want to enter into the 21st century, let alone the 20th.

    Best of luck finding someone. And yes, that guy does sound strange…

  2. My neighbors and I were just talking about how OUTDATED the fax is. One was saying they need to keep it for when signatures are needed. But, um, hello. Scan your signature in and attach it to any freaking document you need sent out. I don’t get it either. I hate fax machines! We only get SPAM on ours at work!

  3. Haha. I will sheepishly admit that that thought crossed my mind when I was corresponding to my future roommate who I have never met. We are both kind of going into this whole situation blind. But it was more of letting her know what furniture I have that might be able to fit in with her stuff that’s already in the apartment. I didn’t end up doing it.

  4. I wish I was moving to Seattle still…I’d totally take your pad.

    And seriously, why do people make double work? Can you email me, fax me and call me? Oh and hey, have a courier bring it too! 😉

  5. Do you know, I’ve never used a fax machine before. I wouldn’t have a clue!

    Sorry to hear your weekend plans have been dashed cos of this 😦

  6. Dude, that sucks! Give it to the odd guy and head to Portland. Clean people = quiet people? You so deserved to not have to work this weekend.

  7. I wish I could move in. But with 4 kids, we aren’t exactly quiet. Good luck finding someone good! It stinks that you had to cancel plans for this though!

  8. When I make reservations in Costa Rica most places still insist you fax a reservation form with a copy of driver’s license and copy of front and back of credit card. If you can scan it many will take an e-mail but I hate sending that to a generic unsecured e-mail account that 20 staff members might know the password to…

    The unemployment office (in MIchigan) won’t allow you to e-mail them, but you can fax or send paper mail (they have a department which then sorts and reroutes the info to the appropriate area), wouldn’t a direct e-mail or contact for be better? But at least with a fax you have an instant receipt.

  9. (Hit send too soon.)

    So it’s gonna be a while before we can trash those fax machines. My problem is that I don’t have a landline at home anymore (cell phone or skype) so I have to leave to send a fax….

  10. I’m not sure I’ve got an advice on faxing or on finding new tenants (unless the apartment is larger than one bedroom and for a reasonable price and is suddenly available in the general vicinity of Palo Alto, CA), but I wish you lots of luck!

  11. What is the obsession with faxing? I spoke to a very large mobile phone company this week who wouldn’t give me an email address I needed but asked me to “write a letter” that they would re-direct for me. 2009 people!!

  12. That’s funny that someone emailed you a photo of their current condo. Was that just in case they didn’t qualify financially, you’d take pity on them because they were clean? 😉

  13. I have to fax my invoices to clients every week. 3 clients, all want faxes.
    Also, odd on the sending photos of his current place….but maybe he thought that would work better than I am a good tenant that keeps things clean?

  14. I do not even understand why faxes still exist in this day and age. Aren’t you dying to tell them that we are in 2009? Or would that be just too cruel to burst their 1988 bubble?

  15. BIZ-ARRE! Both the fax fetish and the photographic-proof potential tenant.

    Man, when you are a property manager, you are swimming in a big pot of humanity stew. I may not remember much about my mother’s years as a property manager, but I remember that.

  16. Asking you to fax the info is one thing. Asking you to fax the info YOU JUST EMAILED THEM AND THEY READ AND UNDERSTOOD is entirely another.

    Hmmm. Did he give you his notice in writing? Maybe that’s what they need faxed.

  17. My co-worker always says “fax me” when he really means “e-mail me”. He’s older and in his day, the fax was THE thing. Maybe you need to bring your owners into the current day. 🙂

    Sorry you didn’t get to go to Portland. Did you get it rented? At least that would make it worth it. Not sure about the guy sending you the pics. Strange, but maybe he thought that was the best way to impress you.

  18. Its like emailing someone a picture of your most recent meal when you ask them on a date. “This is how I normally eat, can we grab dinner together?” Just file under “People Different Than Us.” You DO have that file started, right?

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