Finn pointing to Dokey’s belly: I was in there.

Dokey: That’s right. You were.

Pause. . .

Finn: Did you swallow me?

I love this kid.


28 thoughts on “Finnism

  1. My son said something similar to a pregnant woman at the store a few years ago! He asked her how the baby got in her stomach. She looked at me, and I was about to tell him we would talk about it at home, thinking he wanted the making babies story, and then he said “what, did you eat it?”

    Kids are hysterical!

  2. Adorable.
    My friends are scared to let their kids hang out with mine, because he knows exactly how he got in there, after asking “so how does the sperm get inside the mommy to find the egg?”

  3. I have never dissembled about this stuff to my kids. As a result, when they asked me where babies come from I said, “Do you really want to know?” They thought about it for about twenty seconds and decided they didn’t.

  4. Oh good, so kids are still cute after they start talking. I was a little worried that I was really gonna miss Nephew Bone’s giggling days.

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