Two Positives

Thing One: I actually like a form of exercise. It is called water aerobics.

Thing Two: The Fella started a new job yesterday.


49 thoughts on “Two Positives

  1. Great! Congrats to the fellow.

    I love water aerobics. I wish there were more classes early in the morning.

    Nicalyse – it’s all good, as long as you rinse off after. The great thing I have found with water aerobics is that it is usually a bunch of older ladies who aren’t judging at all.

  2. Rockin!
    The few times that I tried water aerobics I really liked it. My legs burned afterwards, but it was really fun at the same time.

  3. I love water aerobics – especially if the pool is full of bickering old ladies! Tell the Fella congrats from me – I’ve been unemployed for over the year so I can imagine his relief – and yours!

  4. 1+2=YAY!!!

    I would love to hear more about water aerobics! I have a pregnant coworker who is going a special class for pregnant women, and she said the water portion was SO HARD! Sounds like fun!

  5. I’ve never tried water aerobics but it sounds fun! That’s the most important thing in any exercise…you have a better chance of continuing it if you like it.

    And congrats to The Fella! Awesome news.

  6. Good for both of you! I love exercise that doesn’t make you sweat. That is why I am going to start swimming this week again.

  7. Please send a high five to the fella for hangin in there! I can relate to the sense of relief of finally finding a place to put your pocket protector.

  8. I’m late on the news but am glad to hear about the Fella’s job and your water aerobics though you just made me feel guilty that I’m not doing anything for myself.

  9. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but who all is in the water aerobics class with you? I ask because I used to take something I affectionately dubbed “Old people Yoga” – so named because the next-youngest in the class, besides the occasional friend I dragged along, was the ripe young age of 60 – and it was AWESOME. I loved doing my yoga with them, not only because it made me feel so much more fit/flexible than I really was (being able to stretch farther than a 90 year old is not the hugest accomplishment, I know) but also because they were all just so awesome, and such a great break from the rest of my day, which is generally spent in the company of 20-to-40 year olds exclusively…

    And, you’ll notice tons of random comments from me popping up in the next few minutes. I’m just finally catching up… So I thought I’d warn ya 😉

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