• “Someone you went to high school with became successful” read the email subject line. Great. JUST GREAT. No thanks. I’m sure she is racking in a six figure salary involving travel and world leaders and is married to a dashingly handsome guy who stays at home with their perfect child and sometimes they stay at one of their three vacation homes.
  • Six of your friends have updated their GoodReads profiles but you are still reading the same book you were reading 4 months ago. (Paraphrasing.)
  • Someone superpoked you on Facebook.
  • Someone tagged you in a list of 25 things that embarrass them on Facebook.
  • Someone called “sexylexy” has requested to follow you on Twitter.
  • You have 16 spam messages from your blog, all of them about porn involving Russians. (Again, paraphrasing.)

25 thoughts on “Delete

  1. What IS the deal with the spam lately?!

    Also, no one has poked me on FB yet. If/when that happens, I will end it right then and there. I don’t understand it and I don’t want to.

  2. A “nice girl” wants to chat with me. She doesn’t want me to reply to the e-mail address she sent the request from as it is not really hers.

    (It would seem nice girls are always hijacking e-mail accounts.)

  3. Hee hee. Amen. Please also add: Random high school cohort you were never friends with and/or ex-boyfriend you haven’t talked to in years wants to add you as a friend on Facebook!

  4. No, seriously, I got the BEST Facebook friend request last week, wherein “best” equals “not a chance in hell I would ever friend you, you skeezy frat boy from my past life, ewh.”

  5. Or how about the emails telling you someone wants to give you a multi-million dollar inheritance…all while using horrible, horrible grammar? I just spent ten minutes laughing with a co-worker over one of those emails.

  6. Ok, I have no idea what a superpoke is, but I have a feeling it would PISS ME OFF if someone did it to me. Dude, DON’T TOUCH ME!

  7. I’m shocked I have not received that “still reading” warning from GoodReads. I have one book that’s been sitting uncompleted for nearly a year now. Great book. I just have no desire to finish.

    Don’t alerts depress the hell out of you sometimes?

  8. I didn’t put my unmarried last name on my facebook account. I figured if someone I wanted to reconnect with was out there, they would either know my married last name or not really be someone I wanted to get back in touch with. I sometimes consider adding my unmarried last name but then I read things like this and feel secure with my decision.

    Spam is sometimes very very funny, but mostly just annoying.

  9. I logged into Facebook with someone doing 35 surveys in row about absolutely nothing. Now I have no idea what everyone else is really doing but I know where she should live if she should ever move.

  10. I have a very low tolerance for Spam. Those people that insist on passing on e-jokes(dearGOD!) or advertisements? Buh-bye. I also hate it when a friend I have on MS starts with the repetitive posting of Bulletins. It’s like, they are daring me to Delete, or something.

    I think Boredom has alot to do with people posting spammy stuff, including, provoking normally very nice people such as yourself.

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