Conversations With My Mom

Tuesday night on the phone while I am crying over my break up with The Fella:

“Honey, this is your year. I just know it.”

“You said that last year.”

“Did I? Oh. Well. . . “


48 thoughts on “Conversations With My Mom

  1. I have decided your mom was right both times: last year was the heart opening year, and this year is the year things will all fall into place. 🙂

  2. Hee. Mamas.
    Well, maybe every year is your year!
    (in which case, geez, share the wealth a little, will ya?) 😉

  3. It is always your year.

    Every year.

    Every week.

    Every day.

    It is all yours.

    You decide what to make of it.

    Mom was right.

  4. That’s so sweet. And maybe last year was your year – for growth. And this year is your year – for happiness. I think every year is for something, sometimes they just alternate.

  5. Moms…they always try so hard. I agree with Mel! Everything happens for a reason…that’s what the Universe tells me every morning. More hugs. Today I will lay off trying to get you to drink! Just load and loads of hugs.

  6. OMG. that is SO MK.

    i didn’t say that last year, but she is right. so i will say it.

    this is your year.


  7. Well, if last year was supposed to be your year, and it wasn’t, then you are overdue and it is surely your year.

    May it be my year as well, please?

  8. Every year is your year, gorgeous. It’s just that sometimes the benefits of a suckass year are so far off into the future that we can’t see them now. Through the suckass, we grow.

    But this coming year? All about the happiness. I can feel it.

  9. You were happy last year, you have been this year and you will continue to be for the rest of the years to come. This is so your year Sizz. That mom of yours is the cutest.

  10. my mom actually died a few years back. now my gramma gives me the same ol’BS avery few months…. joy! 😉

  11. Almost the exact same thing happened with my and my mom earlier this year. But you know, they’re right anyway. It is our year. It kinda has to be.

  12. It wouldn’t be funny if I told you that I sense DOOM, would it? It could just be me, though, I always sense DOOM when it comes to relationships.

  13. How quickly they forget…..and my condolences on the break up. Never easy, hurts, but your friends are there for you, don’t forget that!

  14. At least your mom says that with such hope and conviction. My mom? Last night, she said to me, “I hope you’re thinking of finding a boyfriend soon. Cause y’know… you just turned…”

    “Yes, mom.”

  15. Remember the old line… “Better to have love and lost then never to have loved at all”…? You are just getting experiences that will some day serve you well when you find “the one”.

    Your mom is terrific. Let the people who love you comfort you.

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