I Know How to Keep Busy

After successfully renting three open units in the past six weeks I was kind of hoping for a reprieve. I even went so far as to declare aloud to the Universe that No! No one would be giving notice this month. Absolutely not! because I have a trip to California planned for my birthday and nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING is standing in the way between me and the beach and some goddamned vitamin D. I am going stark-raving mad up in this soggy grayness.

So of course, someone gave notice.

Unfortunately, it’s not the best unit in the building so I’ll really have to put on my best sell. Ground level, carpeted,  junior one bedroom near the mailboxes and side entrance does not Oh La La Fancy make. Chicks don’t want to live on the ground floor and I don’t blame them so that means I’ll have to pull out the cleavage for the guys. (Kidding. Kind of.) I have 15 days to get it rented before I head to out on vacation. Should we place bets on how many days it will take?

When I have open units to show that basically means that all my free time is devoted to meeting potential tenants or cleaning. Guess what I will be doing Sunday? Add to that the fact that I have a whole other list of to dos including:

  1. measure and order mini blinds for six units (I hate measuring things because math makes me anxious.)
  2. deal with the pot smoking issue again(!) (because Smell Lady was at my door at 11pm on a Wednesday and then followed it up with a phone call BECAUSE SHE IS THE BUILDING HALL MONITOR APPARENTLY) (Do you think she’d eat a pot brownie if I accidentally left one for her?!)
  3. complete all new tenant files and ensure former tenants have received their security deposits back
  4. replace a broken toilet seat (I’m handy!)
  5. install a sliding lock on the balcony door (so that when it is windy the glass door does not slam into the wall where my bed happens to be – hello, that’s loud!)
  6. change burned out light bulbs in the hallways (I hate heights and being up on a ladder- Hold me!)
  7. sweep the stoops and pick up cigarette butts (Gag! I think cigarette butt clean up should be used as a form of torture against very bad people.)
  8. clean the laundry room (because apparently very few people know how to clean the lint screens in the dryers- WTF.)
  9. vacuum four floors of the building (MY FAVORITE)

The upswing is- I’ve factored in some serious funness in the weekend.

  1. Haircut & Color (fastest way to make a girl feel pretty)
  2. Ten Grands Concert with Kaply (free tickets = woo!)
  3. Water Aerobics (or as I like to call it: hot pink suit action)
  4. Finishing recovering chairs (photos forthcoming because I GOT MY NEW CAMERA)
  5. Wishful Drinking (Carrie Fisher!) & dinner with my Mom (The tickets were my Christmas gift to her.)
  6. Dinner at my sister’s house (my sister!)

I guess it’s fairly obvious that I don’t do idle very well.

P.S. I like parenthesis today.

Ok, ok. I like parentheses EVERY day. You got me.


29 thoughts on “I Know How to Keep Busy

  1. 1. I really do hope you get that apartment rented out ASAP.
    2. Definitely feed Smell Lady a pot brownie. And take pictures. Then share.
    3. Maybe get someone to help you with your to-dos?
    4. Have a wonderful weekend with all you have planned!
    5. Remember to smile more than anything else.
    6. I like listing things out.

  2. As you do all of this manic work, chant to yourself “I will one day buy a house with the money I am saving on rent” :-). You are a busy girl! Remember to breath and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. There was a lot here that made me giggle–specifically, the pot brownies and hot pink swimsuit action. Hee hee!
    I think you need to flesh out your fun list a little bit more so you have balance. 🙂
    Hm, maybe I should slip my new neighbor a pot brownie and drug her into being my friend??

  4. I just love adults who get in a pissing contest over other adults doing adult things that don’t hurt anyone else. Now, if only they could make scent-less pot. Wouldn’t your life be simplified 1000 fold? BTW, I loved my PowerShot before I upgraded to a DSLR. They take great pictures. Can’t wait to see yours!

  5. Um, so I guess now is not a great time for me to say we are coming to Seattle on Sunday! Heh. But seriously, you are (awesome! and) UBER busy, so no worries. Chris is going to shoot Rowan and we will be done at Jen & Roth’s by 2:30pm as they have a parenting class, so we’ll be hanging out for a few if you’re up for grabbing coffee before we hit the road. But again, you: superwoman, us: not pushy, at all. We’ll see you soon, I’m sure, either way. Big love.

  6. ah no another one? Good luck with getting it rented! I beleive you’ll do it in less than fifteen days – easy! 😉

  7. It sounds like the good outweighs the bad, right?

    I will cross my fingers for you that you find someone to rent it to fast so you don’t have to waste a ton of time on that. Yuck!

  8. Hmm, what does it say about me that I’m a single girl and I love living on the ground floor?
    It seems far more likely that a fire will break out and I’ll need to escape, than someone will break in. (In my naive little rosy-coloured world, anyhow)

  9. Busy busy busy! Hope the unit rents quickly for you and things get “kinda” back to normal. Enjoy your time with your mom!

  10. Reading all you had to do made me really tired! LOL You’ve definitely got keeping busy down to a science! What happens if you don’t end up getting a renter before your trip?

  11. My god, being a building manager is hard work. They better be paying you well and providing pot brownies as perks.

    I saw Wishful Drinking when it was in L.A. a couple of years ago–lots of lighthearted fun!

  12. oh man that is one busy weekend! good luck renting out the newest place and have fun with all your fun stuff. haha i said fun way too many times but it’s okay right? fun is good 🙂

  13. You need to start tacking ‘management fees’ onto rent for cleaning up the cigarette butts. At work, we call those “Renn’s frustration fees’.

    Other than cleaning the newly empty unit and renting it out, most of the items on your list should take no time at all.

    *Looking on the bright side///*

    Best of luck!

  14. WOW, that is busy! But at least at the end, you’ll have a nice concrete list of checkmarks, right? (I love to make a To Do list and check everything off, I find it very satisfying… I’m a weirdo, I know)

  15. Quiet the weekend. Makes my run x2, laundry, babysit, tidy, grocery shopping seems rather slacker-ish. Re: measuring… don’t some of the blind places offer to send someone to measure for you? (I seem to recall The Man saying something about that.)

  16. You certainly do know how to keep busy! You WILL get that unit rented, you will, you will, you will! Enjoy all the fun stuff like concerts and dinner with your sister.

  17. What I don’t get is why Smell Lady can’t accept that she lives in Washington where an alarming number of potheads happen to live.

    It’s too bad you can’t just tell her that the person smoking it has a legal right to possess. I wonder if she’d go for that?

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