Cutting Edge

My hairdresser is kind of a spaz.

She has a habit of pumping up the chair while I am sitting in it and then, quite out of the blue for no apparent reason, she pumps it back down. Up. Down. Up. Up. Down. It makes me sort of sick to my stomach and on edge. Someone stop this ride I want off!

She’s a little. . . rough. There is a time and place for rough and it is not in the hairdresser’s chair. She thrashes the comb through my hair. She violently scrubs my scalp while washing my hair. And the towel drying? Ouch. And worse, she’s a patter. She frequently pounds on my shoulder area and it does not feel like a massage. I’m still unclear why. To tap hair off the scissors? To wipe her hands? Possibly for dramatic effect? Maybe she thinks it adds to her stories? She is very fond of storytelling but. . . unfortunately, she’s not really good at it. I basically can’t get a word in edgewise- not even as a response to what she is saying. It’s like I don’t even have to be there.

Yammer. Yammer.  Blah blah. Yammer.

You know when you meet someone and all of a sudden your communication just feels left of center? It’s like that. Like when you’re walking down the street, passing people left and right with ease and then ALL OF A SUDDEN OUT OF NOWHERE comes this person who goes right when you go left thus blocking you so you do this awkward sidewalk dance where neither of you can GET OUT OF EACH OTHERS WAY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

She’s one of those people except with words.

It’s painful.

But she does good hair. So I’m basically fucked.

This is my first shot with my new camera and new hair. This one goes out to Neilochka. Hey Neil, sorry but I am wearing a bra in this photo. ;-)

This is my first shot with my new camera and new hair. This one goes out to Neilochka. Hey Neil, sorry but I am wearing a bra in this photo. 😉


38 thoughts on “Cutting Edge

  1. Looks good! There’s a girl in Fremont I like, she does good hair and is good at the conversation, unfortunately way too far for me to go for the cut I desperately need right now!

  2. 1st: Nice Hair!

    2nd: Nicer Smile! (You really should Smile More)

    3rd: How come Neilochka gets the Bra Reference? just Sayin’ 🙂

  3. Oooh, you look so cute!! Fabulous! And gorgeous! I used to have a hairdresser like that… I took a book along so I wouldn’t have to talk, but the chair pumping didn’t stop. Hate chair pumping.

  4. Okay, even though yours is shorter it is still creepily similar to mine. Your hair grows crazy fast! I though *mine* grew fast but yours was basically buzzed the last time you posted a photo so you totally win.

    I love the cut and can relate to the angst re: your stylist–finding someone who can effectively translate your personality into the perfect hair cut is nearly impossible so we’ll put up with a lot of shit from said individual in the name of a good cut.

    Damn I need to get a digital camera!

  5. Niiiice ‘do. You look great. I have a cleaning lady like that. Nails on chalkboard to listen to her work, slamming everything down like it’s burning her fingers. Oddly, she never breaks anything (that I can figure.) I would just rather not be there to hear her wreak damage to my things and my floors. But she’s that good, that I can’t see changing this up. Yup, I’m f*cked too 🙂

  6. All I can see is the cleavage. Can’t….look…up…..grrr. Sorry I really tried. Ill have to take you’re word for it.

  7. Excellent hairstyle!

    I can barely tolerate ANY stylists around here. As a result, I only get my hair cut every year or so. [Which should explain why I always wear it in a bun.]

  8. Did you ever have the stylist/shampooist say (in response to an “ow”), “Oh, you’re tender headed?” No, I’m not f-ing tender-headed I just don’t like to have my hair caught in your wedding ring as you walk away from me.

    I think I might be a bit tender in my scalp area. 🙂

  9. Hair = awesomeness.

    Please tell me how you end up liking that new camera. I desperately need to get a new one as my Sony Cybershot has a different card than a SD card and does not fit into my laptop’s reader!

  10. Damn that is good hair.

    My hairdresser is a friend as well — she rocks my world and she’s really really good with colour. But she’s gentle… if we to tend to get a bit distracted.

  11. I love the new hair! I loved the old hair! You always look so great in your photos. I wish I was photogenic like you.

    But dude… what is the deal with your hairdresser? I guess if she cuts well, you gotta grin and bear it!

  12. Your hair looks fantastic! I love it! I know what you mean about the hairdresser who doesn’t let you get in a word edgewise. I had one like that and finally decided “hey, I’m going to get my hair cut, not make friends with her” so I started taking a magazine and every once in a while mumbling mmmm hmmmm.” She never seemed to notice the difference and I still had a great hair cut. The chair pumping? No idea.

  13. I had used the same hairdresser for YEARS until she gave me early 90’s bangs. (NO! I didn’t ask for them either. Heh.)

    Needless to say I’ve been shopping around for a new hairdresser since Decemeber.

    I admire ladies who have enough guts to have short hair, though. It looks great on you!

  14. Oh I LOVE your hair! And hey nobody said being beautiful was easy. May I suggest some advil or a few shots of booze before your trip to the salon? LOL

    It’s funny you should mention this, I got my hair done yesterday. My old hairdresser left so I was forced to pick a new one. Anyway she was much of the same as what you described. She raked the comb through my long thick hair and every second was painful and torturous. But dammit, she did a good job too.

  15. I am used to that kind of treatment… that is how my mother would take care of my hair when I was a girl… I miss a good strong shampooing…

  16. GREAT do! And the camera is just so cute 🙂 I need a new camera. I use my boyfriends at the moment and it’s just so bloody bulky.

  17. I don’t have that kind of verbal person in my life right now (though have in the past) … But the sidewalk thing? Oh.My.Gawd. One of my biggest annoyances EVER. That and people who walk down a narrow sidewalk 4 abreast and leave no room for people going the other way. And… well. No need to get into them all now. Basically, anyone who dares to walk on the sidewalk near me is gonna piss me off somehow 😉

  18. Your hair looks awesome! You are beautiful!!!!

    That would make me sick, all the up and down. My new hair girl is rough with the brush and rough with the scissors. But I agree, she does my hair perfect so what can I do, right? The things we do for our hair!

  19. Maybe the outcome of clients who fall asleep in the chair are terribly bad, so your hair dresser claps on your shoulders to keep you awake. Whatever the reason, your hair sure does look good!

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