Going Coastal

There must be something in the water here at my apartment building because in the last six weeks, five tenants have given notice. W.T.F?! They are killing me swiftly and painfully. I told Universe that no one was going to move out this month and guess what? The Universe didn’t listen. That is SO LIKE the Universe. Hmfph!

Normally this would not flip me out but do you understand how trying to fill apartments with good tenants can suck any available free time out of a person’s schedule? Last month the move outs interfered with my trip to Portland to help Jenny Two Times move into her new place. This month? Well I will be goddamned if I am missing my upcoming trip. Absolutely not!

You see, weeks ago Bird wrote me saying, “Jonesy, I miss celebrating your birthday with you. I miss you! I want to come for a visit.” (She calls me Jonesy.) It needs to be stated that Bird is the mastermind behind the whole birthday lovefest that happens every year on my birthday with her gentle (ahem!) prodding. She’s the one who starts it off and others follow her lead (a hard act to follow). I thought about it- about her and birthdays past surrounded by my California friends, thought about Angelou and how I missed her and the ocean and my thinking tree and I knew that where I wanted to be when I turned 36 was there with all of them.

So I booked my ticket while tipsy from a few glasses of wine. (Kids, do not try this at home.) You should have seen me triple checking the dates and times before hitting purchase with my liquor lenses on. It’s moments like these I am not sure I should live alone . . . or rather, be grateful that I do.

For five glorious days I will be basking in the warm California sun amongst my oldest friends. But wait! It gets bcutesthouseeveretter! When I started to plan my itinerary like I am wont to do, I began to feel a bit frazzled. Me, without a car, and too many people to see and places to visit and well, it just seemed like the smart thing to do so I booked myself a little vintage cottage ridiculously close to the ocean.

It is perfect. See? —–>

This is what I want for my birthday:  to be in the city I used to call home, surrounded by people who love me just as I am, spending contemplative time under my thinking tree, taking long walks along the ocean, breathing in and out like the tide as I welcome in my thirty-sixth year.

Is it April 16th yet?! I WANNA GO NOW.

So you can understand while having open units to rent is causing me distress. Hear me now and listen to me later Universe: No tenants giving notice is going to stop me because I desperately need AND DESERVE this break.

So there.


39 thoughts on “Going Coastal

  1. TAKE THE BREAK!! Don’t let the silly thing called the Universe get in the way of it at all.

    And if you don’t mind, I’d like to go as well. 😉

  2. It makes me want to take my trip to Cali early (I’m not going until April 30th) so I can drop in and wish you a Happy Birthday! I too am turning 36 this year–how’s Santa Cruz in June? The timing would be right to go visit My Honey…You’ve inspired me!

  3. That looks lovely! I think you deserve it no matter what else is going on and no matter what else you “should” be doing!

  4. First I love the title of the blog! LOL
    Second, you deserve the break and I’m sure right up until the very moment that you get in the car to go to the airport, they will exhaust you and suck the life right out of you. But man when you are in CA in your cute, quaint and peaceful cottage….it will all have been worth it!

    Have a blast, enjoy your birthday and let people come to YOU!

  5. Oh wow. That looks amazing. I will focus my chi or thoughts or whatnot towards making your tenants stay put so that you can get down there!!

  6. I want to come help you celebrate. Cute cottage!

    Dear Universe,

    Get those freaking apts rented already cuz our girl Sizzle here needs a break. Dammit!


  7. If the universe doesn’t get in line, I’ll smack a ho. That cottage looks so lovely! As someone who has not been on a real vacation in SEVEN YEARS, I am jealous and wish you happy travels!

  8. I’m jealous! This is so great that you’re standing up to the universe. You SO deserve that cute cottage and a relaxing getaway. I hope it reconnects you and makes you feel centered again. Happy early Birthday! I have to go look on FB to see when your day is – mine’s this Sunday and Mr. W’s is the 16th. Hooray for Aries!

  9. OMG!!! You are going to be literally living the movie THE HOLIDAY with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. I thought that that was simply a myth. That one could literally swap homes yet you’re not doing that exactly!! You are renting a super mega cute cottage but still reminded me of THE HOLIDAY flick. Tooooo cool. HAVE FUN! You definately deserve it. Hell, I deserve it but it’s your time to do it now. My time will come later. I hope! Still ENJOY!!!! By the way, I am back to blogging now that I was “let go” on April Fools Day of all days!!! You’ve certainly have been the only saving grace for the past several months as I always checked in with you before starting my work day… Now I’ll add you to my blogroll so for sure I will not miss a beat of your world. Happy Cottage renting, enjoy the sun, the fun and all of your friends!

  10. Dear Universe:
    You should know better than to mess with an Aries woman when it comes to her birthday!

    Also, Universe may have heard just “Tennants move out.” Try flipping it up to “ALL REMAINING TENNANTS STAY!” 😉

  11. OMG! *hearts and flowers*
    That little cottage so-close to the sea will be a terrific way to get away from it all! 😀 If it is near your old friends too? It’ll be perfect.

    Don’t let the decisions of tenants take away your chance for joy. You deserve it.

  12. I love the house and that it is close to the beach. Awesome.
    I do have one small word of advice though, whenever I tell the Universe I have to have something, never turns out well, let go a bit and all will work out.
    Good luck!

  13. Everyone deserves a break now and again. And, well, that cottage is so adorable. And I just know you’re going to make the most of this trip, even if it involves moments of doing absolutely nothing!

  14. It’s just like any other job — you deserve your vacation and if it matters that much to your bosses, they can fill in during your absence. Otherwise, you’ll go insane and no one wants a crazy landlady right? 🙂

  15. Good for you – I did the same thing, except to Maui. I’ll be sitting on a surf board when I turn 33 on the 23rd! No time like the present and being with friends will make it all better. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

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