My Totally Magic Saint Bracelet Loves Sizzle

There are few things as easy to count on as the awesomeness of Miss Sizzle.

She is smart, beautiful, witty, fun, and talented. She is vastly fashionable. She is also TINY. NO, really, she is practically pocket sized. There are many things I love about Sizzle, not the least of which is her cookies. I like the coconut ones that she made at Christmas best. It shows that she is skilled in so many, many things. She paints, refinishes furniture, sews, knits, writes, GOOD GRIEF IS THERE ANYTHING SHE DOESN’T DO?

My brother, Fathead, would like me to tell you that, unequivocally, Sizzle is his favorite person to poke, and every time she pokes him, he pokes her back. I am not sure that this would make MY list of awesome Sizzle Stuff, but then I am picky.

So today, on the anniversary of the Great Sizzle’s Birth, I declare my deep and abiding love for her, in a totally non creepy, non sexual way that totally involves pancakes, the good kind, not the kind with fruit, especially not bananas. Or starfruit, which can kill me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIZZ. Hope you feel taller!

(This post was written by Kaply. A woman who never fails to make me laugh or call me on my shit, two of her many endearing traits.)


12 thoughts on “My Totally Magic Saint Bracelet Loves Sizzle

  1. SIZZLE! It’s your birthday!!! I hope you have the most fantastic day. Love you!!!! (It appears that I also love exclamation points. But not as much as you.)


  2. Dear Sizzle,
    I dont like it when you give other people permission to post on your cool blog. Next time just write to us followers that you’re going on vacation and you will be back on such and such day! Peace out, your Dakota Territory lurker.

    PS: You share the same birthday as my wonderful mother. So when we were at the Olive Garden celebrating hers, I did lift my glass of ice tea in the air in a silent toast to you 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday!

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