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I’m in the market for new eye glasses. Everyone always compliments me on my current ones but I’ve had them for at least five years. That’s longer than any romantic relationship I’ve ever had (yet!). Besides, the other night when I was out with Wookie and Putzy, an evening of dinner turned into a night of six beers and well, true to form, I tripped and fell. It’s a well known Sizzle Fact that after six drinks the chances of crying or falling are increased by 109%. Look it up.

So needless to say, they are a bit crooked and I am handling them very delicately. As delicately as a bull in a china shop can that is. I’m concerned that breakage is just around the corner so I need to decide STAT on new eye wear. Here’s where you come in.

I currently look like this in my glasses:


Please keep in mind the following: A) I prefer frames on the funkier side. B) I don’t look good in pale colors. C) I am a little bit retro with a splash bucket of sass. D) I can’t get away with tiny frames because my features are all very large.

I’m currently pondering these options:

Based on these options, what would you say would look best on me? VOTE!

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  1. I voted for number 3, but I like them all. Go to and you can get all four pair for the price of one from a regular place. I’ve gotten several pair from there and they are the same that you get from the eye doctor places. But CHEAPER! (and I’m all about the coin, ya know)

  2. Oops, I accidentally voted for option 3 twice, so don’t let that skew the outcome! But I do think those are super awesome. I also think something green would look really nice on you!

  3. I really like all of them, but voted for #1 because I like the detail on corners. You’ll look great in whichever one you choose. Kind of makes me wish I needed glasses, they are such a fun accessory.

  4. Looks like the option I picked is, by far, a winner. I love that you are not afraid of color or funky shapes for your frames. And what’s so nice about the frames you’ve worn thus far is they blend so well with your personality!

  5. I really like the shape of 1 and 4…it seems like most people are clicking away on 4, which are super cute but red seems like it might not be the most versatile color? I have green and purple glasses myself and like being able to switch between them. SIGH. I miss have eye coverage. 😦

  6. I didn’t pick #3 – the most popular one – since you’re wearing red in your pic, and if you wear red a lot…then you risk looking too matchy-matchy.

    I picked #4 – they’re groovy!

    And you have great eyebrows, btw 🙂

  7. I LOVE the red, but I think you wear red quite often and perhaps that might end up being red overkill? So I vote for option 1. I love the detail on the sides, and I think they’d go with a lot of colors.

    My two cents! 🙂

  8. I voted for option 3, but I do have to admit I’m partial to red. Please do not let my bias influence your decision too much.


  9. I am in love with those red frames. In fact, I’m in the market for new frames… would you be willing to tell me where you found those?

  10. I voted for number 3, and to be honest I think it might be because I think they fit best with the picture of you in your blog header. Is that bad?

  11. You will look amazing in whatever you choose. I can’t really decide but I did vote for number 1. But I LOVE all of them.

  12. I like the 1st ones the best, but probably because I am having a hard time picturing the 2nd and 3rd on you.

    Where are you getting your glasses? I always love the glasses from Eyes on Fremont, but I think they are pretty spendy.

    By the way, that picture of you is great.

  13. I’m a bit torn b/c I like the color of option #3 but the shape of option #1 better for your face structure — but I’d prefer to see them on you if possible. I used to do print marketing for an optical retailer, in case you’re wondering why my comment sounds a bit anal 🙂

  14. I just ordered my first pair of glasses yesterday. They are Kate Spade – tortoise and pink…Love them! I totally picked the red ones for you, they are sassy!

  15. I like (and voted for) the red ones, but if you tend to wear a lot of red, maybe you don’t want to go with those, as red works best with a pop of it here and there, not when you’re all about the red, right? Also, red glasses would be an awesome accessory if you don’t tend to do a lot of accessorizing, but again, if you’re already boldly accessorizing, maybe your glasses shouldn’t compete?

    I like the red is what I’m saying, but for everyday versatility, maybe #1 is a better choice.

    You realize of course that you’ll need a new illustration of you in your header when you get new glasses! 🙂

  16. I like 3 the best but voted for 4. The main reason is because I would be worried about always having the red. But they are all damned cute!

  17. I say you need 2 pairs. The red are my favorite, but I’m not sure if you would want to wear them ALL the time.

  18. I love #3 but you’ve got to be careful with that colour. I know you put red in your hair, right? Got to watch it doesn’t clash. So that’s why I voted for number 1 🙂

  19. I really like all of them, you have great taste! I voted for number 3 because they just scream Sizzle to me, and they seem to best fit your frame criteria. Having said that I am also completely in love with option 4 and wishing I could pull them off myself!

  20. I like #3 but I’d get them in a neutral color so they’d match everything. Neutral doesn’t mean boring, though. For instance black eyeglasses frames really stand out – especially if you are pale. I also like the real estate the #3 lenses offer. I am pretty blind (I wear contacts most of the time) so small lenses mean small amount of clear vision. I need new glasses, too. I think you have inspired me!

  21. I was going to vote for 3, but I think 1 is a little more versatile. I think the red ones might be a little to red. But, of course, that’s just me…and I don’t Sizzle.

  22. You’re so proactive! My glasses are on their last legs, to the point where the place I get them adjusted told me to carry duct tape around with me to fix them when they meet their demise.

    I was instantly drawn to option 3 for you and it seems like a lot of people love the idea of you sizzling in red frames!

  23. along with everyone else, i LOVE the red ones (green would be good too). but, i voted for #1, mostly for the same reason that i bought my black rectangular frames: they go with just about everything. plus, i’m really loving the detail in the corners of #1. (and the detail in #4 too, but #1 frames a bit more “kitschy retro” whereas i feel like the #4 frames are trying too hard.) (as if frames could “try” anything, but you know what i mean.)

  24. I LOVE option 3 but highly recommend Zenni Optical. I’ve purchased two pairs from them now and been extremely happy and spent less than $40 total including shipping. Just go to lens crafters (or whatever), find ones you like, write down the info on the tag on the side and look them up on the Zenni site. I’d be happy to go with you while I’m there if you like, I love trying on glasses.

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