Orange Alert

So far this month three tenants have told me they will be moving out by the end of June and while that is advanced notice and I appreciate it, it’s still THREE. And it’s only the 5th of May so they technically have until the 11th. More could come! Eeek!

Add to that the fact that I still have one open unit on the bottom floor that seems to be the Impossible To Rent Unit. I keep showing it but no one is interested or they seem interested and don’t follow through. I am of the mindset that if a potential tenant can’t get it together enough to follow up with me then I should not chase them because that’s indicative of a) their interest level and b) their togetherness. Those types are the ones I have to chase down to pay rent on time. I do not need any (more) of those.

This is going into my third month of having open units to fill. It’s becoming an epidemic around here. A lot of people are shacking up with other people to save money or they are moving for school/work-related reasons. I have been assured it is not me or the building which, while a small comfort, does not change the fact that my time is stretched to the max.

It. Feels. Endless.

I remember a few months ago when weeks went by and no one made a peep. The Smell Lady didn’t smell anything. The Music Man was harmlessly singing along to the likes of Barry Manilow and Michael Buble. Nothing broke. Maybe someone had to be called about their rent check. Mild stuff. WHY DIDN’T I ENJOY IT THEN!?

I often have to remind myself that I am doing these two jobs for a reason. I am saving money and paying down debt and being able to live, finally, not paycheck-to-paycheck. KNOCK ON WOOD. But fuck if I am not tired. Tired of having barely a semblance of free time or that any time to myself that must be scheduled in. I feel stressed out a lot about my lengthy to do list. I can see now why traditionally couples have held this job. Being one person with a full time job trying to get all this done? Challenging!

I am very grateful to have multiple jobs when many people have trouble finding one. Do you hear that Universe? I AM GRATEFUL. I’d just like a month where no one gives notice so that maybe I can go away for the weekend to the coast or to Portland to visit my peeps or you know, spend a day without a bra on lounging around my apartment not showing units and putting on my happy face.

Until then, anyone in the market for a great junior one bedroom on the ground floor in an awesome building with a cool manager? Anyone?!

24 thoughts on “Orange Alert

  1. If I were moving to your neck of the woods, I’d definitely come have a look, probably even rent.

    Maybe a rush of students (grad) will come to your area looking for a place to live? I hope all these get filled ASAP. If only for your own sanity and you know, getting some rest time.

  2. As I have said to you Previously, I’ve had this type of situation for the last 27 years & I KNOW. You cannot allow this to affect your happiness. The 1 bedroom apartment might be hard to rent because of many other factors: Location, light vs.dark, Price Point (I know, not your decision- but something you might talk with the owner about)economic factors, layout etc… You may find that apartment Hard to rent the entire time you are there… it happens.

    Get help with cleaning/prepping the apartments. Consider it part of the “rent’ you are “paying” it will Relax the whole process. Aren’t there kids in the neighborhood,who might take a job for the summer doing things like sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash etc… There are folks out there who would like feeling Productive by doing those things.

    I have Faith that you will get the Hang of it quickly. Caretaking has a Lot going for it!

  3. I’m sending you positive thoughts for lots of good, reliable, responsible renters and no more notices for the next 4 months (at least) so you can have some fun this summer.

  4. you may have already done this/thought of this…but is there some place at UW (student ceneter?) that one can post rental?

  5. so are owners willing to to drop rents yet? It’s strange to see all the empty apartments down here too – seems like some owners are willing to ride this out rather than take a cut.

  6. If I knew anyone moving to the Seattle area, I’d send them right your way. On the bright side, maybe if you take care of all these move-ins and outs by the end of June or early July, you will be able to travel to BlogHer without a worry in the world. Well, selfishly I hope so. =)

  7. I’m sorry that it all sucks so hard right now. And man – no offense – but I’m glad that I declined an offer to manage a small set of apartments. A few years ago, this lady asked me & Ryan if we would and we considered it (free rent!) but man! It takes a lot more time than you’d think! Although, I’d be totally lame and would be calling out a handyman and housekeeper rather than doing all the work myself, the way you have. You’re extra dedicated and awesome. I am not. Thus, I shall always be a good tenant and not a bad landlord.

  8. I was wondering if it might’ve had something to do with the building itself (more like repairs that the owners wouldn’t make, not you!), but that’s good (or maybe bad) that it’s more related to the economy. And summer is usually the busiest time for move outs, but hopefully things will settle down for you soon.

  9. I may be calling you! My landlord sent a very confusing letter re: renewing my lease with three different dates listed. Of course, I read the wrong date as my deadline to renew. Whoops! I faxed over a signed renewal and have left two messages now with no response. I am very concerned I may be homeless come July…any chance you can hold it until then? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Actually, showing your units bra-less might get them filled really fast. Not sure if you want to go the whore-adjacent route, though.

  11. Just ask yourself if it is worth it? For me it would not be, but if it is for you, I wish you the best. Thinking good thoughts that you rent the units this week.

  12. Maybe the owners could offer some sort of move in incentive? Or we can litterbox train my furkids and call them cats? (I wouldn’t want the bottom floor though!)

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