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My pool has been closed for 3 weeks. I say that like I own the pool but really what I mean is it’s the convenient pool located between my workplace and my home. I could have tried other pools while mine was closed but I am a creature of habit and so. . . I did not work out for three weeks.


newsuitBut! I did get my new suit (thanks Land’s End!). Sorry for the over- exposure of skin but I am in a swimsuit. It really can’t be helped. Also, can I get some props for posting a photo of myself in a swimsuit? (Gee, thanks.) I will say that it’s amazing how I can get such a better work out when the girls are, uh, locked and loaded.

Man, I love me some water aerobics. It’s so much fun! And yes, I just said exercise was fun. I hardly recognize myself either.

So, my pool has a suit spinner which is sort of like a salad spinner but for wet swimsuits instead of wet lettuce. There’s this sign that is posted next to it that says:

Please get dressed before you use the suit spinner. Thank you!

Do you know what that means? It means SOMEONE STRIPPED in front of the entire public pool before going to the showers/locker rooms- that’s what it means. Clearly this was such an issue it required a sign. Me? I don’t do public disrobing. I’m not a “fan” of such. And I’m sorry for all the naked women in my locker room because, yes, I did look at your butt while you were changing. I couldn’t help it! It was there! MOONING ME!

While I was waiting to spin my suit last night, a fellow aerobicizer asked me how long I’d been taking the class to which I replied, “Only a few weeks before the pool closed.” She marveled at my coordination and said that when she didn’t know what to do based on the instructors demonstration out of the pool, she would watch me. Say what? I am so many things but coordinated isn’t one of them. I mean, I trip while walking in my Converse. That takes a special kind of klutz. But, I took the compliment nonetheless and promised to do my best not to lead her astray.

I just hope she isn’t watching me during the ab work with the noodle because for the life of me I can’t figure out how to really do the crunch effectively. I realize in writing that last sentence that many of you are all,“Why the hell do you have noodles in a pool? Are you carb loading for your work out?” No, no silly. Noodles are flotation devices used in water work outs. Apparently they are also referred to as “water logs” but to me that conjures up images of, uh well, poo floating around. And since we often share the smaller pool with the kidlets, I’m thinking I’ll just keep referring to them as noodles thankyouverymuch.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more about having good support in a suit. A triangle bikini person I will never be!
    I have never in my life seen a suit spinner, and yet it doesn’t surprise me that someone stripped right there. I could see a grandmother type doing that, or grandfather type, for that matter. I’m glad you enjoy your time in the pool. I would like to get back to swimming more one of these days!

  2. There are so many things in this post that I am laughing about. I love it!

    I do believe someone would strip down in front of the entire public pool because I can totally see it happening at the pool I go to! At mine though, the spinners are in each locker room so there isn’t a danger of flashing anyone but the people in there. And they do stand NAKED and use it! I am not a fan of public nakedness. I am not all super shy like the teenage-ish girls in the locker room who go in the stall to change, but I am also not like the older women who walk around naked, blow dry their hair while naked, etc. One woman even stood painting her toenails naked with her foot up on the bench. NOT a view I needed to see so early in the morning!

    I sorta got off track in my comment. I meant to say that I am so happy you love it and don’t find it to be torture. I think that is the thing with exercise. In order for it to work, you have to find something you like and it looks like you found it! I love the new suit too!

  3. Can I come do water aerobics with you guys sometime? I promise to get dressed before I spin my suit ; )

    Funny, we were just talking about logs over here, but alas it was of the poop variety and pertaining to what had just come out of Charlie. Over-sharing, check!

  4. I absolutely love Land’s End! I got my new swimsuit from them just a few weeks ago, tried it on, and like you said, it keeps the girls in place!

    And your picture is so adorable! If you ever say you are not gorgeous again, I may just have to hop on a plane and head over there to give you a good talking to.

    P.S. Please avoid any potential floating poo from kids. I mean the real poo.

  5. A suit spinner? What on earth does one of those look like? I love the fact that they had to put up a sign to tell you all to keep your clothes on hehehe.

  6. YAY for the new suit. Looks great.

    Yeah. I’m with ya on not disrobing in public.

    Some people are just not shy I guess but…ewww.

    Just. Eeeew.

    btw.. I knew what you meant about the noodle. lol.

  7. RAWR.

    I’ve never heard them called water logs…and I get the same images in my head as you do from that term. Also, horrifying flashbacks from when I was little and my sister unleashed in the tub…

  8. I worked for a life guard for four years. I agree with you ENTIRELY about the pool logs. I much prefer the term “noodle” as well.

    I would love to go to the water aerobics at my gym. If I do go, I think I’ll bring the median age down to around 80. Do you have a lot of other women your age or are they much older?

    As far as the spinner thing goes, those things are awesome. Ours is in the women’s locker room though, so you can stand there in a towel and do it. To have been a fly on the wall the night someone stripped and did that. OMG!

  9. Super kudos. Cute suit. You look glamorous and you are very funny. Yep, not going to be calling them logs. Logs in the pool should be avoided.

  10. You are SO becoming a water aerobics instructor. You look mighty hot in that suit, by the way.

    Totally hear ya on the whole naked in public thing. I can’t ever bring myself to do it at spas or anything like that. And it is really hard not to look at people’s butts and boobs when they’re bobbing around in a jacuzzi.

  11. You are just too adorable. And I gotta tell you. Sometimes we can be coordinated in one thing, but not in the other. I remember back in the day, I could rock out the step aerobics. But, put me on the floor to do a general aerobics class and I’d trip over myself. Maybe your mojo is meant for the pool!

  12. Oh, the noodle — me and Gex used to seriously beat each other with those when we lived at his family’s summer house together. We called them “wacky noodles.” They’re fun for hitting. 🙂

  13. That’s a really good pic of you, Sizzle.

    Judging from the way I started to laugh at “water logs”, and some of the other comments, it seems that a lot of us have had that same experience. The horror, the horror.

  14. heh. Great. Now I cna’t stop thinking of all the things I want to tell people about my pool noodle in conjunction with where their water logs come from. Oh yeah. Remind me to tell you, now that I have seen this picture, I have realized what your hobbit name is.

  15. LMAO about the “water logs.” I have a …thing about public pools. I’ve really had to work at getting over the “ick” factor so noodles would be best for me as well. 😉
    Also? Damn, you look cute in that swimsuit, missy!

  16. Nice suit…
    This made me laugh.
    Our community pool is on the edge of Chinatown. I can just picture one of those 900 year old Chinese women standing there naked (they are always naked) drying her suit.

    Now I will try and get the image out of my head.

  17. If there was any chance in hell I could look that cute in a swimsuit photo I would totally take one and POST IT BIG for all to see. Unfortunately, I have no ta-tas, nor your cheeky grin, so I’m flat out of luck.

    You, however, rock.

  18. Bathing suit shopping can be such a pain! So glad that you found a good one!I love that you love water aerobics! I love Zumba, and this summer Zumba is adding Water Zumba to their line up!!! How fun will that be…latin dancing and water all together!!! Ahhh!

  19. I’d never even heard of a suit spinner before — that’s pretty cool, but not so of the public stripper (I’m pretty modest myself). And yeah, I totally hear you on the twins. I’ve been doing videos at home and some of the cardio exercises make them hurt (maybe I need a better bra).

  20. I love the new suit! You are such a cutie! And how cool that someone was watching you to keep up with the instructor! That is a HUGE compliment!

  21. 1) LOVE the suit!
    2) They had to put up a sign??? Sometimes I think common sense should be distributed in pills at appropriate times. This would be one of those times.

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