Watch Your Back

I was sitting in my apartment uploading photos from the weekend when I heard the screams. Sometimes gaggles of emo drunk kids wander the streets in my ‘hood stumbling their way home and often there are shrieks or screams or hollering. I’ve learned to ignore it for the most part. But this scream was different though. This scream repeated and there was something frightening in it.

I ran to the window but it was dark outside. The scream continued. People started to pour out of their homes towards the screaming asking, “Are you alright?” Her attacker had fled and she was on the ground, her face banged up a bit where cheek met pavement. I was about to race down there but I could see a crowd forming and knew she was being helped.

The cops came quickly, then the paramedics. Neighbors, once strangers, stood around in awkward solidarity. She’s okay. As okay as you can be after being traumatized like that. I hovered near the window hoping to overhear what happened. It seems it was an attempted mugging though I’m not sure he took anything from her except her sense of safety.

It just makes me stop and think how many times I’ve wandered home alone from a bar late at night only half aware of my surroundings or the times I’ve walked blocks with arms laden with grocery bags or the walks to the park with my iPod blaring in my ears, drowning out everything around me. . .That could have been me.

Just remember to be careful out there.


25 thoughts on “Watch Your Back

  1. I always think something like this will happen to me. I’m a big worrier so I’m always extra-extra careful, and then usually terrified if I am forced to walk anywhere on my own in the dark!

    I’m glad the girl was okay, and that so many people rushed to her aid.

  2. That is horrible. It is nice that the neighborhood came out quickly and in force and scared the attacker away.

    That is the sort of thing I hope to prevent by giving my young daughters the mantra “Be aware of your surroundings”. It works for 8 year olds in parking lots when they need to watch for cars and hopefully will carry them through later in life.

    Stay aware of your surroundings Sizzle Jones.

  3. As others have said, it’s so good to hear that your neighbours (and you) were so willing to assist. So often you hear just the opposite (I’ve heard about Kitty Genovese in so many Psych classes it’s apalling)

    Take care of yourself!

  4. That’s very scary. It’s so important to be aware of one’s surroundings all the time. I hope she gets better and gets over this. Poor girl. And do be very, very careful!

  5. Keeping an eye out is a good idea, but there’s nowhere you can go and escape stuff like this- I hope you don’t let this loser scare you too much; there’s more people out there like your neighbors than like him.

  6. Oh my goodness! That is scary! We had a shooting less than a block from our building and the guy was killed. Living in the big city can be scary, chica! Be careful!

  7. I’m thinking you should take some sort of martial arts class and learn to kick some, err, uh, defend yourself. Be careful!

  8. Yikes. Reminds me of too many late nights in SF when I walked home alone. The streets were usually empty which was both good and bad.

    The night a homeless guy started following me and kind of harassing me was the worst. I hadn’t even planned to walk but most of the buses had stopped running and I didn’t have enough cash on me for a cab. I yelled at him to stop following me and he did, but it was scary.

    Stay safe and plan ahead, people.

  9. Holy shit that is scary. It is nice to hear so many people came out in support. That shows support. I’m glad to know people care.

    About a year ago at the end of our road (a dinky small town road) a young woman was at a stop sign and a man held her up at gun point and STOLE HER CAR! At the end of the road I have lived on since I was born. It’s so scary when something like that happens. I still check my back seat and make sure to lock the doors at all times. Even if I do live in the boonies.

  10. Sweet merciful crap! Stay safe and remember, always go for the throat or the junk. (but you knew that of course!)

  11. I was once mugged in Seattle as I was leaving work (I worked as a waitress at the time and often was coming home late with large amounts of cash). This post brings back so many memories for me. I’m so glad the girl wasn’t physically injured. Hopefully there will be other resources available to her to deal with the mental trauma and hopefully she will utilize them.

  12. I’m so glad that she was okay (or at least physically). Some of my friends have kind of made fun of me for being to afraid to walk to certain places at night, but this is exactly why. Remember that stabbing on Cap Hill on NY Eve a couple of years ago? That was only 7 p.m. I’m also always nervous to walk anywhere with my iPod in my ears b/c I don’t like not knowing what’s around me.

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