Unsaid Said

Things I’ve thought about saying but haven’t ever said aloud. And won’t. All to different people who shall remain nameless. If you want to add yours to the comments, vent away.

I wish you’d take better care of your health.

You’re acting incredibly selfish.

I wonder if we ever run into each other after not talking for so long if you’ll ignore me.

Every time I hear your name I picture you with her and want to throw something (or up).

Enough with the innuendo already, buddy.

Fuck you for having your mid-life crisis all over me, breaking my heart, then trying to be “friends.”

You act like looking at the bright side blinds you.

You really need to get a grip and some self-esteem.

I believe in you.

I’m still waiting for that happy day but have convinced myself you’re not ever coming.

I don’t know how to forgive you for giving up on yourself.


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43 thoughts on “Unsaid Said

  1. Oh I likes this!

    Ahem, okay, here goes with the venting.

    – Why won’t you just burst into flames and die already?

    – Please shut up about your work. I don’t care anymore.

    – You’re a good person but a seriously lousy friend.

    – It’s okay to go out with friends WITHOUT your spouse. Trust me.

    – Regardless of the age difference, you’re a wonderful person that I wish to be lifelong friends with.

    Okay! That’ll do. Thanks, Sizzle. You rock!

    – Jaz :o)

  2. This is excellent. Also the comment above me is making me laugh. Let’s see.

    – You need to leave him already. Everyone can see it and you know it too but you’re too scared.
    – It would have been nice to have your support, but even without it I’m doing fine.
    – You need to work on your phone manners. I think your intentions are nice but you come across as rude and snippy.
    – Please don’t do that again, ever.

  3. All good things to say. I’m actually kind of stoked that I can guess who at least two of those are about! Haha, I am so lame.

    Since I already did this in my blog, I only have one thing I’d like to say and that is, “One day you’ll realize what you lost and you’ll then wished that you had actually tried harder to keep it.”

  4. Thank you for this post!! I needed it!

    ~you are such a loser and I hate that I gave you a 2nd chance.
    ~you have done nothing but complicate my life.
    ~you will never amount to anything on the path you are on.
    ~you are unbelievably selfish.
    ~you are full of sh*t.
    ~you have no idea what “follow through” means.

    I could go on forever, but I’ll stop here. Thank you. I feel better!

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  6. I really need to do this on my blog. But then I think I’ll get all sorts of emails from my friends inquiring if I’m talking about them. Or to them rather. In any case, here are some of mine!
    *I don’t want to be friends with you anymore.
    *Why are you never happy with your life?
    *You think you are God’s gift to the world, but really you are nothing but full of yourself. Get off your damn high horse.

    Phew! Feel a little better! Thanks lady!

  7. My vents

    Yes this is all about me, get over it.
    It amazes me that someone with your lack of talent can rise up so high
    Take better care of yourself, you need to be here for a long long time.

    My vents so far…thanks Siz!

  8. I can testify to your CD making prowess (Listening to the one you made me right now).

    Here’s my go:

    One day you will realize how much you’ve missed out on.

  9. Nice that Aimee gets one… after giving so many away. Will you post the final songs you decided to include?

    You could say a few of those to me and they would be fitting.

    Here is mine: Enough with the drama, you are an adult. Quit trying to create shit that isn’t there. And rather than whine about my not calling you, try this: pick up the fucking phone and call me.

  10. Oh and go try Molly Moon… it is now in your neighborhood and oh so delicious. We were hanging out at Cal Anderson park this weekend and ventured over there.

  11. I don’t know if I leave a lot of stuff unsaid to those around me now days, but I have left stuff unsaid to those who are no longer here to hear it. For one in particular, I wish I would have been there to tell her I forgave her and loved her so much in spite of so many things that went on in the past. I would also say that I was sorry. I was too young and not prepared emotionally for losing both my parents within such a close time frame. I did what I knew, I ran from it and tried to find someone to blame. 5yrs later, and at 32 I could have handled it so much better..it’s a shame we can’t choose when things happen sometimes.

    Anyway, I apologize for getting on my soapbox. I was trying to think of things I would like to say to people and I couldn’t get my mom out of my head. it’s something I’ve needed to get out for a while now. Thank you.

  12. Fuck you for judging me and my relationship with my family.

    The smell of cigarette smoke permeates your being. It’s actually disgusting.

    You quit cocaine? Good for you. Really though? All the pot and alcohol you consume are not that much better.

  13. “I don’t really like it when you put your finger there when we’re doing the other thing”

  14. It was one of the happiest moments of my life when I found out you were fired. HA! You deserve it after treating me so horribly for years. I smile every day when I walk in the door to the office knowing I don’t have to face you.

    Grow a pair of balls. Seriously.

    Your guy is going nowhere. Please do not spend the rest of your life tied to him.

    No, I will not forgive you. Ever.

    Please do not tell people how, where and why you got pregnant. Trust me, no one wants to hear it.

    I cannot listen to anymore of your stories about scamming chicks while you and your friends are drunken idiots. It is not attractive.

    That’s all I have for now…

  15. Oh, this is a good thing. And perfect– I want to play.

    -Stop making everyone pay for you being a little man

    -Get the hell over yourself


    -Hm, you’re meaner than I thought

    -Goodbye. I won’t miss you

  16. Oh, how lovely to be able to let it all go!

    –I wonder if your reasons were enough for you to want to really end our friendship, or if you everything to be okay after you trashed me this time around.
    –You are verging on becoming an alcoholic. We all want to help, but none of us can stand your company anymore.
    –Start acting like the adult (and father!) you are and take responsibility for your life before you completely destroy your mother’s and your children’s love for you.

    Whew! Thanks!

  17. I’ve never married you because deep down inside I know I could do better, but you love me so much that I can’t leave. Now I’ve found out that you really don’t have much to offer me and I feel stuck, and I know I am going to resent you in the future when I am sick that I never had kids, and I could have made the decision at 30 to leave and do so with someone else.

  18. 1. You need to quit being a freak, and also: stop over-reacting over minor issues. You push people away. Also: I think you have an emotional/personality disorder, but I won’t tell you that because you get mad at me for looking at you ‘wrong’.

    2. I wish you would see a doctor; I often worry that you’ll get cancer and not know until it’s too late.

    3. He actually does love you, you just need to trust him.

    4. I wish you’d just not care what other people thought of you, your house, or your status.

    5. If I have to read one more Facebook status update about your married life or revamped faith in God/Catholic church, I’m going to throw up or pull out my hair. Or both.

    6. I still hope that, some day, she gives you a taste of your own medicine and you’ll feel what I felt. Also: I am not sorry for hacking into your e-mail, even though I apologized. Also: I feel sorry for you that you admittedly can’t be alone/out of a relationship. Also: I probably won’t ever forgive you. Also: I knew. Also: There is so much I never admitted.

    I really hope she rips your heart, tissue and artery and all, out like you did mine.

    7. You’re definitely better off without him, and I wish I could reach out tell you that. I think you’d hate me, though, if you don’t already.

    8. I like that you wear something green every day.

    9. I really am sorry.

    I may just have to post these to my own blog!

  19. Happy to say I don’t know what any of this is about…
    — The reason you’re still here is because we’re stuck with you.
    — Subject, verb, object … how hard can it be?
    — Shut the fuck up….
    — Yes, I am aware that I am fat and out shape, but you’re stupid. Ain’t much we can do about that.
    — You make abso-fucking-lutely bat-shit insane sometimes, but I love you anyway.

  20. Ooooh, good ones, Sizz. The one I’d like to say right now is, “I wish you never read my blog. Then I wouldn’t be having this dilemma I’m having over what to write.”

  21. I LOVE this post. Oh, the things I would say…but the one bugging me the most right now:

    “Contrary to popular belief, I made these changes for ME, and for me alone. Get off your high horse, you righteous bitch!!”

    Thank you, I feel better already.

    (Also, doy ou care to share your final track listing for your wicked awesome CD? I need something new…)

  22. “I no longer argue with you because I realize just how crazy you really are.”
    “I’m really amazed you can hold down a job and still maintain that attitude.”
    “The only reason you’re still here is because your boss doesn’t see how you treat the people who work for you.”

  23. I pretty much want to turn this one into a bumper sticker. And then marry it:
    “You act like looking at the bright side blinds you.”

  24. Oh, I’ve been thinking of doing another of these, but it’s probably safer to leave them in your comments.

    1. You are the most inconsiderate, selfish person I’ve ever met. I really wish that I didn’t have to be grateful to you for so much.

    2. You dislike everyone. You talk shit about everyone. After a while, shouldn’t it occur to you that YOU are the problem?

    3. I adore you and I respect your (many) opinions, but please stop pretending like you get a vote in every major decision in my relationship. You truly, truly don’t.

    4. I think you are SO AWESOME! I hope that you enjoy me as much as I enjoy you. I would hate to learn that I’m bugging you by trying too hard to be your friend.

    5. You have never accepted any responsibility for your own happiness. It makes me crazy.

    6. If you get sick again because you are being stupid, I will be SO ANGRY with you!!!

    7. Sometimes I miss you so much that it makes me tear up. I don’t think that it would bother you to know that, but I think it would sound weird coming out of my mouth.

    8. Dude. WHO EATS FOUR DOZEN COOKIES’ WORTH OF COOKIE DOUGH IN ONE WEEKEND???? And why would you think that wouldn’t be a problem with me when I learned that all four dozen potential cookies were gone?????????

    9. I remember you distantly. It helps to see you now and realize that the “you” I remember doesn’t exist anymore.

    10. You got lucky. Skill has nothing to do with it. You got lucky. Stop lording it over me.

    11. You are not cooler than me just because you do tons of “glamorous” drugs. You might think that you are inspired and amazing, but I actually think you are pretty lame.

    12. We used to tell each other everything. Now, only a few years later, you communicate with me via email forwards. It totally icks me out.

    13. You might be my most interesting friend ever. I particularly love that you would never think to describe yourself that way. It makes you even cooler!

  25. This is great!

    – Finally you’re getting fired, and I couldn’t be happier about it.
    – Wow, you really were trying to sabotage my marriage. Bet you feel stupid now that it didn’t work.
    – Please stop telling long, rambling stories. Just GET TO THE POINT already.
    – I feel badly for you that the only way you can be happy is when you are surrounded by drama. If is isn’t there you make it up.

  26. Oh I need this today! I love all of yours. I bet that felt good. I SO have some of my own.

    – The fact that you are friends with someone who abused me for three years and you don’t think that will effect our friendship at all is just ridiculous. I will never be able to trust and fully confide in you. Sure, I’ll hang out with you, but I am closed off from you and when you bring your friendship with her up it does hurt me.

    – I hate the fact that the only job I could get is somewhere you work. You have a college degree! Quit so I can move up in position and not have to see you anymore.

    – I don’t know how you can be surprised that I am so happy to end our friendship.

    – The fact that you critique ever single little thing I do at work despite being a great worker makes me very aware of how sad and lonely your home life must be.

    – When I hear people talking about their relationships with their sisters or wishing they had a sister…I just can’t believe you and I can barely talk to each other. I’m sorry that you’re so unhappy. I’m sorry you’re in a bad relationship, but you can move on and get out of it. We used to be so close…why do you only want to know me when I’m going through a hard time.

  27. Wow– So many people want to say the same things as me! It’s is relieving, honestly.

    It’s funny that I have a reputation for being such a nice, if outspoken person, because I smother impulses to say things every day. (How can you be known for being so blunt, if you are trying so hard to be “Nice”?)

    “Shut the FUCK UP already! No one wants to hear your b*tching, okay??”

    “I don’t care. I don’t want to hear it. Sorry.”

    “How can I be your friend, if I don’t even like you? Moreover,did I ever really like you? Have I changed that much?”

    “What was I thinking? It really must have been the Grief at work…”

  28. Never say never. I have said some things in the past 21 years I swore I’d never say. Having children changes all of that, and for the better 🙂

  29. Hmmm…interesting subject. I’ll play along.

    ~ There’s not much about you I like. Granted, I don’t you all that well, but what I do know, I’m not crazy about. It means nothing that we are related.
    ~ It has nothing to do with your skin color. It has to do with the fact that you are LAZY and INCAPABLE.
    ~ I wish you would just ‘fess up, whatever it is that you are hiding. Cuz I know you’re hiding something.
    ~ Your husband is a douche. And you are co-dependent.
    ~ Would it kill you to tell me you’re proud of me, that I’m a good parent and a really cool person? Or do you not think those things?
    ~ I will be devastated when you die. I don’t think you realize how much. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover. And that scares me as much as losing you.
    ~ I’m sorry for the way things played out. I wonder what would have happened if we’d stayed together.
    ~ I think you were a pretty awful parent.

    Ok, that’s enough out of me.

  30. Actually, you said most of them, and lately I have been saying what I have been thinking and I am pissing people off. Oh well.I can’t help it if the truth hurts, I am tired of babying people and listening to their old stories.

  31. Good stuff. I know for a fact that the people who have hurt me the most are not oblivious and they also don’t care. I guess that means I must let it go.

  32. I have always wanted to do one of these posts myself. Would you mind if I borrowed the idea?

    A few I’ll vent here are:
    -why can’t you act like a grown up?

    -if I’m always there when you need me, why do you choose to make yourself busy in my times of crisis?

    -Sometimes I feel like you are just listening but not *really* hearing what I am saying.

    -Shut up and realize that I have feelings too.

  33. Sizzle, I believe in you 🙂 I do.

    #1, ah, #1. I wish I could get some family members to be healthier. It just has to come from within, doesn’t it?

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