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It’s a strange sensation to go to the grocery store and only have three or four sections available based on your limited diet. Produce. Meat. (Some) Dairy. Occasionally the cat food or cleaning supply aisle but clearly those are not edible items (at least not to me ). It makes for quick shopping, I’ll tell you that much.

Today marks week two of my no sugar, no starches, no booze and I gotta tell you, I would give anything for some watermelon and some quinoa. I find it interesting that I’m craving whole grains and fruit and not, say, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream (personal weakness). Maybe something is shifting? I hope so.

The hunger I feel on this elimination “diet” is different than the one when I eat carbs/starches/sugar. This one allows my body to come upon hunger naturally. I eat a lot less. Whereas before I seemed to spiral from sugar high to carb-induced blahs. I have felt tired lately but I think that’s a natural part of the detox.

I’m being super protective of my environment right now. I am not eating out because it’s too hard to control how things are cooked or have bread dangling in front of my carb-hungry belly. It’s just easier for me to bring my snacks and lunches and not meet friends for meals. It makes me realize how much socializing I do around food and booze. But I’m okay with it. There are lots of things we can do instead of shoving fries in our mouth.

I’ve started a list of things I can “reward” myself with when I meet certain goals. Things like: a new outfit for BlogHer or the tattoo I’ve been conceptualizing and dreaming of for years or pin up girl photo shoot (you know, cuz I’ll be feeling super sexy and stuff). I’m not doing this for the gifts but I’d like to mark the milestones with some sort of pomp and circumstance.

Last Tuesday I weighed myself and the scale read 224 lbs. (I figure if Tomato and Snackie can put their weights out there then so can I. GULP!) Today when I weighed myself the scale said 213 lbs. HOLY CRAP! Seriously!? I tried it three times because I had just woken up and wasn’t wearing my glasses but, yes, that’s what it said. Maybe 224 wasn’t my “actual” weight because last week I was, uh, there is no delicate way to say this and I apologize for the TMI – it was that time of the month. A woman tends to pack on some pounds that week.


I know there is a long road ahead of me but I’m committed to the lifestyle change. It just feels right. And today? Today, I feel awesome.

“Stand up tall and everything will nest in you.” – Mark Nepo


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  1. Amazing! Brava, sister! That low to no sugar diet plan really does help melt away the pounds and I am so glad you are sticking to it!

  2. That is amazing! Will you start adding some starches and natural sugars back into your diet in the next few weeks? When I was on the GD diet I also craved fruit and brown rice. I would have given anything for the biggest honey crisp apple, instead of only being able to eat two slices. It is crazy how quickly our bodies start to adapt.

  3. I’m glad that you are happy with your results and I’m sure that you will keep up and make a greater impact. I have committed to go to the gym 3 times a week and so far I have no weight loss, but my clothes fit better. I’m with ya on trying to eat better. I look forward to hearing more results.

    P.s. If you need a photographer πŸ˜‰

  4. I am happy that you are sounding happy. You got a whole lot of us out here supporting you, Sizz!!

  5. That is great! I’m so impressed. As someone who’s having a hard time doing anything for an entire week right now, I’m motivated by you!

  6. That is great news, you should totally be proud of yourself. It is so strange how your body reacts when you take something unhealhy away. It seems to bounce back. What an amazing ( and scary) affect food affects us.

    I think you should do the 40’s pin up shot. I so want to do one of those too!

  7. Yay you!!! Am thinking happy, positive thoughts your way!

    Why don’t you reward yourself by flying out to DC and coming for a visit? πŸ™‚

  8. Ok, so how do you do it? Tell me! How do you cut curbs (aka BREAD!) out of your life? I couldn’t do that. Never in a million years. I am a bread addict, and isn’t bread good for you (like the rye kind?).

    Anyways, I am happy for you. 11 pounds… that’s amazing!

  9. eleven pounds is such an accomplishment! talk about motivation right there! you’re doing fantastic!
    i love the idea of little milestone rewards. even better, the pinup photoshoot. awesome.

    ps- did i miss the winner of the cover CD contest thingy?

  10. Good job! You are SO inspiring me. I’ve been running for 12 weeks and I’m thinking now that I’m in the groove, I need to add something like keeping away from the homemade ice cream my husband made.

  11. Well done! It’s so great to see results because it really encourages you to continue along the same vein. I recently changed my eating habits and I haven’t lost so much weight like you but I feel much better for it. Keep up the good work!

  12. That’s so great — 11 lbs. is not all period weight! I, too, find it difficult to eat well when going out. Even the salads are usually not that great for you (even with dressing on the side) and one can only have so much fish (not to mention it costs a lot more than everything else).

  13. That’s an awesome post and Congratulations. There are weight issues in my family too and I think the best approach is to go head on and not to think too much of what you are missing. Thanks!!

  14. Rock on, rockstar…you’re doing great. I just finished my third week, and have rediscovered the joy of bananas! The scale isn’t moving as much this week as it was the first two weeks, but I’m hoping that I’m just building some muscle, as I’ve been working out with the Wii five days a week. Keep it up!

  15. Be proud of your accomplishments!!! I’m trying to adapt to a healthy lifestyle as well and it’s tough! Keep up the good work!
    ~ FC

  16. Rock on with your awesome, sassy self! Eleven pounds is incredible! Your willpower and outlook are truly an inspiration. And I LOVE the pin-up girl idea. I think every woman should have sexy pictures taken of herself at some point – so when she’s an old lady she can look back and think, “damn, I was a hot tamale!”

  17. holy crap indeed! that’s awesome! congrats to you and the progress you’re making… yet another reason i love reading blogs – such inspiration! thank you! πŸ™‚

  18. You are AWESOME! For sticking to your plan AND for posting your weight. Role model, role model, role model πŸ™‚ Keep it up!

  19. Awesome loss! I’m proud of you. And I can’t believe fruit is on your forbidden list. I’m struggling with the dieting (again, shocker) and if it weren’t for fruit I’d have fallen off the wagon completely.

    My 6lb loss is still there but nothing more. I suppose I should be glad I didn’t put any of it back on with my recent vacation.

    So are you going to like share recipes with us now? Tips? Tricks?

    If we lose 30lbs by BlogHer can we go out and get tattoos together?

  20. Wonderful wonderful! 11 pounds is rockin’. I’ve used a reward system for myself in the past and it seemed to work. For me the rewards were something that triggered good questions to ask myself, such as: “do I really need, or even want, to eat that?” or “meh, I don’t feel like running today, but will I feel better if I do?”.

  21. That’s a big fat YAY for you, Sizzle. Seriously. Even if it was that time of the month. Even if it was water weight. None of that matters. What matters is you’re on a path that’s headed in the right direction. You’re changing the way you eat. The way you think about food. And the bonus side-effect is the pounds are coming off. I’m so darn happy for you!!!

  22. Good for you, Sizz!

    Finding replacement rewards was the hardest thing for me the time I tried giving up sugar. Didn’t really crack it back then. Might be ready to give it another shot though, or at least to cut back: make a commitment to skip it unless it’s something great instead of just eating something sweet because it’s there.

  23. Holy fucking shit! I pack on a little weight when I’m getting/I have my period too, but not more than a few ounces. (I think some people like to pretend its more than it actually is, me included.) That weight loss – in one week!!! – is effing amazing. I’m glad you’re feeling good, sista!

  24. I love when the body gets to a point where it loves the healthy stuff, finds fruit sweet enough, and gets a little sick when it’s fed the greasy/fat stuff. Keep up the good work!

  25. Awesome! It seems that there are lots of us jumping back on the weight loss bandwagon. I just got fed up this morning and have started fresh. No sugar or flour for me. I am eating mostly protein and veggies and a little fruit. So far, so good.

    Keep up the good work. Keep posting about your progress and I am sure you will get tons of support here.

  26. You go girl! Sadly, I have not committed yet to getting serious (did I mention what a huge procrastinator I am?). But on a positive note, when I got on the scale last week to see what I was dealing with, I was surprised to find that I weighed 10 pounds less than I thought I was going to.

  27. Wow, it seems like you are doing everything right! Great work!
    It’s pretty typical for a lot to come off in the early stages, because so much of it is water and general puff. Which is not to be discouraging, quite the opposite–you truly did lose those pounds for realz I bet!!
    You should feel awesome, because you ARE awesome!
    And finally…it is funny, even though the deliver windows are getting more and more scarce, I try to stick to Peapod as much as possible because I can totally forego the “snacks, cookies and candy” tab and pretend that those items don’t exist whatsover. Tee hee.

  28. I’ve missed coming to your blog so much! Ever since they blocked them at work, I’ve been so busy and unable to get my Sizzle fix :o) WOW, you go girl! That takes such dedicated to go that hardcore. And don’t take your weight loss away from yourself….if the scale registered you at 224, then that’s what it was! (Keyword being WAS!) Congrats on the 11 lb loss!

    I just started low carbing it. I always resisted it but I want some results. I still get to do the fruit (thank goodness) but only 1 bread. It’s hard!! I can’t imagine what you are going through….are you taking pictures along the way to show your progress?

  29. Well done missy! Will you be able to re-integrate natural carbs (fruit whole grains et al) at some point?

    My scale I think is honestly and truly broken it claimed I dropped 10 pounds in 24… dude.. we all know THAT didn’t happen.

  30. Go you. I’m not eliminating anything on the level you are but I am back at the gym almost every day and trying very hard not to eat anything ridiculous, cutting back on stupid things like soft drinks (although wine? can’t do it…not now), focusing on food that isn’t processed and generally working very hard to get in better shape. The brain has connected with the body this time so I think I have a pretty good shot at some success here. And funny, when you spend an hour and a half doing cardio whosi-whatsits, it’s not as enticing to eat like five slim Jims or some similar crap.

    Good luck to you too – & I am so looking forward to meeting you at BlogHer. (Slowly but surely re-entering the blog world after grad school sort of blew that situation up for two years.)

  31. Congratulations! Even if your starting weight was just around 224, that’s still a significant drop. Don’t talk yourself out of accomplishing that. Good for you, and good luck continuing!

  32. When you are ready to incorporate more into your diet, there’s a great website that has almond flour, flax oatmeal (that is actually quite good), and a variety of sugar-free products….even margarita mix. It’s saved my life, and my diet, many a time. http://www.netrition.com

    I had one egg, 2 tablespoons of cream cheese and a little splenda this morning. Mix it all up and pop it into the microwave for two minutes. It’s awesome.

  33. ::Cheering:: I am so impressed with your diligent effort to eat healthy. I can’t come up with enough words. Also, eleven? ::High five:: You are super duper cool in all ways.

    My udpate: Still exercising, still no weight loss (I’m telling myself it is offset with muscle gain), documenting food intake and it is pretty good, but 3500 calories (# of calories per pound) is a lot of calories to cut out. I’ve been eating on snacks of tomatoes and red peppers instead of chocolate and pastry.

  34. Keep up the great work!

    I just started the “skinny bitch” diet yesterday. It is like your elimination diet sans meat and dairy. I have to say it’s that bad. I have two weeks to keep the lbs off before sister’s wedding. With a broken rib, exercise is harder (no running), low impact exercise only. Hopefully I’ll be a skinny (less fluffy) bitch soon.

  35. Finally catching up….yay! So glad your body is responding to the diet change. BTW, I just love that you Tomato and Snackie are all doing this, awesome!

  36. Hooray! Hey, you deserve to lose some serious poundage if ice cream is off limits. I’m glad to hear you’re off to a great start!

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