Exhibit A: When my sister told Finn I could not join them on their Saturday hike he cried out, “BUT I LOVE TEE TEE!” in utter disappointment.

Exhibit B: When he woke up Sunday morning at 6:00am he wanted to call me and come over to my apartment. Dokey made him wait until 9:00am. (Thanks, sis.) When my phone rang and I said hello, there was heavy breathing. Yes! Finally some action. Then a little voice yelled HELLO in my ear. Okay. . .so not that kind of action. “I AM READY TO COME OVER! I AM NAKED!” Okay well, put some pants on first, kiddo.

After he filled me in on very important almost-three-year-old tidbits and was going to hand the phone back to my sister he said, “Bye! I love you, Tee Tee!”




40 thoughts on “Heartlight

  1. “I AM READY TO COME OVER! I AM NAKED!” hahahahaha

    I won’t be able to get away with shouting stuff like that into the phone until I’m 80.

    Being 3 rocks.

  2. Oh yeah, and now I have that damn Neil Diamond song stuck in my head from the title. *shakes fist*

  3. I guess it must be in the delivery, because I’ve never had much success with that “I am ready to come over! I am naked!” line in the past.

    (And it bears repeating: he looks completely adorable.)

  4. When my nephew was about 6, I sat him down with me and introduced him to the wonder that is The Princess Bride. As I was backing out of the driveway later that afternoon, he opened the front door and yelled “AS YOU WISH!”

    It still makes my eyes well up to think of it, 3 years later.

  5. Ah, it is so great! My nephew has this new thing where he calls or walks into my house and says “spank ya bootay, spank ya bootay.” So not the idea I had of what would amuse me about being an aunt, and yet there is nothing like it.

  6. Thanks for sharing that one! Kids are so worth the trouble…period.

    Although I would never put my penis in a woman to impregnate her (again), I still really like kids because they’re so innocent and haven’t grown up to be a big dumb adult (like me).

  7. They melt your heart, don’t they?! The other day, my niece told me “I own you when we’re together” and I could only smile and say, “yes, you do, sweetie.”

  8. You made him put on pants??? Not many ages you can get away with walking around naked. 0 -4 and 85 – 100. Cut the adorable kid some slack;))

  9. That picture looks like Finn is playing at one of our favorite places! That little boy sure is a sweetheart.

  10. Awwww, how cute!! There is nothing more heartwarming than the innocence and love of a child. He sounds like an amazing little guy 🙂

  11. I was just saying to myself… “Where’s Finn these days?” Am happy you posted about him. I wish your sister would have started a blog about Finn when he was born just to follow his every moment or ah… a blog for us 🙂 …. The boy simply is a joy to watch him grow up in a non stalkerish way! Thanks for the post. Have a good day!!!

  12. *Hearts him*
    You are so lucky to have him in your life! These joys are what makes parenthood so wonderful, and you get to share in that. Lovely.

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