Stuck Inside an Interval

The scale has not moved.

A week of barely eating, honestly, because of the heatwave and my own laziness and a lack of exercise might be the culprits. It’s hard to start out with a bang and then. . . get stuck. I’m trying to tell myself not to get discouraged. It’s only the second week! This is a lifestyle change and there is no quick fix. I cannot get obsessed about what the scale tells me because it is how I feel IN MY BODY that matters the most to me.

Still, I’m disappointed in myself. I feel like if this is my main focus right now I should be accomplishing more than I have. I’m still equating what the scale tells me with my lovableness and self-worth.


I can’t wallow. I won’t! There was a dress sitting in my closet for months unworn because it felt too tight on my stomach. Yesterday I wore it without feeling self-conscious. A small victory but I’ll take it.

Eliminating so much from my daily diet has forced me to look for new recipes. Now that I can incorporate some whole grains and fruit back in, I plan to go hog wild. And by hog wild I mean make a smoothie or stuff some zucchini with couscous. That’s how Sugar Free Sizzle parties.

Some recipes I’m digging on:

Peanut Butter Crepes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Filling

Roasted Eggplant with Feta (actually I stuffed it with this delicious Feta Salsa)

Chickpeas and Kale Stir Fry

Farinata (chickpea bread so totally okay to eat when avoiding grains!)

Turkey Lettuce Wrap Tacos

This week I might try these:

Lemony Shrimp with White Beans and Couscous ( I can vouch for its deliciousness. I make this all the time.)

Turkey-stuffed Zucchini Boats

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Mousse (Can you tell I have a thing for PB?)

“Finally, here I am/Said to be made again/Posing weathered statues/Standing on old attributes/Getting sick of this/Feeling ridiculous/I’m an over-told joke’s punchline/I am limbo, waiting on a window/Resonating old song/You’re not so long. . .” -Ghostwrite, Bad Astronaut


43 thoughts on “Stuck Inside an Interval

  1. Maybe my scale wasn’t awake or maybe I wasn’t but I went back and weighed myself again and I am down 2.5lbs this week.

    Not that it should matter.

    But it does.

  2. I am still impressed as ever by your resolve. It really makes me want to find mine. The second week is always a little weird. It’s that first week that keeps ya going. Or so I remember.

  3. I am impressed with your dedication to this. The weight thing is frustrating. Even though you know it takes time I think you are like me in that when you decide something, you want it NOW.

    I can’t wait to check out some of those recipes!

  4. Don’t let that stupid scale upset you! I think you are doing a fantastic job and just remember that this takes time. It’s actually very unhealthy to lose a bunch of weight in very little time. No one’s body can handle that.

    Chin up my dear! You are doing great!

  5. Way to go, I know that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. for me it is the fact tha tI can fit into a few pairs of pants. I am still working on it and will be at the gym tonight and tomorrow as per my schedule.

    Thanks for the links, the feta salsa sounds so good! I will be making that one soon!!

  6. what would happen if you took a week off from weighing yourself? it’s hard to be so tied into numbers. but you are doing so great, i was thinking how fantastic it would be if you just went by the way your clothes fit, rather than falling into that manipulative number game!

  7. being able to wear something, sans tightness, is no small victory! that’s awesome! i’m only starting week 2 of my challenge and have decided to stop weighing myself everyday – it’s not doing me any good and i don’t want to focus on the scale… it’s easy to do but like you said – what you feel in your body is what counts…

    keep it up, girly-girl… and OMG, those PB crepes look amazing! :-9

  8. I will tell you what I tell massage clients: “You didn’t arrive at this point overnight. It took time. You can’t expect it to be fixed overnight because that too will take time.” You are off to a great start, I applaud your efforts, no effort no matter how small, has an impact. Above all else, be gentle with yourself.

  9. Mmm. Healthy peanut butter recipes are everyone’s favorite!

    I have weeks like that too and it’s very frustrating. It’s probably hormonal or just general weight fluctuations. If you keep this up the scale WILL keep moving. Really.

  10. This happened to me too last spring when I went on my diet. The first week I lost 7-8 pounds and from then on it was only 1/5 or 1 pound per week, a very slow decline that quite frustrated me, but it was getting me closer to my goal none the less. Hang in there, slowly but surely you’ll get where you want to be.

  11. Go put the damn scale in the closet for a couple of weeks. I’ve lived without a scale for about 12 years now (since winning the fight against anorexia) and it has been very freeing. I even ask doctors not to tell me what I weigh or talk about my weight, because I know from my clothes how I am doing.

  12. I’ve been itching to find new recipes but am so swamped that I haven’t taken the time. Thanks for sharing these – they look delish!

  13. I can believe you actually cook stuff. All I do is peel sugar-free pudding tops back and wash apples. The PB crepes look awesome! I’m totally going to have to find someone to make those for me.

  14. I’m with Heels. Stuff the scale in a closet for a month, do what you are supposed to do, and then pull it back out 30 days later. I promise you will be stunned/pleased with the results if you follow everything you are supposed to be doing.
    But that’s the tricky part. Sadly, I have to tell you from my own experience it will be up and down. I feel like I have spent most of this year trying to whip my will back into shape. But I will not give up, every week I slack off a little I go into the next week and say, “Dammit, I am doing it right this week!” And remember too–every little dedicated move you make is better than your lifestyle before. πŸ™‚
    Okay, climbing off my faux-trainer soapbox now…

  15. Okay. I promised to comment when you posted about this and I missed the last one. (Technically, I typed a comment and then I messed something up in the submit – I didn’t get around to typing it again).

    First, your last post had some serious weight loss in it – so, regardless of where you are today, you are doing better than at the beginning. High five to that!

    Second, I already admitted that changing diet (for me) is so HARD. You have made many changes and it will result in improvement. I try to remind myself that each pound is 3500 calories. Even a combination of excercise (to increase calories used by the body) with reducing intake (to decrease calories available to the body) takes quite a bit to have a net reduction of 3500 calories. At least that is what I keep telling myself because…

    Third, I still haven’t moved the scale. My pants are fitting a little better (just like the dress you were able to wear) and I have more energy. The exercise is giving some visible benefit even if it isn’t tangible pounds. So in day 22 of 30-day shred, I’m not giving up – and neither should you!

    Fourth, you are inspiring me. Thank you. I kept a food journal for a few days and, ugh, that is so much work to look up the calories of everything I eat. The journal died a quick death. But I have made changes: Reduce carbohydrates by having one serving of a simple carb a day (like bread) and if I’m dying for a little more then I’ll indulge in a small serving of brown rice; Increase veggie intake (particularly green veggies)l; Decreased my sweet drinks intake (bye-bye 2-a-day chai lattes; and Eliminated my alcohol intake (oh so sad as I do enjoy a fine glass of red wine).

    Cheers for Sizzle! Keep up the great work!

  16. First off: Yum!

    Second, I think it’s way more important to focus on the way your clothes are fitting than what the scale says. You could be losing inches but not pounds. So go easy on yourself, lady!

  17. Keep up the good work. Go by the clothes more than the scale. I am obsessed with the scale and I know better.

  18. Don’t get down about it. It is a lifestyle and not a diet. Keep reminding yourself of that. I wasn’t seeing any movement on the scale either. I know how you feel.

    Those recipes look great. Now I’m hungry! πŸ™‚

  19. Replace all your soda pop with ice cold water. I drink about a gallon a day. Try replacing your sugar with Splenda … oh and no more booze or limit it to only one alcoholic drink. Being stressed doesn’t help the situation either…. be patient…. changing one’s old habits for new… takes awhile… Best wishes, I have my fingers crossed for you!

  20. When our kale grows up, we’re totally gonna try the kale/chickpea stir fry.

    And remember: beer has 0 calories.

  21. Well…I hope you know that 2.5 pounds is nothing to sneeze at (I would kill to have a 2.5 pound week!). Oh, and when I make it back to Seattle, you’re totally cooking for me- those recipes look amazing πŸ™‚

  22. I had lettuce-wrapped tacos last night! They were surprisingly delicious, although there was a small part of me that worried I overdid it on the filling since I wasn’t eating the tortilla.

    Also, you might give buffalo a try, if its available to you out there. It’s a red meat substitute in our home because it tastes like red meat (duh), but it processes in the body the same as turkey or chicken, and has similar fat content to turkey as well. From the website, “Ounce for ounce bison has only about 1/4 of the fat beef has, and is more unsaturated than beef.” We love it! It’s nice to be able to change up from turkey now and again…

  23. i absolutely lose more weight, the more consistently i eat. i’m not a huge eater anyway, but i do have small things throughout the day, and pretty regularly. when i stop eating though (stress does that to me), i can actually gain weight with the smallest amount of calories.

    it’s weird.

  24. A couple things I learned from my plan to lose weight. Your weight loss in your first week can be deceiving, because often times, it’s just a one-time water weight loss. Also? Instead on focusing on the negatives, what you didn’t accomplish, why not focus on the positives. What did you do last week? You stuck to the plan! You are able to fit into a piece of clothing you couldn’t before. Don’t knock yourself up over the scale … it’s sure to follow where your body is already leading!

  25. Hey Sizz,

    Good for you in losing a further 2.5 lbs! I agree with those who say to go by how clothes fit, largely because a) you will feel better when you know you look good, regardless of what the scale says, and b) because it’s a hell of a lot more fun than looking at numbers.

    The Scale is the enemy of women everywhere, and should be abolished!

    You definitely should check out…

  26. I could tell you everything you already know about the differences between muscle and fat and how it’s inches and not pounds, but you know it and don’t need to hear it.

    Love the way you feel and enjoy rocking that dress!

  27. I’m sitting here at my part time job and all I want to do is be home making those peanut butter crepes. Seriously I think I need a 12 step program for my PB addiction.

    Sizz….I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of PB2. It’s a powered PB that you add water and make it as thick/thin as you’d like. It is ridiculously low in fat/cal/carbs. I add some splenda to mine to sweeten it up. The website to order is It rocks sista!!

  28. You are SOOOoo good. Seriously. Those recipes are really healthy! Keep at it, and keep embracing all the good culinary possibilities my friend!

    It’s hard not to wallow in the feeling of the Scale, but you are incorporating so much healthy into your life… this will bless you in the long run.:-)

  29. I’ve been stuck for three months. Ted was too but he said in the last couple of weeks, it’s starting to come off. Hang in there — what you’re doing is still good for you, even if it takes a little longer than you’d like. We’ve been doing a lot of salads with baked chicken (low-fat dressing). I’m also on a thing where I’m having more smaller meals throughout the day. The trainer I met with at the gym (and my chiro) said its’ better than just three meals a day.

  30. oddly enough we live ACROSS the country from each other but facebook just told me we should be friends! so odd!

  31. Remember muscle weighs more than fat, so you can still be making progress but not see it in the numbers.

    I’m tempted to say, give the scale a rest for a month and just focus on eating healthier and working out. But you’re goal oriented, like me. You were even thinking of a reward system based on pounds if I recall.

    How about shifting to body measurements instead? And/or levels of endurance, how much weight you can lift, how many reps you can do…that sort of thing. Then it’s less about your weight which is so easy to become obsessed with and more about the overall changes in your body as you continue this process.

    As always, good luck and keep at it!

  32. I love you sooo much for that link to the peanut butter crepes. I’ve been looking for some gluten-free pancakes that don’t taste like ass. I can’t wait to try these πŸ™‚

  33. It’s hard not to let the scale matter. Even though I go by how my clothes fit, I still step on it a few times a week to make sure I am doing okay. You know what is weird? My weight has been going up, but the clothes still fit, so… I don’t trust that number. I am not sure if I ever will, anymore.

    Keep up the healthy eating!

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  35. How can I lose weight while keeping my normal schedule?

    I am trying to lose Weight but I don’t have time to exercise very much. I do my schooling online, I am living with my sister therefore I have to help keep things clean, and I am working a part time job to save for college. I just need some pointers or something that could help me lose weight while keeping my schedule every day.

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