In case you missed my debut on The Baub Show last night, you can listen to us on iTunes. Ah, the magic of technology. It was a lot of fun! I haven’t listened to it back yet so I don’t know if I sound like a total tool or not.  Hopefully I don’t say “um” or “yeah” as much as Tomato does. The people in the chat room for the show were suggesting we drink every time he said “um” (we’d all be drunk).

Tomato (who is Baub of The Baub Show in case you are confused) and I have decided to do a special live show with just the two of us. We’re soliciting topics now and will soon announce when we’ll be on air so hopefully many of you can listen or call in with your questions and be a part of the show.

Please feel free to leave your topic suggestions in the comments here or here.

12 thoughts on “Topical

  1. I’m with Baub, do a show on relationships/dating/dating issues. Things like: is it really a date or was it just hanging out with someone. Feeling proud to be a QuirkyAlone when you are not dating. How do small things like your dog doesn’t like the person come into play. You get the general idea.

  2. You know how us East Coasters are annoying because we’re three hours ahead? Um, any chance of doing the show just a wee bit earlier? Even just an hour?

    Hmm…topics: relationships is probably the obvious one, but all sorts of relationships, even friendships. what about blogging, how it can build friendships or maybe even create small businesses. your apartment stories.

    Ok that’s all I can think of this morning!

  3. I liked it, but I paid for it this morning, when I stumbled, bleary-eyed into the doctors’ office; demanding caffine before testing. I suggest relationships, Many Hats (Super/worker/friend etc…) and what constitutes fun.

  4. I just finished listening to it- I thought you did really good! You should do that more often.

    You and Baub have good podcast chemistry.

  5. Can’t get it right now cause of all us tools getting our iPhone updates – but will get it later. But my big question is this: Was it as good as us signing Christmas tunes? Hmm?

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