I work in cubicleland. This is not a complaint really but more a fact of circumstance. I get a window that looks outside at trees and stuff. But because I am in said cubicleland, it can be hard to concentrate with all the background noise, gossip chatter and such so I often plug into my iPod to drown it all out.

Yesterday I was listening to my iPod fairly loudly as I am wont to do. I believe it was actually a punk song, probably Against Me! or something, so the distraction level was quite epic. I was plugging away on some document, my back facing the opening to my cube, for who knows how long. Probably not that long since I seem to have adult-onset ADD.  I swiveled in my chair to grab a piece of paper to the right of me when something behind me caught my eye.

A piano.

Unbeknownst to me someone had rolled an upright piano into my cubicle.

Well I’ll be!

So I did what anyone would do really. . . I rolled my desk chair on over and flipped it open and started to play. That brought the office to life. All of a sudden a crowd had formed and everyone was laughing. Then my coworker squeezed through and I gave her my seat so she could play. Because unlike me and my less-than-one-year-of-lessons-as-a-kid, she actually knows how to play. I leaned longingly along the side of the piano like any good jazz songstress would, pretending we were the main act in a nightclub.

It was a jovial few minutes in the office, I’ll tell you that much.

I’ve got to get my friends back who keep pranking me. This is the second thing they’ve put in my cubicle. A couple weeks ago I came back from lunch and a double wide file cabinet was taking up my entire cubicle. It’s payback time!bs


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20 thoughts on “Pranked

  1. Ha. We filled up a dudes cube with foam bricks we found on the loading dock. There is the classic, taking a piece of string and tie it to something then string up everything in the cube. Or lowering everyones chair to the lowest.

    Have fun!!

  2. I can’t wait to listen!

    I love that you actually have an upright piano in your office (although my first mental image was that someone actually hauled one into work, just for the joke. Now THAT’S dedication!). Sounds way more fun than my workplace!

  3. I work in a cubicle too.
    we NEVER play pranks on each other.
    BOO. I want a piano! and other hijinks and shenanigans!

  4. i LOVE that. that is so awesome. there is an insurance agency in town that drywalled the door to their bosses office when he was out on vacation! hilarious!

  5. I love me some office pranks. We once bought some rubbery little spiders and put them in a co-worker’s cube. Scream and jump best summarizes her reaction. I almost peed in my pants.

  6. Not sure about how to prank but if you want to make them laugh…

    page YOURSELF on the office intercom!


    Announce that there’s donuts or a pizze in the kitchen when there isn’t. You’ll never see people run faster then coworkers that love free food.

  7. Once, when a couple of my coworkers left for lunch, I made a masking tape spiderweb on the door frame of the building sticky side out so they would walk into it when they came back in.

    It was pretty awesome.

    You could always wait until they step out, then reset all their homepages to

  8. I enjoy office pranks as long as they’re not like my last job.

    Their version of an ‘office prank’ was to hijack your computer (if you didn’t wise up and lock your desktop when you walked away) and change your desktop background to various gay porn images. Sadly, the only original thinking they had was to change which homoerotic desktop background.

    Not very cool and I often wondered how an office full of men knew about so many gay porn websites.

    Anyway, I’m still getting to know this office, so I have only snuck around cubicles and blast people with cans of air.

  9. I loved hearing about this. I took piano lessons in college (I had a brief moment in my life where I felt I needed to ‘better myself’ and the best course of action to accomplish this would be to learn a piano). After a ridiculous amount of lessons, I quit. The only thing I can play is the Flintstones theme song. I wish I would have stuck with it.

    I also wished I worked someplace where people played pranks. I definitely think it would make work so much more enjoyable!

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