You Could Say I Had a Good Time (But That’d Be An Understatement)

From time to time I get these emails from solicitors asking me to publicize their product on my blog and most of the time I reply with a polite decline but a few weeks ago I got one that made me pause. She clearly had read my blog based on the content of her email to me and she linked to a blogger that I read/had briefly met at BlogHer which totally helped legitimize her offer. If someone asked you to potentially be a Brand Enthusiast for Nintendo would you think someone was pulling your leg? Because I did. And I’m usually really gullible!

Justine, Ms. Brand About Town herself, and I met at a local coffee shop when she jetted in to meet hopeful Seattle-based Brand Enthusiasts. Before you go thinking this title was handed to us, please note that there was an interview process (which really felt more like chatting with a girlfriend over tea because Justine is incredibly likable  and down to earth with this adorable accent) and some hoops to jump through- like writing a bio, submitting a photo along with an array of statistical data regarding my blog traffic. Luckily, I passed (They liked me! They really really liked me!) which meant I could now add “Brand Enthusiast” to the growing list of titles I have (amongst the greats like Bossy McBossypants, Ms. Congeniality and Minty Nipples).

So what does all this “brand enthusiast” business mean then? Well, basically I invited 35 of my girlfriends to a party where we all sat around playing Nintendo DSi’s, nibbling on tasty food, and sipping champagne poured by hot men (hello Cesar! hello Israel!) and all I had to do was invite my chicas, show up inpartyallthetime 050 my party dress and be the hostess with the mostest.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! I am like the luckiest woman ever.

My two worlds collided that night with work friends and internet friends co-mingling in one big swankily decorated loft. I took the opportunity to invite some of my favorite local bloggers who, by the way, are just as awesome in person with nice hair and cute shoes and make me laugh. They know my real name now though are under strict instruction about the rules of the Circle of Trust. (Rule #1: The trust shall not be broken.)

Sizzle & Zesty Jenny

Sizzle & ZestyJenny who acted as our unofficial photographer.

The two most asked questions of the invitees? 1) What if I don’t play video games? and 2) What should I wear?  Oh ladies! You are the exact demographic they are looking for. That’s why they call the party a “Girlfriend’s Guide to Gaming.” Besides, the last time I played a hand-held game was Tetris on my Game Boy back in 1995. And P.S. I am wearing a dress but you can wear whatever is comfortable. Though keep in mind you will likely be ON THE INTERNET.

I think everyone had a great time based on the amount of texts/emails/posts I’ve read from guests. I know that I did. How often does one get to host a party in an urban loft for 35 of her girlfriends and not have to do ONE SINGLE THING? No set up. No clean up. Just be me and mingle. It’s this Event Manager’s secret dream!

Tracy, Angelica, Carly and Allison at the Rhythm Game Station with Brand Enthusiast helper Kat.

Tracy, Angelica, Carly and Allison at the Rhythm Game Station with Brand Enthusiast helper Kat.

Jamie, Dokey and I before getting our game on. Doke was proud of me for wearing a belt. Aw, thanks sis!

Jamie, Dokey and I before getting our game on. Doke was proud of me for wearing a belt. Aw, thanks sis!

Melissa & Carly in all their cuteness. See? I really do have non-blogging friends.

Melissa & Carly in all their cuteness. See? I really do have non-blogging friends.

Bonus? Every single guest got to take home a DSi of their very own. Incredible, right? I think that’s why Mona referred to me as her “White Oprah” which is a term I can now add to my aforementioned  title list.

Aimee demonstrates her enthusiasm for her VERY OWN DSi.

Aimee demonstrates her enthusiasm for her VERY OWN DSi.

The party was, in a word, EPIC.

I’m thankful that Nintendo and Brand About Town selected me to join their elite crew and allowed me the opportunity to introduce my friends to the DSi. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play Mario Kart.


I was not required to write this post as a Brand Enthusiast but I honestly had such a great experience that I just HAD to share it with you all.


Tomato and I did a special radio show Sunday evening. You can listen to it here or by searching “The Baub Show” on iTunes. And yes, that’s me singing the theme song at the beginning. Consider yourself forewarned.


41 thoughts on “You Could Say I Had a Good Time (But That’d Be An Understatement)

  1. SO MUCH FUN! And Sizzle? IS HOT. Thank you so much for inviting me to the party. I enjoyed it even more than I could have expected. First mimosa (or bloody Mary) on the BlogHer party plane is on me!

  2. Honestly? Even without the free DSi or the free booze, it would have been one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. Because you? Are so very awesome. You know the best people and I feel so grateful to have met you all.

    I’m already ready for a reunion!

  3. I’ve actually heard about these and seriously wish they would do one in my area where I would be invited because Hello! I would go!

    Love the purple on you! You look fantabulous lady!

  4. Holy crap, that is the coolest blog-related story I think I’ve ever heard. I’m glad you got a chance to have so much fun!

    You’re totally photogenic- I see some billboards in your future 😉

  5. I loved every minute. I agree with Jeni, it was a great night even without all the fun perks.

    Thank you for inviting me. I loved meeting you finally.

  6. First, OF COURSE THEY LIKE YOU!! You are the Sizzle!

    Sounds like an awesome party, kinda makes me sad I didn’t fly in for it, although my checkbook is likely super happy about that decision. Isn’t Justine a doll? I just love her and said the same thing, it’s more like talking to a friend than being interviewed. I just adore her accent, but I’m such sucker for accents it’s ridiculous. (I almost moved from Seattle to Australia so I could try to find and marry a guy with an accent. The health care would have been a nice perk too. I know, I’m a touch over the “crazy” line by admitting that. Anyway, I’m obviously rambling here, but so glad your party was a success.


    Now, you must go and play Animal Crossing, because it is my most favouritist game EVERRRRRRR.

    I get frustrated with games where I have to race against a clock or fight a dragon only to be constantly beaten.

    In Animal Crossing you get some weird animal neighbours, get to decorate your home, plant trees and plants in your “town”, shop, and catch fish and bus to sell or you can donate them to your town museum, if you like. And even better, you can socialise, and invite your real life (or Internet friends) to your town!

    Anyway, my kids got me addicted to the blasted game… so much that I now get in little hissy fits at them and say, “DO NOT MESS WITH MY PLANTS! I WANT TO GET PERFECT TOWN STATUS AND IF YOU RUN OVER MY PLANTS ONE MORE TIME I WILL GROUND YOU FROM YOUR DS FOR A WEEK” and then I pray they will run over the plants so I can steal the DS and play it myself for a week. (Yes, I’m that evil.)

    Go. Get Animal Crossing. You’ll seriously love it.

    And your party looked FAB.

  8. White Oprah, too funny. Wow, that sounds like an awesome time, do you get to do it again for married 35-45 men any time soon? That dress was totally flattering!!!

    Happy Monday.

  9. I’m pretty sure I still have my old purple gameboy still sitting in a drawer somewhere. The Tetris cartridge, yes, CARTRIDGE, is probably all loaded up as it was the only reason I ever even touched a gameboy, much less owned one. It was the only video game I ever enjoyed playing until I was introduced to the Wii a couple of years ago. Not to brag or anything, but I rule at Wii bowling. But Tetris still holds a special place in my heart.

    Sounds like you all had a blast. And the purple dress? Gorgeous!

  10. Yay for a bunch of wild ladies getting together and having fun.

    Without the police needing to be called. WOOT!


    Glad you had a blast. You deserve it.

  11. Sizzle, you are truly gracious and gregarious and gorgeous! Wow, okay enough with the ‘g’ words. Nintendo Ladies Fest was brilliant and I’m so thankful to be included. Plus I was the cat’s meow at the baseball game yesterday using my brand new DSi. All thanks to you!

    – Jaz

  12. I missed the Minty Nipples post. Great nickname! then again, I have yet to obsessively read through all your posts, as AHEM-some others have! I liked the pics & I have to agree, the dress was Fabulous! Sorry, I couldn’t catch your last show, but I was on an Ambulance call at the time so I will listen to the podcast.

  13. Nintendo got it right. Get women to host parties for women only. Know why? Because women make such a large percentage of household decisions – as in, women decide where the money will go. Why not get on their good side! I have seen similar parties hosted by Gap and Method. Sweet!

  14. Darn darn darn! I can NOT believe I missed this! I could kick myself for not finding a way to make it to the party…

  15. Looks like fun — sorry I had to miss it, esp. with the free DS (I play games too!). I love the “white Oprah.” Please ask me to come when you’re doling out shoes or purses 🙂

  16. White Oprah?! Hee hee! You are. What a fun party. And can I just say, you look great! You always look so put together and cute and friendly. I don’t mean cute in a kid-way, but cute in a approachable, I want to cuddle with her way 🙂

  17. With 3 days of intense training, I’ve been able to bring my brain age down from 80 to ——- 40! It may have been the time of day (morning as opposed to 11:30 at night), but I like to think that the time I waste – I mean – spend counting backwards by 9, forming words from letters swimming in a circle, and playing the “easy” level of Virus Buster (little pink pills, anyone?) is doing something good for me.

    Stefan is hooked too.

    It was a fantastic party, and you’re right, Isreal and Cesar verrrrrrrry easy on the eyes.

  18. I had such a blast, even if I admittedly cannot work that sweet pocket Nintendo without making my screen angry at me. Go go gadget technology. (Maybe I just need a personal Brand About Town helper to be with me at all times.)

  19. Hey!
    That looks like soo much fun! I wish I had a nintendo DSi soooooooo much. Have you got any extra ones?! Pleaaaase!!! Btw the party looks liek it was sooo much fun!!! Bye!

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