Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Since hearing the news of Michael Jackson’s passing, I’ve been very nostalgic and sad. I remember getting the Thriller album on cassette tape when I was ten and listening to it over and over. So much so that his music is laced with many of my growing up memories. I remember hanging a full size poster of him on my wall, replacing the one of Shaun Cassidy probably along side the ones I ripped out of Tiger Beat magazine of the Coreys, Duran Duran, Kirk Cameron and Michael J. Fox. I remember when MTV actually played videos and I’d watch his repeatedly- Billie Jean, P.Y.T., Bad, Smooth Criminal- the moon walk, the glove, the red jacket.

He is to my generation what Elvis or the Beatles were to my mom’s- an icon and a legend.

In celebration of his career and pioneering musical genius I am cranking up my favorite songs of his and dancing. Thanks for the music and the memories, Michael.

The Way You Make Me Feel

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough


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  1. I used to listen (and sing along) to him when he was with his brothers in the Jackson 5. My and my neighbor would crank up the record player and sing loudly “Rockin’ the tree tops all day long … ”

    That is how I will chose to remember him.

  2. I remember being at high school dances (illegally, I was 12-13) Friday nights after home football games, dressed in skin-tight jeans and cut off tees (my fav said Cruisin’- I was very cool) and shaking my ass to P.Y.T. I loved that song. His music is so interlaced with my teen memories. He made me think about dancing with the boys, Prince made me think about having sex with them…

  3. You said it better than I did. He really was a big part of our generation. A lot of my childhood memories are also tied to his music because my friends and I would listen to him so much and dance to it time and again.

    Lovely post.

  4. Like you, I grew up with Michael Jackson. Loved his music as a kid. But, as an adult, I don’t understand the man he became. I never really related to him as a kid and certainly haven’t in the past decade. He hasn’t made new music that I like. In fact, he hasn’t really been a part of my life since childhood (which was an eternity ago). And so, I find it hard to classify how I feel as sadness. I just hope the family is able to grieve away from the throngs of public crazies.

  5. He was the first one who I really knew that he was going to be an icon. I was 6 or 7 when Thriller came out and Beat it rocked my little world!

  6. No one from our generation can deny the man’s influence on our lives and the way we listen to (and are moved by) music.

    Yesterday, I was not shocked nor stunned by the news. Michael was not well — mentally nor physically — and I always assumed it would be a matter of time before he passed away at a young age.

    Given the bizarre turn his life took in the past two decades, I feel like I already mourned his loss.

    Now I see pictures of him as a little boy and feel so sad — given more unconditional love, support, and safety… who knows what heights his genius could have reached. Instead, he died giving us some of the best music ever made, but endured so much suffering, and looked like a shadow of his former self.

  7. he was pretty bad ass when we were kids. it was kind of a mortality check when i heard he died. i think this means we are all going to die someday, except for me.

    in a related matter, i was amazed yesterday to learn that Michael had a second son named Prince II. it got me thinking how deeply it would suck to live your whole life the second prince, and without even a clever name to hide the fact. just yeah, you’re Prince II, deal with it, you are not ichiban.

    given how THIS IS THRILLER, i feel Michael could have done better. i realize this has nothing to do with his passing but somebody’s gotta think about those kids.

  8. My friends and I used to rent The Making of Thriller at all our slumber parties. It’s sad because I feel like THAT Michael Jackson has been gone for a long time…

  9. I think I was so surprised because I wasn’t ready for his story and influence in our culture to be over. He was supposed to thrill us all with more overpriced shows where people talked about how he still has got it and really is and will forever be the King of Pop. In my mind, his history wasn’t done yet. There was more to the story….or there was supposed to be.

    And he for sure shaped my childhood so I will forever be grateful.

    I agree with lvgurl though. I think his life was so complicated. I would love to get the real story about who he was behind all that plastic surgery. He was a mystery to me the last 2 decades. It made me sad when I would see him.

  10. The whole phenomena of Michael Jackson and all its oddities over the years for me has just been…unreal. Like he’s unreal, and everything he does is unreal. So his death is just as unreal to me. It’s like it all took place on a planet very far away from the one I inhabit.
    I get why it’s a big deal, I just fall into the camp where it hasn’t really had an impact on me.

  11. I was a huge Jackson fan during the Thriller phase in the earlier 80s. There is no doubt in my mind that he was a musician and dancer. But I’m feeling meh about all this.

    My problem is where his life headed, I am having a hard time forgiving his transgressions with children. For me that far overshadows any artistic genius. I understand his life was never his own and that he was broken but to pass that hurt onto children borders on unforgivable. The creative genius, I knew and loved as a girl has been dead for a long time.

  12. The song Thriller is my all time favorite MJ song…and is probably in my top five songs of all time. Awesome music, awesome video….and any song that features Vincent Price? LOVE IT!

  13. I feel you Sizzle! To me it’s shocking and sad. I admit that I have not really followed him in my adult life so I can’t say that I was a fan of his. But when I was 10 or so, I loved him so much! I overplayed the Thriller album every day before and after school. I would pretend that he was singing PYT to ME and practice the moonwalk with my friends. He was a gorgeous young man, but I believe also a very tortured soul. I hope he’s in peace now.

  14. Yes, ah, the “old” days, when MTV actually played videos — my friends and I would call each other whenever we spotted “Thriller” on MTV. I didn’t truly appreciate his dancing until seeing all the old clips on the news. The man could DANCE!!

  15. I’m old enough to have loved Michael when he was but a child. I had Jackson 5 albums. And my sophomore year of college, I remember being mesmerized by Thriller on MTV.

    I’m also old enough to vividly remember when Elvis died. Michael’s death seems just as tragic, just as unexpected, just as momentous.

  16. I love Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough and Starting Something (I know that’s not the correct title, but it escapes me at this moment). Even throughout his personal changes and troubles, I’ve still listened to his music and felt the need to dance whenever I hear certain songs (much to others’ dismay).

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