What It Means To Be A Friend

Today calls for celebration. For revelry and big belly laughs and smiles so wide they test the expanse of cheeks. It’s a day for love and sharing and dancing- because this man loves to dance.bobshowimage

Because today is Tomato’s birthday.

I talk about Tomato a lot on this blog (though he’d probably like it if I talked about him even more- he is afterall the guy who asked me if I talked about him therapy and was disappointed when I hadn’t). We live 954 miles from each other and yet he is a part of my every day. This is what happens when you’ve been best friends for nineteen years. This is what happens when someone gets into your heart and sets up camp. You are together no matter distance or time, always.

Many of you follow his blog or listen in on his soon-to-be-famous radio show. He is a man of many hats and talents. There really is nothing that Tomato can’t do. He’s forged ahead time and time again, risking himself, his safety nets, his outmoded ways of being to become NEW, to better himself, to grow- all in pursuit of his dreams. Here is a man who looks at himself and strives to be his very best self. Here is a man who radiates authenticity and joy and honesty. He is all at once the life of the party and your most trusted, wisest confidante. I imagine if  Deepak Chopra and Bette Midler had a child, he’d be like Tomato.

Words don’t do justice to the love I feel for him. He is the one I go to for honest advice. The one I know will always tell me how it is without trying to tiptoe around The Truth. He’s the one I can call up anytime who will get me because he’s paid attention to who I am. He can make me laugh like no one else. Tomato is the kind of person that makes other people shine. He has an incredible knack for opening people up and encouraging their success. He is generous with his opinions, his love and his zest for life. Wherever he is, is a good time. (Unless it’s first thing in the morning. Then, be a dear and leave him be for a little while so the sleeping bear can wake up without incident.)

His enthusiasm for life is as infectious as his giggle.

Having him in your corner means there is no way you’re going to get away with standing in your own way. He is your cheerleader, your coach and your biggest fan all rolled into one handsome devil of a man.

I am so proud of my Tomato. Watching him blossom from an awkward, lanky teenager to the powerhouse of a man that he is today, seeing how committed he is on his journey towards self-love, observing the shining light he brings into the world every single day by being himself, I can’t help but beam. This is my dearest friend.

I wish I could be there to celebrate with him in person but since I can’t, I’m sending my love today and every day. May this year be the best one yet.

15 thoughts on “What It Means To Be A Friend

  1. It’s nice to have friends like that.

    “There really is nothing that Tomato can’t do.” This is really good to know, because I need some advice about refurbishing my great-grandmother’s antique clock.

  2. The gift you gave him, in sharing this post? Is worth your very weight in diamonds and pearls. ((hugs))

    Happy Birthday Tomato.

  3. Yep — “Having him in your corner means there is no way you’re going to get away with standing in your own way.” SO, so true. Deserving of many special tributes and fond, sincere birthday wishes.

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