Diagnosis: Summeritis

I think I am suffering from Summeritis.

All I want to do is be near the water with a good book, some shade and time. Precious, glorious time. With work deadlines looming, my days are sucked into reports and spreadsheets while on the homefront, I’ve got three tenants vacating and five new tenants moving in. To say I’m busy would be an understatement. Plus, it’s going to be in the 80’s today so I might actually melt while at Zoo Tunes watching Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin(!), Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller rock the stage tonight.

I’m grateful I have tomorrow off so that I can get work done from my other jobs. Yes, jobs. It’s BlogHer time and I am in the crunch of scheduling all the volunteers. (I’m the Volunteer Coordinator, dontcha know?) Oh and did I mention I am planning a bachelorette party and a birthday party? (Not a complaint because they are for very special people and, you know me, I love to throw a party.) With my dance and water exercise classes thrown in, I barely have any free time and when I do, it’s spent catching up on mundane tasks like doing the dishes. My schedule has been so packed the last two days that I have not had time for dinner. A cheese stick or a handful of nuts does not a complete meal make. If it had included booze, maybe.

I plan to whip through my to do list tomorrow so that Saturday and Sunday are all about fun in the sun, good company and relaxing. Yes, I said it. RELAXING. I’m going to try. Try to turn off the computer, the tv, my brain and just enjoy.

Hope you have a sparkly 4th. Eat a patriotic cupcake for me, will ya?


22 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Summeritis

  1. Ok I just got exhausted reading everything you need to do. Make sure to take a break somewhere in between all of that and have a drink and a cupcake!

  2. I start work at 5am. Getting off at 1:30 is the only thing that seems to have stopped my summeritis. It’s still nice & sunny and I have all afternoon to pursue fun in the sun. Or at least read a good book on my deck with a sunhat & a cool drink. =) Have a great weekend Sizzle!

  3. I’ve had the blues bad all week for whatever reason (deaths of 2 icons of my youth and one best friend’s dog? might have something to do with it?) I’m reading Jess Riley’s book from last summer, “Driving Sideways” and there is a line about what would you do today if you knew the world was going to end tomorrow? It kind of snapped me out of it. At least for the rest of that day! What would I do? Lay by a body of water, and read and listen to music and drink tasty beverages. Find some time to enjoy your weekend Sizzle! And I’m so jealous about Emmylou…she is my all-time and forever favorite. If she sings Two More Bottles of Wine, think of me!

  4. Oh goodness. I hope you find some time to relax soon! I know how this goes though…I had that heart-clenching panic attack today as I realized I start art classes next Wednesday, and thought, “What is wrong with me? That is supposed to be a FUN new thing to do!”
    Happy holiday! (I have vacation-itis…do not want to focus AT ALL today!)

  5. You are crazy busy. I don’t know how you do it. I would be pulling my hair out.

    Have fun at zoo tunes and enjoy the 4th! Can you see the fireworks from where you live?

  6. I LOVE Patty Griffin and I have seen her at the zoo twice. I didn’t even know she was playing this year. So jealous of you! Have a blast. Zoo tunes are so fun.

    Also, please eat a proper dinner this weekend. πŸ˜‰

  7. Did I mention that next week I begin a 2-week vacation? (Sorry. Was that a low blow? Try to relax this weekend. Have some fun; skin a cat.)

  8. This sounds like a lovely, busy summer for you. I know it’s a lot at times but everything that you’re doing is great and you’re so productive! I’m very impressed and I hope you have a great 4th.

  9. I’m pretty sure our brains need light literature by the lake this time of year or they get out of whack. I’ll be attempting some reading at the beach with the family on the 4th. Hope you can make it happen too!

  10. Hopefully you’ll have the time to swing by here on Saturday to relax for a bit, if not, Sunday for sure!

    Here is hoping that once BlogHer is over you’ll find some time for yourself again, although I doubt it ; )

  11. I’ll have a patriotic beer or two for you. Not that I’m American mind you, and it’s weird to celebrate your country getting beaten in a war, but I’m not above BBQs and frosty beverages by the pool. Just sayin’.

  12. Booze and cheese = best dinner ever. Okay, not helpful. Just remember the time to breathe is just as important to life than getting all the other stuff done.

  13. In the 80’s? No sympathy here. It was 106 here and is going to be 100+ for the next few days (at least). I’d love for it to be in the 80’s. Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

  14. Oh my…just reading that makes me super tired, I feel like I need a nap now! Impressive juggling! You deserve a very relaxing week on the water with drinks and something to read!

  15. I’ve been stressing out between work and wedding planning lately so I’ve spent the last two (soon to be three) days lounging on the beach. Sometimes you really need to recharge the batteries.

  16. Hope you had a nice time off with family and friends and a nice 4th. The weather was excellent! I went up to Whidbey Island and had a nice time.

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