Habit Forming

I just did 86 wall push ups and 132 sit ups.

It was really hard but I did it. I didn’t give up. I pushed through. The way I work out directly correlates to how I live my life I am realizing. The more committed I am to me, the better the results.

The scale says I still have to lose 3 or 6 lbs to reach my first goal of 20lbs lost by August 9th.  Depending on the day I weigh myself, apparently, I am closer or farther away from that first milestone. But fuck it, I’m keeping on. I walk more. I eat less. I avoid sugar like the plague and am better for it. I haven’t had a single potato or nary a nibble of white flour in six weeks. I rarely partake in libations. I am all business- work out, cook at home, pass on empty calories, and drink a ton of a water. And you know what? I feel great.

No. I feel AWESOME.

People are starting to comment on the physical changes which is reaffirming and spurs me forward. But regardless, I feel different IN MY BODY and that? That’s the prize right there. Pants that were dangerously close to being donated because they were hard to button are now loose in the waist and baggy in the ass. I had to buy smaller bras and now they don’t really cut into my back fat because my back fat is slowly disappearing. I walked to a neighborhood park this weekend and I was not nearly as winded as I used to be and it was in the high 80s. I was sweaty, sure, but I wasn’t panting. This is progress, people. I can see a muscle forming in my biceps. I talked about proper work out techniques and playing tennis FOR FUN over dinner the other night.

Who the?! What the?! Shuddup!

All these little victories keep me focused. I am not on a diet. This is not a phase.

This is my journey.

This is my life.

This is the real me emerging.


47 thoughts on “Habit Forming

  1. I love this. Love, love, love. Because you are so right about that “in your body” feeling. Whenever I’ve been off track and then get my act together again, that’s the first thing I realize: how great it is to FEEL GOOD.
    Go you!

  2. Good for you!!! I think feeling good on the inside is THE biggest reward in living a healthy lifestyle (minus the alcohol now and then…I digress…). It really is a lifestyle change, not just a diet that will give you the most rewards long term. 🙂

  3. If I could get on a plane and head on over to where you are I would just to give you a high five and a big hug! See? I told you that you’re awesome. 🙂

  4. F yeah!!!!!

    I sort of fell off the wagon this holiday weekend. Damn onion dip and potato chips… But I will jump back on the train today. You have inspired me.

  5. Yay! I’m so glad it’s going well. And you SOUND happier and healthier just in the way you write and talk about yourself. And that is fabulous to see!

  6. That is awesome, you are noticing a change in yourself and it is pushing you harder. It is so great to find out that some clothes are just too big. Way to go Siz!

  7. You should feel awesome, because you ARE awesome. Isn’t it great to just make changes like this? I mean, I don’t even WANT what I used to eat, and I love eating “clean” and working out. In fact, when I don’t work out I feel crappy.

    YAY Sizz! Keep up the good work. You’re inspiring me to keep up mine too!

  8. You nailed with:

    I am not on a diet.

    That right there is the key. Every diet will fail. But, if you change your life then there is no diet to fail.

    You are making yourself into a new person Sizzle. That is a wonderful thing.

    Big cyber hugs from the east coast.


    PS: Don’t forget my clothing choice suggestion for BlogHer. You really should do what I suggested last year.

  9. So impressive! I have been trying to change my lifestyle (eating/exercise habits) for a while now and have just recently started to get into a routine. Hopefully I can keep it up like you 🙂

  10. wooohooo. I love that your pants are baggy. That is one of my favorite indicators of weight loss. You attitude is inspiring. I think I am going to go work out…

  11. congratulations! I’ve gained 30 lbs in the last 8 months, 20 of it from starting a new medication. Sadly, the medication has made it very difficult to lose weight on a diet. 4 weeks of weight watchers and I lost 1 lb.

    So, I recently started swimming again. 🙂

    You should be very proud of the lifestyle changes you have made. Congrats.

  12. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you. Nothing says happiness like baggy pants. (Unless you’re a gangsa, then it’s just business as usual.)

  13. yes! nice work. you’re inspiring me. that’s what it’s all about, eh, just changing your life. working on making yourself who you want to be and just making time for yourself. great post 🙂

  14. Forgive me if this was said before but you are SO right about making lifestyle changes and not *dieting*. As you know I lost some weight last year and now I’m maintaining it easily but sticking to the habits that I started on my “diet”. I know this is how it has to be from now on but oh boy I wouldn’t change it for anything!
    You are doing a wonderful job and I am so happy that you are feeling the benefits already!!!

  15. Awesome, Sizz, really. Developing new habits can be hard but they can really pay off. Working out has long been a like/hate sort of thing for me, but over time I’ve managed to incorporate it more and more into my day. Still have days where I don’t feel like it, but I recognize if I do work out I feel like I’ve accomplished something useful, and that attitude has helped a lot w/my motivation.

    Eating healthier still needs a lot of revision for me, but I’m making an effort. Being more conscious of the food choices I make and their physical effects is helping me to make better choices… sometimes. It’s a start, and I’m looking to the long haul with better habits in tow.

  16. Inspire by so many of you (I know I hate that too), I recently got back in the healthy food and exercise habit… amazing how much better I feel.

    Good on you for getting out there. I am finding it frustratingly slow.

  17. Yay! It is NOT a diet or a phase! This IS you finding the real sizzle, finding out how to feel great! Good for you 🙂

  18. I loved when I had no more back fat. No more “handles” to grab on to back there. 🙂

    Hooray for your accomplishments! Being a healthier person takes a lot of strength and determination. Sticking with it isn’t easy at first but then it gets better, as you’ve noted. 😀 Go Sizz!

  19. You, my love, have me grinning from ear to ear. I am so stoked that this life change is really working for you. And the numbers are great, but it’s how you feel about yourself that’s most important. Go Sizz!

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