My Exception

There is one person in my life who is the exception to every rule I might hold and that person is my sister.


Today, Dokey turns 34.

She is the first person I’ve watched grow up. From a shy, blanket-yielding, fluff-eating little girl to a strong, wise, loving woman.

She’s my touchstone, my memory, my childhood. Who else can I call that can pull an old inside joke from the depths of our history to make me crumble in a fit of laughter? Who else can look at me and know, without words, my own heart?

She is the first person I want to call when things are breaking apart or falling into place. She helps me put the pieces together.

She tries. This is no small feat. I don’t think enough stock is put into the act of trying. This past year has been one of her hardest and yet, she’s trying. . . Trying to be her best self. Trying to let go of what isn’t working. Trying to forgive and heal and move forward.

She has the best laugh. Ever.

She is an amazing mother. I am floored by her parenting skills and the little boy made of sunshine and giggles and boundless energy she is raising.

She is bursting with creative abundance with an eye for beauty and capturing priceless moments on film. Her uncanny ability to make ordinary things extraordinary always makes me pause in wonderment.

She loves, vast and deep like the ocean.

She is my sister and my best friend. And I couldn’t be luckier.

Happy Birthday, Doke. May this be your best year yet.

I love you.


33 thoughts on “My Exception

  1. It took me forever to realize that wasn’t YOU in the picture! Wow. Happy birthday to someone who sounds like a great person to have in your corner!

  2. Hey! It’s my birthday too! Happy Birthday to Dokey.

    Wish I had a sister who would write ME such a nice letter. Oh. That’s right. I have two sisters. As I was saying…

  3. Happy birthday to your sister! Times like this I tear up a little with envy and wish I had siblings. Hope you guys have something great and fun planned!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Lil Sis!! I know *exactly* what you mean because I feel the same about mine…words can’t describe it, can they? 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Dokey!!!
    (I adore this picture… I get that they really enjoy their little guy.)

    Hope she got a bit spoiled.

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