Borderline Obsessed

My good pal at I’m Not Benny bestowed an award on me last week which is totally rad of him. I’m pretty skeptical about awards that come with obligations though. Is this a Miss America pageant or something?! Do I get a crown?

pickI’m disturbed by the visual that accompanies this award and yet, am required to post it. Apologies to those who, like me, try to avoid nose picking imagery or the real deal at all costs. Like the other night- my nephew who has recently discovered the treasure chest that is his nose-Ā  literally chased me down with a booger on his finger trying to wipe it on me. Man, almost-three year olds can sure run fast! Good thing I’ve been working out. I totally escaped booger-free. But just barely.

Wow, that was off-topic.

I’m supposed to tell you about my obsessions.

OBSESSION 1: Brain Age on my DSi.

Who would have thought that I would be playing a hand held video game device every night before I go to bed? Not me, that’s for damn sure. But I cannot stop playing this game. I’ve lowered my Brain Age from something embarrassing like 120 years old (that might be hyperbole) down to 38. I love progress! I am particularly obsessed with the Virus Busters game and Sudoku. My brain is actually becoming sharper. This is a good thing.


This is a very general obsession which lends itself to such behavior as the following- straightening picture frames that are not mine, not in my house, not even my business; organizing the various teas that come in a basket when I order tea in a restaurant; making orderly piles of miscellaneous junk on OTHER PEOPLE’S TABLES (usually family or friends, still, none of my business!); periodically emptying out my fridge to reorganize it by food groups. These are just examples. Don’t judge me.

OBSESSION 3: Cooking, Cops and Compulsions.

I am unable to resist the allure of tv shows containing cooking or cops or compulsions. It’s a weakness of mine. Shows I am particularly fond of currently include: The Closer, Castle (Hi! Nathan Fillion! Mmmm, yummy) and Law & Order SVU (any of the L & Ws will do in a pinch really, I just have a particular fondness of Mariska Hargitay), Top Chef, Iron Chef (please do not make me watch Guy Fieri or Bobby Flay), Obsessed and Intervention (note to self: have some kleenex when watching the alcholic interventions- talk about flashbacks).

There are more but I think I’ll only crack the obsession door open a smidge.

(Feel free to tag yourself if you are in need of a meme.)


21 thoughts on “Borderline Obsessed

  1. I like to order the sugars. Who puts the sugar in with the artificial sweetners?

    This becomes a problem for me in certain areas. It will take me a month to weed the garden. My husband – an hour. I have to dig up every weed and make sure I get all the roots. He just makes it look nice quickly. I have the same problem with vacuuming. It goes on. It takes me twice as long to do anything, because it has to be just so.

  2. So I’m pretty sure that the image of your nephew chasing you with boogers needs to be on America’s funniest home videos. I don’t even like that show, but I’d watch it for that.

    I heard that brain age game was really fun- 120 yrs. old- HA!

  3. First, thank you for not tagging.

    I’m a little scared to put Brain Age in my DSi because I don’t think I’ll ever put that adorable little device down. EVER. But then again I do need to sharpen that brain of mine (Marie and math never got along).
    I love the Closer! She’s just too awesome for words. šŸ™‚

  4. I’m with you on your first two C’s of tv viewing. I found myself sucked into an episode of True Hollywood Story this past week because it was on Mariska Hargitay.

  5. This is why I don’t have cable. As it is, with my lowly rabbit ears, I watch Cold Case, any of the Law & Orders, CSI, Without a Trace…that new one about the psychic EMT guy, etc. When I had cable, I watched Intervention religiously and The First 48.

    Clearly this is why we are friends. Teehee.


  6. Sizzle–have you watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog? Nathan Fillian (yum) plays Captain Hammer and is hilarious. Neil Patrick Harris is Dr. Horrible– and the music is great. You can watch it for free on

  7. I love the Closer, In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, Obsessed, Intervention and SYTYCD.

    and I straighten everyone’s pictures when I’m around. I’ve been known to actually rearrange people’s mantles because I didn’t like their groupings.

    but yet, my house is a complete disaster.

  8. Sizzle:

    I am obsessive myself.

    And…it occurs to me that I will forget to tell you to have fun in Chi-Town if I leave it until the last minute. So have fun. It’s a great town.

    Cindi B: What fun that is. Dr. Horrible, I mean. Not sure how I missed it because I love Felicia Day. I’m a Guildee. Just love that web show.

  9. We are currently obsessed with HBO’s The Wire which is a cop drama. Love it. Have dreams about gangsters and drug deals. Almost done with season 1. So obsessed that I stalked the mail truck before we left on vacation just so we could get the next disc from Netflix. Thank the good lord there are 4 more seasons.

    And…I’ve missed only 2 stamps on my Brain Age calendar. Virus Buster and Sudoku are my bedtime snack too.

  10. The concepts of Obsessed and Intervention scare me to the point where I cannot watch them. Never have and I don’t think I ever will. But totally with you on The Closer and Castle.

  11. I, too, straighten picture frames, no matter where they are. I also need to have my playing cards (for solitaire or other games) perfectly aligned. And my beer must be sorted by brand and style.

    I also use a chain saw on my kids to make sure they are all the same height.

  12. Brain Age RULES!!! The second one is proving to be quite the brain challenge!
    As a lover of dance are you not addicted to SYTYCD? We get it twice a year up here in the Great White North.

  13. I’m with you on the order thing. But it’s occurred to me recently that I talk too much about my love of order. People are going to start to expect my house to be really clean when they come over, which it’s usually not because 1) I live with others; 2) some of those others are cats; and 3) loving order is not the same as loving to scrub.

  14. as a fellow tagee of Benny, I wandered over…

    love your obesssions. now I don’t feel so alone. however, with cooking shows comes the Amazing Wedding Cakes…and I am not remotely fond of fondant…but I want a cake.

    Order is necessary in my chaos. I too, will organize everyone else…by now, they use it against me!!!

    well done! have fun at BlogHer!

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