Here I Go

My bags are packed. Well, packed, then unpacked, then repacked. I had to be sure about a few things. I am a notorious over-packer which is mostly driven by the fact that my wardrobe is subject to the whims of my ever-changing moods.

My camera battery is charged. I plan to fill the memory card to the brim with pictures.

My DSi is ready to roll. Good thing cuz it will definitely be keeping me company on the plane.

My BlogHer binder is complete. Do not judge me. I am a Very Organized Person. Plus, I am/have been coordinating the volunteers for the conference so I need things like spreadsheets and schedules and such. Please note: I am a very important person. (Snort.)

My cell phone is bursting with blogger’s numbers. Maybe this way I won’t bug all the non-conference goers on Twitter with those pesky “@kerrianne Where the hell are you?” tweets.

My iPod is fully loaded with tuneage for every mood and situation.

My tenants have been notified that Sizzle Has Left The Building. Emergencies only, people!

I’m stocked up on snacks. Just in case I get hungry and there are no food options for me, I’ve got stuff like nuts and Think Thin bars. It is not pretty when my blood sugar drops. I do this for the sake of all mankind.

I’m totally cool, calm and collected. I’m going to practice going with the flow this weekend. The control freak in me is currently screaming in my ear as I type this (I AM IN CHARGE!) but let’s just put on some music and forget about her, shall we? La la la la la.

I won’t be back to blogging until Tuesday at the earliest. It depends on how bad my hangover is. (I jest!) Think of this time apart like you’re at summer camp. . . except without the mosquitoes and sing-alongs and making out behind the bathrooms. Can you tell I never really went to camp? Yeah. Totally busted.

Let’s test that whole abscence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder theory.

Miss you already.


If you’re going to be at the conference please note the following:

  1. I am short. Look down if you’re searching a crowd for me.
  2. I will hug you. Unless you give off a do-not-hug-me-vibe. Then I’ll let you warm up to me and hug you good-bye. So there.
  3. I am very friendly. Please come say hi to me if you see me! (I hope to God I recognize everyone.)
  4. In case you forgot what I look like, it’s something like this:



39 thoughts on “Here I Go

  1. Great pic Sizzle. Have a wonderful time. Keep those snacks handy, you don’t want to tit punch anyone when your blood sugar drops.

  2. Dude, rock on with your bad self, and don’t get arrested cuz I spent all your bail money on percocet and Coke Zero. DON’T JUDGE ME I HAVE PROBLEMS.

  3. Make sure you packed loads of handbags. You will need them!
    Do you by any chance name bloggers in your phone book by their blogger name and then put blogger next to their name? Had to ask.
    Have loads of fun!!

  4. Ha! I snagged numbers too so I wouldn’t be An Annoying Twitface, either. At least until I’ve had a few drinks; then all bets are off.

    (SO psyched I don’t even know that I’m going to be able to sleep tonight!)

  5. For those of y’all going to BlogHer this year, Sizzle is indeed a smiling, perky kind of girl. At least that’s what I remember from meeting her last year at the event — even though I was definitely not in the best mind space at the time I showed up.

    Oh, and Sizzle. Have loads of fun!

  6. It should not surprise you to know I give up a serious “do not hug” vibe. In fact, you can probably feel it all the way in Chicago.

  7. I’m pretty sure you should be on your way to the airport by now. But, safe travels. And … I WILL SEE YOU TONIGHT!!!! PS – I’m a shorty McShorty, too!

  8. Awe have a great time. Wish I could be there to meet you and all the rest of the blogging gals out there. Can’t wait to see your pics and hear your stories!

  9. have fun girl.

    Hug Vanessa Longman for me. She needs it. She lost her doggies over something stupid. I know you read her blog so I thought I’d tell ya.


  10. I think everyone should come with an “I am a hugger” or an “I am not a hugger” name tag. It would be so useful! I’m gladly either, but what I hate is that awkward moment when a new person and I are trying to read the other’s hug vibe.

  11. Have such a great time! Can we plan a mini conference here in Seattle before the summer is through, I am in definite need of some girl time.

  12. Ah, I wish I could have gone too. Hopefully you’ll tell us all about it when you come back? Have an awesome time!

  13. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA… but now am catching up. Seems you are TOTALLY prepared (no surprise)… and by now? Home? LOL. Hope it was fun and you are refreshed and revived and relaxed and all those “r” words. 🙂

  14. hey gal. while i wasnt able to make it this year, i’m having fun regrouping and reading summaries and posts and what not 🙂 happy as heck to see your fun blog too 🙂 adore how you genuinely and like you’re sitting down with all havin a cuppa. hope it was a great time for you…..eager to read your thoughts on what went well and all…glad i’ve found you here and bookmarked to read again.;)

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