A Tryst

While the city slumbered and my cab pulled out into the warm, waking day, I said my good-bye to Chicago.

Dear Chicago,

Chicago Cityscape

You are magnificent and I will miss you.

PosseWith your downtown streets a bustling mix of city dwellers and lost tourists, the thick smell of chocolate in the air, your summer storms that soak my soul- I fell in love. Even with your humidity that laid upon me like a sweaty, napping toddler. Even with your single shoe-ed crazy cab driver. Even with your Sheraton Hotel whose beds were painfully squishy and damaging on my back.

BlogHer09 Chicago 274Your beaming architecture winked at me and captured my attention. Your history marked on weathered streets or high up top the Ferris wheel lured me in. Your beautiful lake stretching out- a calming place to float. I could easily see myself walking along your river, thriving in the your urban hub, decorating a little apartment in a quaint brick building, expanding this brief affair into a lifetime.

Navy Pier

Except. .ย  my heart already knows its home. And I’m headed there.

I’ll never forget you.

Kiss kiss,



31 thoughts on “A Tryst

  1. Thanks for posting this…it’s so easy to forget to appreciate where I live. It is a nice* place, isn’t it?

    *I reserve the right to retract this comment when I’m digging my car out of 2 feet of snow.

  2. I love this, and loved Chicago (and St. Louis), but I’m so craving my apartment in Portland, and my hopefully happy to see me pug) that it’s going to be physically difficult to wait to be home until tonight.

  3. You’re allowed to cheat on Seattle. With Chicago. More than once. I do hope you’ll come back. Because this city (and this resident) was so super stoked to see you when you were here!

  4. Chicago captured my heart, but I reminded myself how harsh she can be in the winters and that made it much easier to remove it from the list of “possible move-to” cities.

  5. Welcome back home. Not the best time to remember why you love this place.. but it will eventually cool down. Nice pics.

  6. i absolutely ADORE chicago. i think it’s the only city aside from dc i can easily see myself in.

    loved meeting you!! i need to get my butt in gear and put up my pics on flickr ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. oh, this post makes me miss Chicago. It also makes me wish I’d been able to go to Blogher – especially if it means I would have gotten to meet you! Next year, maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. i โค chicago! but not in the wintertime….. seriously, the conference looked awesome! now…about your cats….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I know what you mean. I am blessed to live a mere 92 miles north of Chicago & I go every chance I get. It’s the only city I would ever consider leaving Milwaukee for. Great vibe, awesome shopping & incredible eating. Glad you enjoyed it!

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