True Stories From the BlogHer Conference

Cell phones can act as travel vibrators.

Just send your Twitter account to your phone, get on a plane for 4+ hours, turn your phone back on, have it set to vibrate, and put it down you pants.* I’m pretty sure at first count there were 121 messages. Not enough to get a girl off but. . . close.

*I did not actually put it down my pants. I am a lady. (In public.)


At the St. Louis airport during my layover on my way back home to Seattle my waitress asked, “Are your eyebrows naturally thick like that?” to which I answered honestly, “Yes.” Her reply? “You are blessed.” Her comment marked the fifth observation about my eyebrows in as many days.


My eyebrows are noteworthy.

For those curious: I have a really great esthetician. I use an angled brush dipped in brown shadow to fill in the sparse areas. And yes, if you look closely enough, one brow is slightly arched all the time.

And, thank you for the compliment.


$20 ride from O’Hare to the Sheraton? Hell yeah I am on that shit! Except, what they don’t tell you is, they’re cramming you and 12 other conference attendees in a stretch limo. Do not be lured by the word limo because while it might generally denote high class, it is not when you fear decapitation based on the amount of unsecured luggage precariously stacked right behind your seat and your driver wastes 20 minutes exiting the airport only to take you back to the place where he just picked you up. Then some New Jersey blogger rips the driver a new one and you get to watch. BONUS! But then you get stuck in traffic and try not to barf on your Seattle friends from carsickness and arrive with 10 minutes to check in, drop off your luggage and race to a meeting that you are hosting.

You = Me in this story.

Moral? Careful of a discount.


I was born to hail a cab.


Photo credit: Rhi


I do not care about swag, monetizing my blog, tracking my stats to a CIA level, or, it turns out, attending sessions in cramped rooms with insufficient air conditioning and no cell reception. I attended two sessions both of which were lead by bloggers I read/know and they were great. The thing I realized is I already know who I am as a blogger so I don’t come to these conferences to figure that out. I come to meet people and experience the host city. I come to connect.

Okay, fine. I COME TO PARTY.

dancing queens

Pictured: Chris from 3 Giraffes and Jenny from Jenny on the Spot. Local girls REPRESENT!


The amount of booze ingested can directly correlate to the sum of photos shot. For example: 5 cocktails x 1 woman clad in purple dress = 64 photos. Or conversely, zero cocktails consumed x 1 woman clad in black dress = 3 photos taken. Oh who am I kidding? I drank the entire time. Hence, the 374 photos I shot.

BlogHer09 Chicago 032

Also, if you “misplace” your phone and your camera in the span of 2 minutes it is time to put yourself to bed. Besides, everyone knows that the sixth cocktail always causes me trouble.

Pictured: Nilsa from SoMi Speaks


Where else can you sit at a table eating the most delicious meal of your entire trip with four of your best blog buds, phones in hand, Twittering away and not get shit for it?


At BlogHer, that’s where. #blogher09

Pictured: Kaleigha, Carrisa, Rhi and Kerri


I love this photo.


Someone’s partying caught up to him.

The architectural river tour was AWESOME. Don’t ask Neil. He was busy napping.


If the first you hear of conference “drama” is on Twitter from people not actually AT the conference then you know that you are doing something right. Because I AM A DRAMA FREE ZONE. At least in Chicago.



Wearing a McDonald’s bag as a hat on my head is as close as I will get to actually eating their food. And I’m totally okay with that. Yes, there is an actual party involving cheeseburgers and wearing bags on our heads. We packed a hotel suite to the max and it was The Most Fun. At one point I saw a bunch of beefy dudes walk in and was like WHA?! so I asked them who they were and one guy responded, “We heard there were cheeseburgers and chicks up here.”

Turns out they were a bachelor party.



These ladies were my awesome roommates: Kerri and Angella.


It’s okay to get a little choked up saying goodbye to your internet soul sister or when meeting your BlogBro and long-time bloggy friends for the first time. At least that is what I am telling myself.


Pictured: Radioactive Girl, Kilax, Me, Nilsa and Kapgar (Not pictured: Diane. We missed you!)

P.S. Kevin’s head taste like marshmallows. You heard it here first.


Having good friends to pal around with made all the difference.


Pictured: My good time gal posse from left to right- Kaleigha, Kerri, Rhi, Carrisa & (duh) me. Plus the weinermobile. It was just hanging around outside the hotel dickin’ around.


I had a fucking blast at BlogHer and even picked up a few back up dancers.

back up dancers

Pictured: Kaleigha & Kerri

More pictures here.


43 thoughts on “True Stories From the BlogHer Conference

  1. Awww, Sizz, I’m so glad my city treated you right while you were here. That photo of us is adorable (totally going to snag it from Flickr). The Kevin and the Licks photo cracks me up. And I LOVE that photo with Neil – hilarious! It was truly special getting to finally meet you! xoxo

  2. BTW, you CANNOT say everyone knows that the sixth cocktail always causes me trouble and then post a picture of me looking seemingly naked next to it. Uhhh, hello, I WAS NOT NAKED (at least not that early in the night) … hahaha.

  3. You know what’s funny? Maybe I’m just out of the loop but I haven’t actually heard about any drama at BlogHer. Every post I’ve read has been like, people are talking about drama but I didn’t see it. Where are these people who are talking about drama? Because seriously, I haven’t read about it.

    Also, you are adorable. Love that black dress! And Quartino is delicious, you’re right. Mmm. Love that place.

  4. Looks like SO much fun! You have confirmed what I’ve always thought, though, that I’d probably get much more from being with the people than the conference itself. Then again, I am painfully out of the loop so I’d probably get stuffed in a locker or something.

  5. I loved meeting you! And I really appreciate that you didn’t tell the story about the crazy chick sitting next to you who choked on her lunch. Ahem.

  6. I so completely got choked up saying good-bye to you too! You’re so good for my soul, thanks for spending your Sunday morning with me and freaking Wacker drive! xoxoxoxo

  7. That photo of me made me laugh out loud. You (and Kerri) were all I could hope for in roommates.

    I miss you.


    I guess I’ll have to come to Seattle…

  8. I didn’t go to any of the sessions, but still had a great time. Next year I think I’m going to just buy a ticket to the cocktail parties and have fun in NYC. I really just care about seeing the people, not SEO of my blog anyway.

  9. That looks like so much fun! I want to go to one now.

    “We heard there was cheeseburgers and chicks up here”


  10. LOVELY recap! and woo, we ate at quartino too – HOW CHEAP WAS THAT? i tipped extra because i felt dirty leaving so little, even though the tip was perfectly fine before that.

  11. I’m with Jess…I keep reading posts about BlogHer, and the apparent “drama” but no one is actually talking about what the fuck the drama WAS. ::tapping foot impatiently:: Getting irritated over here! And do you really wanna irritate this? C’mon now. (The answer should be “no” btw. πŸ™‚ )

    Ah, the INfamous cheeseburger party. That has always sounded like so. much. fun! Looks like you had a blast.

  12. There are so many great moments in this post, I don’t know where to begin.
    Love the cheeseburger party story.
    Love the photos.
    And love that you had an “authentic” Chicago airport transit experience, even if it made you nearly barf. πŸ˜‰

  13. I had a fucking blast, too.. But we don’t have a picture together. Sadsadsadsad.

    You radiate, Sizzle. I loved seeing you at the People’s Party and hugging you! That hug is more than a picture, to me.


  14. Fabulous doesn’t seem to be the right word for your trip. Nonetheless that McDonald’s hat picture needs moustaches!!! :o)

  15. I’m so glad you had a great time (and super pleased you love my old home city)! BTW- that picture of you hailing a cab? Hot.

  16. it was so great seeing you again this year! and i must note again that you have an exceptional ability to take self pictures, haha.

  17. Wow, those photos of you are fantastic! (I LOVE that one of Neil.) Seriously, you look like a model in every single one. That one in the black dress? Hot. Every one of them is hot.

    Let’s figure out how to make my eyebrows look good.

  18. Looks like a blast! Loved the photos, especially the one eye LOL Great eyebrows :o) I’m glad you had a good time and was able to get away from the stresses of regular life for a bit!

  19. Of all the posts I’ve read about this year’s Blogher, this is the one that makes me want to sign up as a first timer… especially since I’ve never been to NYC.

    Also,you are so fun. This post just cheered me up after a long, stressful day.

  20. I loved this post. It actually makes me want to go to BlogHer next year, although I do think I want to go to party and make friends – not attend conferences. But that’s neither here nor there, right?


  21. I flew home with your local girls. Never met them but the minute I saw them on the plane I had them pegged for bloggers. It’s a gift.

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  23. Jenny on the Spot sent me (well, not exactly, but she linked here), and I had to see what all the sizzle was about. What a fun time you had. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you. Maybe next year?

  24. I’ve been known to do the vibrating thing in the pants, but that’s between you and me and any reader who happens to come back to a post that’s about four days old.

    I see you met Tori and Nilsa on your trip. That’s very cool. I also heard Chicago has had a miserable summer compared to Seattle. One thing is for certain, it sure does look like you had a fantastic time in Chicago. I like that.

  25. Looks like a fun time πŸ™‚ I took that architectural tour there as well, when I was there about two years ago. They were also filming The Dark Knight at the same time, so we passed by where they were shooting (and there were a few helicopters hovering above).

    I love the black dress you’re wearing! And with the brows, I looked up the site and I have to admit that I tend to be a cheapie with my brows. I don’t know if going to someone better would make them look better or they’re just naturally thinner than most peoples’?

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