Say Yes

Today was a good day to get hitched. The sun shone brightly on a day where forecasters threatened rain. I’m wondering if there is some correlation with wearing a bright yellow dress and the sunshine but that might be a stretch.

Months ago, my friends asked me to be their day of weddinsunshine dressg coordinator and then proceeded to affectionately refer to me as “The General” for the entire wedding planning process. See? Being bossy does have its pros as well as its cons. And bonus for friends- you can use it to YOUR advantage.

File that one away.

It turned out that I am also one of their few gregarious friends so they asked that I lead the toasts. Below is what I planned on saying. I’m pretty sure it came out sorta kinda like this. I tend to forget what comes out of my mouth when you put a microphone and an audience in front of me.

Jennifer and I met about three years ago at work and bonded over things like music, funky eyeglasses, break ups and boys. While bad dates can make for entertaining stories at happy hour, over time they definitely wear down a girl’s positivity when it comes to finding “the one”. Jen was close to giving up on love.

On New Year’s Eve 2008, Jennifer went over to her friend B’s house for a girl’s night party determined to have a good time.Ā  As the party wore on and the drinks continued to flow, a guest spotted coins on display and asked about it. B informed everyone that they were Chinese good luck coins and supposedly if you rub them you would get rich. Well J, in a frenzy of hope and possibility (and multiple cocktails), pushed those ladies aside and snatched up those coins to rub them saying, I WANT TO GET wedding 004RICH.

Two days later but what should appear in her in box? An email from a man named, you guessed it, Rich.

Jennifer & Rich’s love story fills me with hope. Two amazing people who were wondering if true love would ever find them have found each other. And today we’ve come together to celebrate the joining of their lives and hearts as they begin the next chapter in their journey as husband and wife. And so, please join me as I raise my glass to my two dear friends and wish them a lifetime of adventure and love.

Cheers to getting rich!

**Please note: I forgot to charge my camera battery so all I have is one sort of blurry photo of the couple (though you can still tell they are seriously good looking) and this crappy one of me in my yellow dress taken with my cell phone. Good thing I didn’t forget anything that was actually Wedding Coordinator-related. Sheesh!

“Someday, somebody’s gonna ask you/The question that you should say “yes” to/Once in your life/Maybe tonight I’ve got a question for you…” – Question, Old ’97s (the song the bride walked up the aisle to)


39 thoughts on “Say Yes

  1. Can’t…stop…admiring…Sizzle…in….that….dress.

    (I know that’s not what this post is about, but I can’t…stop…admiring…)

  2. You make a great General! If I wasn’t already married I’d ask you… To help me coordinate.

    Maybe I can hire you to plan my 20th coming up in 2012.

  3. There are all kinds of riches in this world – frindg true LUB is one of ’em, for sure!

    Dress is hawt. Where’d ya get it?

  4. Love your dress, lady!

    And that was a lovely toast. Hmm, maybe you should coordinate my wedding… Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when that remote possibility comes along.

  5. Even though the phrase “yellow bridesmaid dress” doesn’t usually appear in the same sentence as “gorgeous,” this time it IS. Great toast, too. My sister just started dating a guy named Rich, so here’s hoping I will eventually have occasion to steal this.

  6. LOVE the dress. Super cute!
    I have a bossy…er, I mean, WELL ORGANIZED friend who I have already asked to plan my wedding when the time comes. šŸ˜‰

  7. What a cool story for the bride to tell her future children… and what a gorgeous Sizzle!! (No, no surprise there…) Lovely.

  8. I was quickly skimming posts in my google reader (because um, I have no time to read 100+ posts) and I came across your picture in this post. So I’ve stopped by to say YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! Absolutely gorgeous!
    That is all. šŸ™‚

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