Sometimes I Like to Fantasize I Live There

Whenever I visit Portland I fall more in love with it. The adorable Craftsman style houses. The fantastic restaurants. The artsy, funky, friendly vibe. The people. If I didn’t love Seattle so much, I’d move there. (You hear that Seattle? Work a little harder at making me love you.)

I had an awesome weekend visiting the birthday girl,  Jenny Two Times, who had her moment of fame when Long Story Longer asked her, “Are you Jenny TWO TIMES?” Oh yes. Indeed she is THAT Jenny. (Her blog is soon to come!) Long Story Longer, Iron Fist, Kerrianne and TSM all took the time to join us for some drinks and grub Friday night at East Burn which was a total blast.


The Gang (Jenny Two Times, TSM Oregon, Long Story Longer, Kerrianne, Iron Fist)

IronFist & Sizzle

IronFist & Sizzle: : Secret Lovers

Long Story Longer & Kerrianne

Long Story Longer & Kerrianne: Secret Lovers

Later some incriminating photos were taken. There was a lot of alcohol involved. I met a waiter named Kent who was wearing a belt buckle that spelled “fart”.

Kent Fart

Kent Fart: My other secret lover.

I can’t make this shit up.

He also gave me 12 umbrellas in my vodka tonic when I really only wanted one.

Umbrellas Galore!

Umbrellas Galore!

Long Story Longer makes me feel FRISKY.


Throwing gang signs or coppin' a feel. You decide.

Jenny might want to eat my face. I am tasty. What can I say?

The Face Smush

The Face Smush

Kerri claims she was given virgin vodka drinks. I feel like this is a falsehood.

Sizzle & Kerrianne: Who is drunk?

Sizzle & Kerri: Who is drunk? ME!

I swear it won’t be so long until I return again to visit- Portland, you temptress you!

P.S. Remind me to take the train. I HATE TRAFFIC.

P.P.S. My eyeballs hurt.


30 thoughts on “Sometimes I Like to Fantasize I Live There

  1. Kent Fart is made of fun and awesome. I might want to go to Portland just for him.

    Did I ever tell you that you’re ridiculously photogenic? Cause you totally are.

  2. I feel the same way about Portland. Plus it has Powell’s. If coffee people was still in business I’d be saying adios Seattle. We are going in October, when my husband runs the Portland Marathon. I can’t wait.

  3. Glad to hear how much you love my hometown 🙂 Now if I got off my busy/lazy bum and started blogging again I totally would have joined you guys. I even have a discount card for EastBurn 😉 Traffic sucked because they closed 405 for the weekend. MAJOR SUCK!

  4. This is why they say Portland is for (secret) lovers — and I have to say you did a pretty good job of keeping Kent Fart under wraps. I had no idea you had a second secret lover! Could there be even more?!

  5. I keep going back and forth between you, LSL and Iron Fist to decide who is more adorable.

    I am a mere human and cannot make such a decision.

  6. You’re letting ME decide? Well then it’s definitely coppin’ a feel.

    You should know better than to let me make decisions like this. 🙂

  7. LOL! Great post Sizzle! (and terrific piccies!Yay!)

    I had a HS friend who lived in Portland, and she said it was the best place in the world. You make me jellus that I didn’t believe her.

  8. Portland’s on our short list of cities we may move to in the next few years, so it’s nice to hear such great things about it. And FART belt buckles definitely sweeten the pot. By the way, you look FANTASTIC!

  9. I just finally got around to this post and I laughed out loud…REALLY LOUD…when I got to Kent Fart.

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