Poolin’ Around

Dokey: Mom, are you doing it right?

Mom: Yes! It’s easy to do when your stomach sticks out.

Me: It doesn’t look like you’re doing it right. You need to look up and lean back.

Mom: I am doing it my own way.

Me: Do you feel the crunch?

Mom: I do!

Me: Where do you feel it? If you feel it in your vagina, you’re doing it wrong.

. . . And SCENE.

*Overheard by a male lifeguard. He was totally laughing.

**We were supposed to be doing crunches for tight abs.

***Our regular instructor was out sick which meant class sucked.

****Three separate people asked if my sister and I were related. That might be a record.

*****My Mom knows the words to “So What” by P!nk. We discovered this when we looked over at her in the pool and she was rocking out instead of working out.


26 thoughts on “Poolin’ Around

  1. I think P!nk is popular with the moms. A few years ago I got free tickets to a P!nk show when I told me mom I was going she busted out with the lyrics to “Get this Party Started.” When I asked her how she knew the words, she said “I have a long commute.”


  2. Our regular water aerobics instructor has been out a lot recently because she just got married. One of the subs is awesome and the other one SUCKS. I swear she comes to class drunk.

  3. Fucking balls…why can’t I be as hip as yo’ mama!!!???
    *Now noted in my little black book of people to aspire to…*

  4. I would try to say something witty about also not having pain in my vagina either, but then again I haven’t crunched (on purpose)in years! I do lift & carry folks, so I’m strong, not toned. I did learn from another fine blogger, Gwen http://cheekyketek.wordpress.com/ or on Twitter: @borneochica how to put a sarong on in the water so as not to show ‘ta girly bits; so apparantly I have way too much information in this area 🙂

  5. I love P!nk and I love your story. Too funny. It reminds me of the time I was swimming on my back and my male friend and I had a long conversation about how he though I’d like it better if I flipped over.

  6. At least she knew the words. My mother once leaned up from the backseat and wanted to know if Gwen Stefani was singing “I ain’t no Harlem fat girl…” (“I ain’t no hollaback girl…”)

  7. oh my….greatness on a Friday morning…

    at least I am no longer creased by the fact that my mother too knows the words to “So What” by Pink and has even put it in her Ipod…

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