Saucy Little Minx

Let’s talk about boys.

You know how when you’re all on this ‘focus on me/not dating’ kick and then all of a sudden ex’s come out of the woodwork? Please tell me this does not just happen to me. I’ll be going along my merry way when I am bamboozled with random texts or calls inquiring into my “availability.” It’s not even that straight-forward actually. It’s more like heavy handed flirting laced with innuendo.

How strong are my pheromones? Jeez.

I’ve been actively non-dating and rather, focusing on myself. Except for the flirt texting. I admit it. I succumb to it. I am weak when it comes to the texting and the flirting and the exs.

At this point you’re probably all: How many ex’s does Sizzle have? And is she going to tell us the juicy details?! And I will tell you here and now: I have many ex’s but I am only referring to two (ok, three) at this given moment and hell no I will not tell you the details. I might be a broad but I do not text and tell.

That, my friends, is called DECORUM.

I have a lot more to say on this subject but it will have to keep. Because it’s Monday and I have the day off which means I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend it in front of the computer.

“Almost blue/Flirting with this disaster became me/It named me as the fool who only aimed to be…” -Almost Blue, Elvis Costello


23 thoughts on “Saucy Little Minx

  1. Since I’m not that great of a flirt (I honestly never know if I am or not), you can imagine how great I would be at text flirting (read: NOT GOOD AT ALL).

    Now I’m just curious as to what you text each other. šŸ™‚

  2. DUDE. I have 3 exs that are ALWAYS trying to get me to sext with them. Or IM. Or call. Just to say “hi”. It’s like, looky here buddy, I know that I haven’t always been a good girl, but you KNOW I’m all but married. Let it go. One of these guys totally just dropped me like a bad habit, but is now CONSTANTLY asking “why didn’t we work out” or “give me another chance”.

    I won’t lie, it’s flattering. Given the day, I indulge it. To a point. Then it’s like “No, remember the time your broke up with me for no reason and to this day won’t tell me why? REMEMBER THAT?” And then, weirdly, no texts for a few months.

  3. Minx Sizzle – Have fun with it. You can still focus on you and flirt. Or even focus on you and someone else! Someday you’ll be 43 and look back on these flirtatious days fondly. XOXO.

  4. Holy shit woman you do have super strong pheromones! And graet hair. Very fabulous hair. No wonder all these flirty little texts find themselves heading your way!

  5. Have a wonderful day off… enjoying the beautiful day, with cute boys texting you telling you how beautiful you are. Hear that cute boys.. tell her how beautiful she is! Enjoy the attention. Another positive of choosing to not date.

  6. Definitely not just you. But you can’t swear off dating in hopes of having guys come out of the woodwork. You have to REALLY MEAN IT when you swear it off before the guys will start showing up.

  7. You are going to get a New Nickname-Pheromone Lass (actually I experimented with Saucy Minx but I’m not sure that You’d want that! šŸ™‚ I’m not curious about your ex’es – A Lady shouldn’t Kiss & Tell – She absolutely should Kiss, just not tell!

  8. You kill me…
    In my life, the relationships seem to come at me out of nowhere — then they come back and make me hate them out of nowhere… so yes, the exes do come out of the woodwork…

    Except I’ve been at the relationship for a long time… so I’m not sure about that anymore. For all I know the exes are dead.

  9. Decorum? Isn’t that like when you hang curtains and paint the walls and put out lace doilies and stuff? There’s no room for decorum in the blogosphere!!!!

  10. Oy…I hear ya, Siz! It’s almost like there’s a secret ‘Ex Line’ that lets all the exes know that I’m available, or rather, not in a relationship anymore. I’ve solved this by moving to London and not giving them my new mobile # šŸ˜‰ Be careful girl, text flirting is a slippery slope to more, er…naughty things. Especially if it occurs during a, ahem, ‘lonely moment’.

  11. Finally! I’m caught up reading what I missed here last week! To all that introspective stuff … I can say with a lot of confidence that you are an amazing person who deserves to love herself and be deeply loved by others … keep working on you – you’re worth it! And to all the ex’s in Texas post … all I can say is my ex’s always seemed to come out of the woodwork the minute I started dating someone else seriously. And then, once I got engaged, the just as quickly disappeared. So, if you like the attention, enjoy it while you got it! =) PS – I love your mom for knowing the words to Pink!

  12. man, every one of my ex’s called me the week before i got married. it was both freaky and surreal. and i felt good in telling most of them to go to hell.

  13. What is it with the ex’s and texting? It’s like they don’t want to acknowledge they are an Ex. I’m like, Dude, we done. I learned the lessons I was supposed to from you, now it’s time to REALLY separate so I can learn my next lessons with someone else.

    This seems simple enough, but IRL is different. Why? I have no clue.

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