When I first start a “diet” I’m all gung ho. I think diligently about everything I’m going to put in my mouth and my workouts take priority. I’m dedicated. As the pounds drop, my momentum grows. I’m doing it. I’m really doing it!

SPLAT! (I hit a wall.)

I surpassed my first goal and then. . . nothing. I kept doing what I had been doing but found that life had a way of interfering with my best laid plans. Traveling threw a wrench into my routine. Entertaining house guests and birthday parties and happy hours and OH LOOK I AM NOT ON TRACK AT ALL ANYMORE.

Well, shit.

I haven’t completely gone off the deep end but enough so that righting myself seems to be a struggle. IThis morning I forced myself to step on the scale and not excuse the number away. It’s 2.5 lbs higher than the last time I got on it a month ago. I measured myself and despite packing on a few pounds, I’ve continued to lose smidges of inches all around. I am not a total failure! Mini-redemption!

While I still really love water aerobics, I need more. I need something new to commit to. And while my eating has been still very good, I’ve made concessions for dark chocolate covered almonds and entire bottles of wine. I think it’s time I return to phase one of South Beach and kick start my enthusiasm for veggies and protein. The thing about phase one though is that I really have to have two weeks where I am not required to travel, host guests, or go to a bunch of parties. I get distracted. And I slip here and there and it adds up.

I worry what that could mean for me in the long run but since I’ve been putting into practice what I’ve learned more than “cheating” I think I am on the right track. This does not feel like a diet but actually how I can and do and will live my life from here on out. Once I’ve dropped the bulk of the weight, making concessions occasionally won’t be so damaging to my body or psyche. It’s not like I am sitting here hoping that once the 80lbs are gone, I can be all I CAN HAVE CAKE NOW!

Yeah. No.

It’s time to set new goals and get on with achieving them.


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  1. Hey Sizz, I’m starting my own little program this month; my goal is to lose 4 pounds by October 1. I am great at eating my veggies and having a modest yet healthy breakfast and lunch, but I am addicted to sweets and the weekends are so hard with all the b-day parties, happy hours, etc.

    So, good luck to ya. Do you play tennis? If so, we should get together!

  2. Good luck. I cannot imagine. And I think the above comment about tennis brings up a good point. Maybe find fun games to play. Even chase your little nephew around the playground or hoola hoop (my hoola teacher told me that 5 minutes a day will take off up to 5 inches a month). And as Perez Hilton says, let yourself have 1 cheat day a week. Now there is advice from me, who knows nothing of dieting and weightloss.

  3. I know that for myself it’s a life of checks and balances. You do well for so long, then things slip, then you get back on track.

    Good for you for getting back on track!

  4. Yeah, that’s what my yoga post was about. That and writing. So far… I wouldn’t say I’ve improved upon either since writing about them. So you’re sure to be more committed than me!

  5. I’m feeling very similarly motivated, and recommitted, with two weddings fast approaching and me just tired of feeling so not myself at this size. Accountability partners?

  6. You can do it! I hear you on the exercise options. I like to have a few different options. I swim and run but I also park as far away as possible at work, etc. Those extra steps do add up. Don’t forget to drink as much water as possible. All those little things do work. It took me almost 4 years but was able to make a life change. Good luck!

  7. It’s not easy. I lost the weight and it’s been good. And lately I’ve been all, I can eat CAKE, and I do and I gain weight. Never-ending battle. Sucks.

    I need to have exercise options too. A class atmosphere helps b/c I work harder than I would on my own, but sometimes I need alone time too.

    Good luck!

  8. Right there with you. It helps, for me, to accept that it could take a really long time to lose the weight. It could take a year, two years, etc. And that’s OK. As long as it comes off eventually, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

    And, yep, slipping is totally par for the course. My battle is forgiving myself those normal slip-ups and not letting them get me so discouraged, I eat everything in my pantry.

  9. I think it’s very normal to plateau when dieting / changing the way you approach food. I hit a plateau with Jenny. It’s been a good month since I have lost any weight. But, I think I’m back on track. Sometimes, you just have to let the brain put into practice everything its learned … and now that you’ve digested that, you can hop back on the train for more. Hope you’re not too discouraged … I think you’re doing great so far!

  10. Oddly timed, I must say.

    I just had lunch and am once again berating myself for over-eating. I cannot seem to figure out how to resist food.

    Good job recommitting to being healthy. I hope I can find some of your motivation and strength.

  11. I practice yoga (admittedly, I fell off the yoga wagon with pre-TTC in June), and I’m going back STAT. I find that it really helps tone and build muscle if I go regularly (two, three times a week); I start noticing results in a couple weeks and feel great. Not sure what your interest level is in yoga (as an alt to water aerobics) or how it will work with your body individually, but I suggest giving it a go if there’s any interest. Maya Whole Health in Fremont is awesome (“awesome” sung in a high note). I can recommend some top notch teachers there.

    I am terribly out of shape. I have ONE pair of pants that fits me right now, and they’re new because I went up a size and don’t fit into anything else. ONE PAIR. And gauchos. 😦 So, I hear you, sister. I hear you.

    Loves! Sending motivation energy your way! (Because then you will motivate me! :P)

  12. I don’t think I would ever be able to do South Beach for the same reason you have to have two weeks clear. I never do! Is there a plan you like that is more lenient? You should be allowed a treat a day! 😉

  13. I’m not trying to sound like it’s all the same for everyone, because we know it’s not, but this was the very same for me while losing (and continues to be). There will be “off track” times. There will be little gains (and 2.5 in a month is something I think is juuuuust fine as I am a girl who could easily put on 10 in a month. EASILY). And all this overuse of parenthesis is just to say that I’m glad you’re just reevaluating, because that more than anything is the part that’s long term.

  14. Traveling/hosting really kicks the shit out of good eating. I experience that a lot.

    And I second the yoga comment, even though I think it’s snobby. (Yoga, not the comment.)

    Good for you for just getting back on track. No shame bath, no drama, just focus.

  15. In a rare moment of seriousness (for me), I am totally feeling you on this. Wrecking on my bike like that has resulted in taking a complete hiatus from any sort of working out these past three weeks while I wait for everything to heal, and I still seem to be able to feed myself pretty well, so the weight I had worked to lose seems to be re-accumulating.

    I’ve decided not to view it as a failure or a setback, though, just a hiccup, and am ready to throw myself back into my fitness regime as soon as this elbow stops aching.

    So here’s to new goals!

  16. Why is it always so difficult to lose weight?

    I’m eating even more than usual at moment, as I’m leaving London.

    I’ve been going to all my fav cafes and getting all the nice things.

    I’m going to be staying with my parents a while and eat fairly traditionally; meat and veg. The nearest supermarket is seven miles away too and I’m a vegetarian.

    Good luck. I thought you came up with some great recipes when you were doing your no sugar thing.

  17. Don’t be TOO hard on yourself there. We all slip a little sometimes. You seem really determined so I think you are going to do just fine. When you’re out with friends or traveling somewhere, don’t deny yourself anything. Just eat/drink in moderation. It’s all about balance and moderation.

  18. I’ve been doing the Weight Watchers thing for the past 8-9 weeks and have so far had to give in to my sugar tooth cravings twice now. It’s even worse when there’s soda in the house! Oh, how I love Pepsi. Anyway, I think it’s all normal and part of the permanent change… Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just realize it’s a bump in the road and prepare to correct your course. You’re doing great, keep up the good work!

    Also, if you want a good book to read, I recommend The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite.

  19. This is why I had surgery. (Not that I’m saying that this is something other people should do.) But I just got so sick of hitting walls and struggling so hard to get off plateaus and doing so much work and not getting anywhere. You know? But I have faith that you will be able to get over this hump. Good luck!

  20. Ugh, I’m sure you don’t want to hear that it’s a perpetual battle. :p I was SO on the ball and fired up when it all started. And really, I’m only 7 pounds up now and hanging out there, which is fine. Not awesome, but fine–it’s better than being 20 lbs up. Hang in there, it’s about the BIG PICTURE, not the little bumps in the road!

  21. Well, if you are working out then you gotta realize that the build-up of muscle will cause a minor weight gain. That just happens.

    But I do know and completely sympathize about the wall and hitting it. I’m right there with you. Had my big loss and nothing since. Still working out to some degree and I have picked it back up the last few weeks. Moreso than the previous month. But my running is practically non existent anymore. Sad. I was doing well, but my body couldn’t keep up.

  22. I have to admit that I think drinking a bit more often is affecting my weight loss as well, but 2.5 lbs. in a month isn’t bad — it could’ve just been water weight…

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