Is this a fashion intervention or just plain old revenge?

It is a really good thing that I love my cat, Dot, or else she’d be dangling from my second floor window right about now.

My name is Dot. I like clothes. For breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My name is Dot. I like clothes. For breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In the last week she has eaten four, count them onetwothreefour FOUR!, articles of my clothing. I put on a tank top fresh from the clean laundry basket the other day and low and behold there was a crescent moon eaten out of the bottom. I went to toss on one of my go-to t-shirts as I was late to work and, guess what? Oh yes, there was a crescent moon eaten out of the bottom. And another shirt that I am certain I loved but can’t recall the style or color of presently. I am too distraught.

Please do not make me talk about the scarves. Or socks. It pains me, deeply.

And then last night as I was talking on the phone, I spied a glob of something on the floor near the cat pillow. I went over to investigate and found what could have been a hair ball except it was not made of hair. It was made of cloth. Exhibit A:

You are in SO MUCH TROUBLE young lady!

You are in SO MUCH TROUBLE young lady!

(I rinsed it under the water to better see the pattern of the material. Actual dress on left, puked up remnant of hem on right.)

She ate the hem of my dress. While it was HANGING IN MY CLOSET!

(Let it be known that I will CSI YOUR ASS. I mean it. Do not try to pull one over on me, kitty cat.)

No clothing is sacred around this cat. She suffers from pica or a disorder that compels her to eat clothing (in her case). I get that she was weened too early and that she has a “condition” – I mean who am I to cast stones seeing as how messed up I am around my “daddy issues” but SERIOUSLY I AM SO PEEVED. Good thing I buy most of my clothes on sale. I have to be even more vigilant about keeping my closet door closed and all my clothes up and out of reach. I can’t even be a little bit of a slob. Sigh.

P.S. This morning while cleaning the litter box I discovered the bits of what used to be my tank top crapped out. I am certain you could have gone about your day NOT knowing that but I like to share my pain.


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  1. Are there support groups for cats like Dot? A sort of “Dress Eaters Anonymous”?

    “Hi, my name is Dot, and I eat dresses, tank tops, scarves, and socks.”

    “HI, DOT.”

    “Today, I’ve not eaten anything like that in 3 weeks.”


  2. Oy. These animals. I think my dog should just have a It’s A Good Thing I’m Cute sign permanently hanging around her neck. Because that is why she’s still alive.

  3. I’m trying not to laugh… 😉

    I feel very lucky that the only trouble Lucien gives me is walking on the kitchen worktops after I’ve cleaned them 😉

  4. I feel your pain….my dog chewed 3 pairs of my shoes and I only have 5 pairs!! I have also had to buy new blankets and duvet covers due to their being huge holes in them. It is funny how you just can’t stay mad at them for long though.

  5. I would be pissed! I am on a no shopping (more like no spending money, if I have a gift card I can shop. I got a new dress this week!) kick as of late. If Miss LaLa ate 4 pieces of clothing I wouldn’t have anything to wear (ok that isn’t true but still). I would die.

  6. Or, maybe Dot doesn’t get enough fiber in her diet. 😉

    We have a cat who was obviously weaned too early. She used to try to suck on my earlobes. Cute right? No. Not so much. She also chews on things like foil-topped wine bottles.

  7. According to that website, you should spray your clothes with vinegar or hot-pepper sauce to deter them from chewing. Do you think that would help deter those random strangers that come up and just start nomming on you, too?

    My cat, thankfully, does not eat my clothes. However, he will sit on the back of the chair or the couch, and comb out hair with his claws and then lick our heads. He’ll occassionally try to eat our hair if the mood strikes him. He really gets into this if we just got out of the shower. I’m thinking he must have been a gay hair-stylist in his past life or something.

  8. Hmmm This is interesting. My Dot has a plastic fetish. She licks it, she chews it, she lays on/in it. I wonder if it is the same thing….

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a cat eating clothes like that. Geez! I thought my cats were trouble because they can open doors but they haven’t started attacking my clothes yet. But now I have this image of Dot as Stacy London, going through your wardrobe and attacking what she doesn’t like!

  10. Let it be known that I will CSI YOUR ASS. hahahahaha

    My mom had a dog that used to eat underwear. Yeah, gross.

  11. Oh, Dottie!!! (she IS such a cute pumpkin)
    *sigh* Maybe call the vet for some recommendations? My kitties have taken to foraging in the garbage if their new “special prescription kibble” is not in the bowl. Even if there is old, non-prescription kibble in the bowl. Apparently garbage is better than their old kibble, even though they were perfectly content with it before. :p

  12. Let me know when the support group will be starting. I have two cats that I’d like to enroll. Of course one has now moved onto plastic bags since she is now denied the pleasure of clothing.

  13. My dog is eating my quilt. This morning I found a new hole, eaten all the way through to the comforter underneath. He does not do this during the day. Just at night when we are sleeping. Everymorning I wake up to a new round of stuffing on my bedroom floor.

    I feel your pain.

  14. How strange. My dog gnaws on cloth, mostly pillows and quilts (thankfully, cause there are often clothes laying around my house). She doesn’t totally eat them, just leaves them a little threadbare….

  15. Cats know just how to get to you, don’t they? Ours like to let us know they’re dissatisfied with us for some odd reason or another by pooping either right behind the front door (generally when we’re gone so we then come home and open said door, smearing said poop) or on our comforter on our bed. Either one is gross, gross, gross. Although they have yet to totally destroy something (knock on wood) like your kittty, so maybe I should count my blessings. At least they’re fuzzy and warm when they like to snuggle!

  16. One time I had to help the DOG of a kid I was babysitting “pass” a quart-sized ziploc. I sure wish they made bleach for brains, because would I like to forget that? Yes, yes I would.

  17. This is crazy! I don’t mean to laugh but I can’t believe a cat would do that! I read once that if you put chili powder on stuff, cats won’t eat it. Although I tried putting it on my plants and my little leaf chomper seemed to think it was salad dressing. She continually knocks over house plants and gets dirt all over the floor.

    Maybe you should buy Dot a special supply of her own clothes?

  18. Damn Cats! That is so incredibly frustrating! I have a cat who I had to hide any carbs from. He would rip into a bag of bread or get uneaten pasta all over the floor… But food is much easier to replace than clothes. Grrrr!

    Maybe Dot needs a piece of fabric that she is allowed to eat if she feels compelled? It may not be super healthy, but if she is going to do it anyway… Maybe she will use the more easily accessible piece of fabric?

    And I feel ya on the poop thing. I take care of a dog who loves loves loves his stuffed animals, but sometimes he loves them too much and eats them. It is not pretty.

  19. you might need to call ken seeley in on this one. wonder if he does pet interventions? you could start getting the footage now…. video tape her as she’s tearing something apart…. the scraps of the dress that she leaves behind…. the guilty look on her face afterwards. oh and of course, start making the collage of the “baby” and childhood pictures of her. i love how intervention always finds the need to include the person’s whole youth by photographic evidence to us.

  20. I have a 2 y/o pound puppy that eats the material off chairs, couches and blankets… I, too, feel your pain… I used the bitter spray recommended to stop them, and she licks it off before she starts eating the fabric.

    Yes, they are lucky, oh, so lucky, they are cute and we love ’em!

  21. That Dot is pretty cute. For a clothes eater.

    (Oh, and Iggy eats random things too, and then, yeah…when they come out the other side he isn’t so stoked. And I’m all “I TOLD YOU SO, DOG.” Listening skills: Iggy needs some.)

  22. I can relate. Oh, yes. First, my daughter’s dog will eat any underwear she spies laying around. Oh, yeah, just the crotch, you know it… ewwww.

  23. We have the same issue with Data – if we leave blankets out he eats them. He even chewed a hole in one of the pillows for our couch! I also suspect it is pica, and have not come up with anything to prevent it, except closing the doors and putting things away. You can’t really hide the couch from him though, and I am not going to look him in a room. He’s such a weirdo. They DO have issues! LOL! They need our special love 😉

  24. Your Dot totally trumps my Morgan. Sometimes I feel like there is no cure for this. If Morgan could talk, she’d tell you I only feed her on Thursday’s and that’s why she is forced to eat everything she shouldn’t.

  25. OMFG! Are you kidding here?

    Im sorry girl but that is too too funny! And no place is safe for your clothes with a cat! They can climb anywhere and get into anything!! =)

  26. I have fortunately never had a cat that ate clothes. I have, however, had a cat that used to dump the bathroom garbage and eat used condoms. This is the same cat that ran away so she could stay outside where all the boy cats live. I’m convinced she was a whore in a past life.

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