Can I get a hallelujah? Or five?

Today is my last day of work for a week.


Tonight is my first guitar lesson.


This weekend I am seeing the likes of: Old 97s, Raphael Saadiq, David Cross, Eugene Mirman, Michael Franti, Common Market, Matt & Kim (this one’s for you Dave2!), and many others thanks to the awesomeness of Bumbershoot.


I am painting my hallway purple. Oh yes. PURPLE. (It’s called Lupin to be exact.)


I had an open apartment for 24 hours and turned around and rented it to one of my other tenants who is breaking up with her girlfriend. Who says break ups don’t have positives? (Said jokingly I hope you know.)


I promise some deeper thought posts after I’ve sufficiently had some fun.


34 thoughts on “Can I get a hallelujah? Or five?

  1. Well, Hallelujah! I hope you have a great time, even though you get to see Saadiq and I cannot.

    I hope you are planning on at least snapping a cell phone pic or something.

  2. Yay purple! Great choice!

    I am THRILLED that it is Friday but unfortunately I have all this stupid WORK to do before the long weekend can REALLY start. Hmph.

  3. Maybe I’m the weird one, but if I were going through a break-up that involved a live-in significant other, I can pretty much assure you I WOULD NOT LIVE IN THE SAME BUILDING. Wow.

    If you’re announcing you’re taking guitar lessons, I’m pretty sure that means you just made a promise to share a video with us of your guitar playing. I don’t mean today, but soon, m’kay?!?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I am incredibly jealous of your Bumbershoot weekend. I moved from Seattle to the Virgin Islands almost 5 years ago, and that fact depresses me throughout the day EVERY day. Pathetic, I know, but Seattle is home and Bumbershoot is so fun! I used to live right there and all my friends would come over so we could drink and party between shows.

    Good luck on the guitar lessons. My fingers don’t quite move and bend into the correct positions to even get a basic note.

  5. I’ll be on the job shooting photos at Bumbershoot all three days, here’s hoping the rain holds off!

    If you get a chance, check out Handful of Luvin’ at Bumbershoot… they’re a great live band!

  6. So, the couple broke up..and both are living in your building in separate units? This could make for some fun drama.

    Have fun at Bumbershoot. I’ve not been in several years. One of these times, I’ll make an effort to go back again.

  7. Lupin? Is that like Professor Lupin? Will your hallway be werewolf-colored and require shaving?

    Google reader says I’m supposed to be reading your blog, so sue them if you disagree.

  8. Show the purple please! Photos will be required after.

    I almost painted my guest bedroom purple (eggplant) but went with turquoise instead. I’m still longing for the purple somewhere.

  9. Have a great week off! My husband and I actually have a Matt & Kim T-shirts. A gift from our friends because, well, our names are Matt & Kim. πŸ˜›

  10. I’m so glad Bumbershoot is finally here, even if it is rainy. I’m torn though — Old 97’s & Uh Huh Her are of course playing at the exact same time tonight. Oh well, if that’s my biggest dilemma this weekend then life is pretty damn good!

    Also loving the breaking up & becoming neighbors bit. Better than breaking up & remaining roommates. Oh the drama!!

  11. Guitar lessons? How very exciting. Looking forward to the first podcast recital once you’ve got a cord or two down. And photos of the purple walls are truly a must! Have a blast!

  12. So much exciting stuff here! Guitar lessons are something I really really need to make time for because I have been wanting to learn for years!

    Are you saying the tennant is moving into the same building as the person who she broke up with? Did I read that wrong because I’m thinking I wouldn’t want to live in the same building as an ex if I could help it.

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