Update from Smogland

So I’m in Los Angeles and it’s hot and smoggy and thankgod for air conditioning and that the Tomato is still the Tomato, driving around with his music at full volume, taking me places without my knowledge (when I haven’t brushed my teeth- though that’s a first) and being the kind of friend anyone would be lucky to have for twenty years. 20 years! Man, we’re getting old.

Last night we went to Wokcano in Burbank and I had a few too many vodka tonics but really who is to say how many is too many? Is six too many? And what if that last one was a double? (Thanks Gregory!) But I got to meet Melissa and Robert and Abigail (again!) and her friend Amanda and see some old friends- one of whom I have not seen since I was 19. It was a laugh riot and I had a bloody good time.

I blame G, my childhood chum, for the fact that I just said “bloody”. She hails from England and throws about the most brilliant sayings. She’s got the same laugh as I remember and a wicked sense of humor. Hey G, sorry I almost made you spit your drink out in disbelief when I accidentally told you about sleeping with that guy we went to elementary school with. I should have just stopped there but really, I hardly ever know when to STOP. I really should have waited until you were too drunk to remember, damn it.

I was just playing Wii with Tomato and Androol and Androol kept telling me to not overcompensate. The irony is not lost on me since, hello, this could very well be one of the subplots in the story of my life. Even though he was referring to steering on Mario Kart.

And so the lessons never stop. Not even while playing a video game in L.A.


16 thoughts on “Update from Smogland

  1. The smog is one of the reasons I don’t think I could ever live in L.A. Or anywhere in Southern California for that matter. I’m addicted to the pine-scent freshness of our air, amen.

    (Glad you’re having a blast!)

  2. sounds like you’re having a lovely time here, at least all the fire smoke is gone, at least most of it. man that was not fun. but woo for old friends and drinks and wii, woo!

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