Family Time

While over at my Mom’s house last night for family dinner, I asked Finn what he was going to be for Halloween and he cried out, “A BAT!” I wondered what his mom was going to be and he replied without hesitation, “An ostrich!” When I asked Dokey about her costume later she had no idea that’s what she was going to be. He just made it up on the fly. It’s actually a cool costume idea though she might end up going as a flamingo. I was already planning on being an owl. (Hoot!) Finn has decided that Double B should be a chicken and Grandma should be a bear. And with that his work here is done.

Finn hiding:

Where's Finn?

Where's Finn?

The big reveal:

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

When he took off the box he cried out, “I FOUND MYSELF!”

20 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. That kid is just priceless! I think I’d like to ask him what I should be for Halloween. He’s like the Halloween-dress-up-guru.

  2. If Finn needs a bat costume to borrow, that is what Charlie was last year and he’d be happy to loan it out. This year he’s going to be a cowboy and Lulu a little cow, but if you ask Charlie what Lu should be his reply is “a beautiful butterfly”. Cute kid, but doesn’t really go with the control freak mama’s theme.

  3. Awesome. That’s funny, I was tossing around the owl idea too! If you lived closer, you could be my companion animal (since I am being Athena).

  4. Nice. Maybe he can teach me how to find myself as quickly.

    My nephew told me yesterday he wants to be a “fire killer” for Halloween. I asked, “fire fighter?” “No, fire killer.” No one can figure out how to make that costume.

  5. I still need to find myself. Good for you Finn! πŸ™‚

    It will be fun when he is older, and finds this (if blogs are still around) and reads all of these funny stories about himself!

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