I Have a Package You Can Deliver

I kinda sorta went on an on line shopping splurge the other week. Turns out one of the places I ordered from sends their packages via Fed Ex and my building being secure and me having that day job means I always have to go down to the pick up station.

The first time I stopped in at the Fed Ex office an attractive man working behind the counter swiftly grabbed my box (giggle) and when he checked my ID he said with direct eye contact, “You have an awesome smile.” Why thank you hawt Fed Ex counterman! *blush

Later in the week another package notice arrived on my front door so back I went secretly hoping that the yummy Fed Ex man would be working. Hey, I might not be actively dating but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a hot man who doles out packages and compliments. A not-as-attractive-but-still-cute guy was working. I handed him my claim slip and he made penetrating eye contact. You know the kind- the lingering a few seconds longer than what is normal in everyday customer service situations. I smiled politely.

“It’s pretty quiet in here. Do you ever get bored?”

“Nah. Besides, how can I be bored when you’re here?” Wink.

“Oh I bet you say that to all the girls.” I know. I can’t help myself. Someone stop me.

“Just the pretty ones.”

Overt compliment alert!

“I’m not even sure what is in this package.” Trying to change the subject.

“Let me go grab it. I’ll be right back. . . Ohhh someone ordered a handbag or shoes from Endless.com.”

“Guilty as charged. A girl needs shoes. Thank you!”

“You have a VERY nice day.” PIERCING EYE CONTACT.

I have a history of flirting with delivery men. Writing this post reminded me of the UPS guy who asked for my phone number back in 2005. I guess I have a particular weakness for a man in uniform?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some more things to order on line via Fed Ex.


56 thoughts on “I Have a Package You Can Deliver

    • I actually used to like mailmen so much I thought about being one. In college I even had mailman pants I got from the thrift store. And yes, I actually wore them (with converse and a t-shirt mostly).

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever come across an attractive delivery/mail person. I think they are all in your area. I may need to move….

  2. Sizzle’s finding her mojo again. Work it girl!

    This post reminds me of the UPS guy at my work. His name was Serg and he was a cutie patootie. He’d always come looking for me whenever we had packages delivered. But then we each went and got married to other people, so the relationship was off. And then he stopped working at my building, which made me sad.

  3. So, curious minds want to know… did you ever hear from the 2005 UPS guy?

    I used to LOVE innocent, fun flirting! I’m so out of practice now, I’d just turn red and mumble something completely stupid while running away. Good for you for keeping it up for the rest of us!

    • 2005 UPS guy turned out to be a liar, flake and semi-stalker. Let’s just say meeting a guy when he delivers packages to your HOME is not the best idea I’ve ever had. He would do drive by’s then accuse me of ignoring him if he saw me. Um, hello, FREAK.

  4. I knew the UPS guys were usually cute (and buff) but who knew about FedEx?! Do you guys have Trader Joe’s up in Seattle? I always enjoy a good flirt with the checkout boys there.

  5. We have hot FedEx delivery men, too, who deliver at work. Then again, the guy at the FedEx store in my neighborhood? Not so hot. Very not so hot. I love a man in uniform. Unless he’s pulling me over (or pulling my hair). 😛

    Ohhh la la, HOT LADY! Take your flirt to the next level!

  6. Tee hee. I used to always flirt with the Peapod delivery guy. But they’ve been getting…less attractive lately. 😛

  7. You have a new comment thingy! Are you ordering fun shoes?

    Someone needs to figure out the delivery of packages in the middle of the day to people working. I hate going to fed ex. I signed to have my iPod left on my doorstep, only because I didn’t ever think I would make it there before they closed.

  8. Our UPS guy is super flirty. It is fun to flirt with someone who clearly knows I am married and have a bunch of kids. Our old UPS guy was cuter, but this one is not hard on the eyes either.

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