Hurt So Good*

I really, really, really wanted to be able to come here today and announce that I had reached another weight loss goal. I’ve been diligently working the diet and exercise the past two weeks. I thought that jumping back on the horse with such vigor would have better results. But I forgot to check my calendar (hello PMS bloat) and so my number is skewed and I am frustrated.

On the bright side though, I can tell you is that I am now under 200lbs and a little over a pound away from reaching my 30lb loss marker. Back in May I pronounced that I was done with being fat. I’m pretty sure at some point I announced my starting weight (224lbs). And here I am today saying within four months I have changed my lifestyle for the better and am (almost) thirty pounds lighter.

Can I get a hallelujah? Or a rah rah?

While I still have far to go to reach my ultimate goal of losing 80lbs, I’m trying not to fixate on the end but on the process. What works and doesn’t work for me as far as eating and working out. Here’s a list:

  1. Routine
  2. Preparing food at home
  3. Avoiding sugars
  4. Limiting alcohol
  5. Working out a minimum of 4x a week
  6. Getting enough sleep
  7. Drinking tons of water
  8. Prioritizing my self-care
  9. Laughing
  10. Filling my life with good times and good people

Those last two might seem odd to include on a living healthy list but they are essential. When I’m filling my life with goodness, I want more goodness. Good begets good. Happy makes more happy. When I’m busy and feeling good, I want to maintain that feeling. Exercise and eating healthy give me more energy. I feel better about myself when I make smart choices. Do I sometimes wish I could eat ice cream? Fuck yeah, I do. And once in a blue moon I do. I go out for a cone with a friend and enjoy the hell out of it. Because this is my lifestyle, not a fad diet.

I can trace back my recent mini meltdown to eating sugar. Sure I was tired from lack of sleep but I also had consumed at least 6 alcohol drinks and 4 (delicious) cookies. Totally my own choice which I later regretted and, bonus!, that came back to bite me in the ass. I am a recovering sugar addict. These moments when I can connect the sugar dots are not lost on me. I don’t need to eat that stuff just because it tastes good. I love coffee but I can only drink decaf occasionally because I know it makes me feel horrible. Same for refined sugar. I am better off when I have it in moderation. SEVERE moderation. What kind of masochist would you have to be to purposely eat foods you know make you feel sick or bad? I want to love myself enough to choose me over those momentary, fleeting pleasures. Besides, there’s always sex.

Wait. Wha?! I DIGRESS.

So the journey continues and along the way, much learning. When I hit my halfway mark there will be a photo series documenting my progress. Stay tuned! Here’s to the next 50lbs.

*Every time I feel sore after a work out I start singing this song. I CAN’T STOP.

57 thoughts on “Hurt So Good*

  1. This is great 🙂 Well done! And I’m glad (as I’m sure I’ve told you before) that you’ve gone for a lifestyle change not a silly fad diet. Well done 😀

  2. Yay! That is seriously outstanding 🙂

    I am so happy for you!

    You are totally my inspiration to stick to my guns this week.

  3. Yee-fucking-haw Sizzle! Nice work. I have a similar goal that has been passed from week to week to week to week for time immemorial. This post, however, has truly inspired me. Your list of what works for you is exactly what works for me 🙂 so I just need to get to getting, eh?!?

    Thanks for the inspirational post.

  4. You are beyond inspiring to me, sizzle! Thank you for sharing your journey and keeping it real. Thanks also for the comments you have left on my blog on the same topic this year.

    Here’s to the next 50lbs!

    Now, about this sex…

  5. Rah, Rah, Sizzle Boom Bah! You deserve your own cheer because this is awesome. My goal was to lose 4 pounds in October and I did, but it managed to come back this week because of PMS. Oh, and because of my booze filled weekend. Oh, and because of the Mexican Feast I had on Monday. Duh.

    Anyway, big hugs to you.

  6. Sizzle, you are my guru.

    I’m on day one of a sugar cleanse. I have realized that I am a total sugar addict and that is creating a body I am not happy with. At all.

    I set today for the first day of the rest of my life. (ie: diet, exercise, just saying no to cookies, candy, cake and all the other delicious words beginning with the letter c. )

    And then you write this. How cool. Thanks. And congrats on what you’ve accomplished.

  7. Hallelujah hallelujah and rah rah rah! You rock! This is so awesome! I love your list above and even though I was already inspired to blog later today (it’s a miracle, I know) about my own journey, you have double-inspired me. So thank you!

    And keep up the good work! How happy are you to see a 1 in that first digit? I’m striving to see a certain number in that second digit and it is taking FOREVER. But I’m determined to do it. You’re my role model.

    YAY YOU!


  8. I love that you included laughing, good times and good people. I have noticed the smae thing – when I am happy, I WANT to take care of myself. I enjoy it. When I am not. Ugh. I am my worst!

    Godo for you for doing so well these past four months!

  9. Aha! Thank you for helping me connect the dots: candy bowl arrived at work yesterday dot dot dot I felt like a zombie all day.

  10. You are so awesome, the word “awesome” doesn’t even do you justice. And that list is something I think we should all keep posted on our fridges at home. Smart stuff.

  11. Yay! RA RA!!! Good for you and don’t be hard on yourself when you fall off the wagon, it happens and it is going to happen, what is important is that you get right back on :-).

  12. Congrats!!

    As someone who gets severely sick by eating more than 10 grams of sugar at a time, I can agree with how difficult it is to kick. I will find myself making bargains with myself… “if I eat protein with the sugar it won’t be too bad”…

    We’re human… it’s hard…

  13. For the girl who has plateaued for the past month plus, this is an inspirational post, my friend. It’s been great watching you come this far … I can’t wait to be there for the next leg!

  14. WOW! That is awesome! Congrats! I guess hard work does pay off, and here you are proving it. That is impressive Sizz! YAY!

  15. Congratulations! You’re totally inspiring. And as for that tasty-looking waffle that posted right above me, just ignore it. It’s using kind words to lure you into its sugary world.

  16. well, good luck and good for you!
    But I have to tell you my “hurts so good” story:
    whilst just a babe of 8 or so, my friend asked her mother if sex hurts. Her (adorably sweet and blonde) mother scrunched up her face and said, “you know, it’s kinda like that song…Hurts So Good…”

  17. Congrats, that is awesome! I have just returned to an exercise program and I’m trying to make healthy eating choices…it’s hard but I find planning in advance makes me more successful. 🙂

  18. DUDE. HELL YES! Congratulations! Do not even feel frustrated, you have come so far and most people don’t have the energy or commitment to even take it that far.
    I have many, many stomach issues and one of the things that I KNOW makes me feel better is to avoid sugar. Now that I eat stuff to avoid most sugar, I feel better…and I find I don’t have the cravings for it nearly as badly. But it has taken a long time and a lot of resolve to get there.
    I’m currently trying to work up to working out 5x a week. i’m taking a yoga and a dance class. Now I have to motivate to go to the gym on my own or do stuff at home. I hate working out, but I do like the way my stomach behaves when I do. (I’ve blogged about that before.) I can do it, right?

  19. Dammit. You just reminded me that I need to get my ass moving. Congrats on your 30lbs. loss! That is awesome. 🙂

  20. Hooray! I am so proud of you. That wording sounds strange to me, but really I am so proud of you for setting a goal and working so hard to get there. Awesome! YOU are awesome!

  21. A big Amen sister!

    I’ve been unusually sedentary lately. Just last week I had a talk with myself about how I could change my life if I’d just get out of bed and run more mornings than I do not. Just tip the direction a little.

    Thanks for the reminder to work on my process!

  22. WOOHOO! And RAH RAH! Go you, and I can’t wait for the photo documentary 🙂 – which I know will be coming sooner rather than later!

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