Heart Burst

I love my nephew.

I mean LOVE in capital letters. This kid makes my heart burst.

He and Dokey came over for breakfast Sunday morning. I opened my door to greet them as they were coming up the stairs and when he saw me he ran to me. Is there a better feeling than that? Because, yeah, I don’t think there is.

tee tee & finnsterFinn is a good squinter. He was showing me how.

I may never have kids of my own. I’m slowly facing that reality and making my peace with it. Being here, watching Finn grow up, is such a blessing. If it never happens for me, at least I have this and him.


47 thoughts on “Heart Burst

  1. You both are so adorable. I wish that my brother was closer… my son adores him. There is just something about Aunts and Uncles.
    I can’t remember if you mentioned this before, does he have a nickname for you? I am trying to imagine him saying your name.

  2. I may have my own kids, but am just a few weeks away from becoming an aunt for the very first time and can not wait!! Finn is absolutely awesome and you guys have such a special relationship, it is so cool!

  3. I have eight of them,nieces and nephew, and every single one makes my heart burst. Now that some of them are teenagers, they also make my head explode. It’s something for you to look forward to.

    • Kap- I am kind of looking forward to that stage. And yes, you can throw this comment back in my face when he’s a teenager and I am complaining to you. 🙂

  4. *sigh* 35 is coming up next year, and since my latest relationship self-destructed, I’m not feeling too optimistic.
    But then, Jennifer Anniston is single and 40 and she’s pregnant so I say PHOOEY on the statistics!! 🙂
    Or, ya know, I get a parrot when I turn 40. That works too.

  5. I swear. No better feeling in the world than when my sis picks me up from the airport and my two little nephews (sometimes it is 6 months since I’ve seen them, sometimes a year) come running and jumping into my arms. It actually makes me nervous to have my own. How could I love any kids more?

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  7. Just got finished a 10-day stint with my sister’s two boys (2 & 4) while they were out of town.

    I love, love, love them (but it was nice to get my life back).

    The aunt gig is pretty amazing.

  8. This is my first time here, and I kid you not when I saw your title I thought it said “Don’t crap on my parade” and i thought it was awesome. Not that “rain” isn’t ok, but crap woulda been fun, too.

    And I feel ya on this post. I hear the loud ticking in my ear all day and all night. Sucks.

  9. Nieces and nephews are the best. You know he’s totally going to tell you all the stuff he doesn’t tell his mom when he’s a teenager. You’ll forever be his super cool aunt. And that might actually be better than motherhood, I think. (At least that’s what I tell myself. 🙂

  10. Good LORD that is one cute photo. It makes me ache to hold my little guy. It’s a strange process to think about not having kids and trying to come to peace with something you may or may not have much control over. I’m glad you mentioned that part of loving on a nephew – it does bring up thoughts about having our own.

  11. Loving and Investing in Finn as you do– it’s the same kind of love, and will only give him more to share as he grows. *puffyhearts*
    You give him far more than you know. 🙂 Enjoy it all!

  12. He is beautiful and you are beautiful together. Enjoy the things you have now and if you are blessed *or decide not to* have children then you will have all sorts of other daily smiles to help that decision along … =)

  13. That bursting heart feeling is the best thing in the world. I have it with my own children but I feel it with my nieces and nephews too. Kids are magical. As is that photo. It’s a perfect capture of a moment.

  14. I know exactly how you feel. My godson is just almost exactly the same age as Finn and I cannot get enough of him. He’s started to constantly ask for me. My best friend and I will be on the phone and I can hear him in the background screaming “Meg Ann? That Meg Ann? HI AUNT MEG ANN!!!” and my heart bursts.

    You are sooooo blessed Aunt Sizzle and Finn is, as well. That picture is just too darn cute.

  15. What a cutie! I have said this before, but I am just so in awe of your relationship with him. My brother hasn’t seen my kids in over 4 years and my sister in law, although she lives close, barely ever comes to see them. It is so wonderful that he gives you so much joy and that you are so in love with him. There is nothing in the world like the love of a child.

  16. Awww, you know even as an ‘old’ mom with four of my own, I have to say, having a kiddie run to you and throw themselves into your arms is the best feeling in the world. I love it!! He’s just precious!!!

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